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  1. Hi there. I was wondering how you set individual man marking in FM14? Say I wanted Vidal to mark Ozil specifically It used to be in the live match pitch screen in the drop down menu to make a quick substitution thankyou
  2. So can the dynamic league addition in FM 2012 work in MLS? Does the transfer system get in the way of making big multi million dollar/pound purchases of players possible? Can you build up a great team to contend with whichever european giant you might meet in the club world championship final? I dont know anything about it and was just wondering.
  3. Hello, I am interested in downloading and playing this but I have no clue how to install it, the install instructions up there mean nothing to me unfortunately. I am not completely useless but dont know what it means when it says LNC files all delete etc. Could someone lay out some easier install instructions pretty please. I have downloaded it now dont know where to go. Thank you EDIT: Nevermind now I see it is as simple as just extracting it into editor data.
  4. On deadline day I thought I might as well do something abuot my current striker crisis, not an injury crisis but a goal scoring crisis with Barrios and Lewandowski not hitting the goal enough so I brought in Erick Torres although against my no non EU player rule but he should be breathing down there necks Plus huge potential, ill update as to his development
  5. buster Very nice sales, i ahve to say I would have acepted too especially as Barrios is performing horribly for me in my first season in Feb, only 6 goals in 18 apps Let us no how Ekici gets on
  6. If you forgot Fierro then go for Erick Torres, what a good future of strikers Mexico has
  7. Kagawa has been a man possessed for me just claimed Asian player of the year I wouldnt be able to tell you specifically what to do to make him perform as for me he performs wherever I play him, but he is a direct player so from what you say he is doing the right thing by taking on his opponent its just the final ball so try changing his crossing settings to high or low and floated or drilled, whatever you want him to do
  8. Manden Very impessive with those stadium expansions especially by the year of 2014, how has that affected your transfer budgets you have been recieving? have they taken a hit because of the expansions? I think Im going to just focus on squad building persoanlly before expansions as im happy with the stadium and it size.
  9. Me personally he is best in a AML/R position, I have had him pick out a nice ball but more than not he is a dribbler and is more direct and good to come in off the line and take on defenders and play one-twos, and he has superb off the ball so can make good runs etc.
  10. Let us know how Eriksen gets on, are you going to be rotating him with Gotze or playing as the deeper playmaker and rotate with Gundogan?
  11. KUUUUBBBAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Scored a goal in the 82nd minute to put us 3-4 UP against Shakthar AWAY!!!! And a Barrios Hat-trick to boot!!!!!!
  12. Been handed a very tough Champions league group with Arsenal, Shakthar Donetsk and Ajax, this is such a 'footballing' group all teams in it are reknowned for getting the ball down and playing it Hvaent managed to get Gotze firing yet 1/4 way through the season but Kagawa and Grosskreutz are on form so picking up the slack, with Barrios just coming into the fray and getting his fitness back Probably only transfer activity in Jan transfer window will be a young LB for backup as Lowe isnt for the future, going to invest in Nico Schulz, a very raw young LB but I see potential C'MON DORTMUNNDDD
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