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  1. I have been trying to find him on my copy of the game (which for various reasons I have only just purchased). Can anyone tell me which leagues/nations I need to add for him to appear? Thanks, Rich
  2. Hi everyone, currently playing the demo and wondered if Nigerian wonder kid Victor Osimhen is in the full game. 16 yo in real life and certainly looks a prospect. I think he's already being linked with Man City and Spurs after tearing up the U17 WC this year. If he is, would someone mind posting his stats? [video=youtube_share;kWjEu9uCTiI]https://youtu.be/kWjEu9uCTiI
  3. I'm using it on a Mac and I'm getting the same issue I had with the game itself where I would get lots of black boxes. In the game I changed the graphics rendering and it fixed the problem, but there is no option to do that (as far as I can see) on the editor. Any ideas?
  4. Mac user, having some issues with lots of black boxes around graphics, and many things look very "windows 95" in terms of font and graphics. Is there any settings I can change? Or is this a game issue?
  5. As a Spurs fan, I really loved the style of play Harry Redknapp brought to the club. 4-4-1-1 with the two wingers playing very wide, creating space for Van der Vaart behind a target man striker. Huge amounts of pace on the break, but also pace when the team had the ball. I'm finding it very hard to re-crate this in the game. Any ideas?
  6. To answer the OP - there are a few that I've spoken to. There is one poster (I forget her username) who posted on the tactics forum A LOT. And it was great - most people assume she is a man! So it proves that if you take society views and judgements out of the argument there is NO reason why a woman couldn't manage a football club in real life! Also, now that Corinne Diacre is the manager of Clemont Foot surely she will have to be in the game? Rich
  7. I am currently managing Margate (took a year's holiday and took over them as a promoted club). After an incredible first season where we were promoted via the play-offs I'm now in the Skill Premier and doing terribly. After 34 games the bottom of the table looks like this: [TABLE] [TR] [TD]Pos[/TD] [TD]Team[/TD] [TD]Pld[/TD] [TD]Won[/TD] [TD]Drn[/TD] [TD]Lst[/TD] [TD]For[/TD] [TD]Ag[/TD] [TD]Gd[/TD] [TD]Pts[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]19[/TD] [TD]Southport[/TD] [TD]35[/TD] [TD]9[/TD] [TD]11[/TD] [TD]15[/TD] [TD]42[/TD] [TD]56[/TD] [TD]-14[/TD] [TD]38[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]20[/TD] [TD]Lowerstoft[/TD] [TD]35[/TD] [TD]10[/TD] [TD]8[/TD] [TD]17[/TD] [TD]42[/TD] [TD]55[/TD] [TD]-17[/TD] [TD]38[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]21[/TD] [TD]Lincoln[/TD] [TD]35[/TD] [TD]9[/TD] [TD]10[/TD] [TD]16[/TD] [TD]49[/TD] [TD]58[/TD] [TD]-9[/TD] [TD]37[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]22[/TD] [TD]Alfreton[/TD] [TD]35[/TD] [TD]8[/TD] [TD]13[/TD] [TD]14[/TD] [TD]41[/TD] [TD]53[/TD] [TD]-12[/TD] [TD]37[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]23[/TD] [TD]MARGATE[/TD] [TD]34[/TD] [TD]4[/TD] [TD]12[/TD] [TD]18[/TD] [TD]51[/TD] [TD]74[/TD] [TD]-23[/TD] [TD]24[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]24[/TD] [TD]Brackley[/TD] [TD]35[/TD] [TD]3[/TD] [TD]5[/TD] [TD]26[/TD] [TD]32[/TD] [TD]90[/TD] [TD]-58[/TD] [TD]14[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] I was wondering what on earth I was doing so wrong, questioning my tactics, my players, my formation, changing all of the above, worrying that changing too much was causing problems and so on and so forth, I suddenly had a thought. Margate are a semi-professional club, we have so little money I can't even ask the board to consider turning professional. Is this what is causing me team to perform so badly. So I looked into who else in the league was semi-professional and there were only 4 other sides. Brackley, Alfreton, Lowerstoft and Southport. (Lincoln must just being having a nightmare). How much of a difference does being semi-pro make to performance levels? Or have I just got something drastically wrong this season?
  8. I usually make subs for 4 reasons. 1) Something happens that forces me into a change e.g. Injury, sending off in the back 4/goalkeeper. 2) Stop a player getting sent off. 3) When a player in a key area is run down and it's effecting the game. 4) If I'm winning by 2 or 3 goals with 20 minutes left I bring on the kid I have on the bench. Usually make sure that if I have 7 subs at least one is an U21 player I'm looking to develop.
  9. "On top of the documentary, the Vue screenings will also debut the brand new FM15 features video, plus an interactive Q&A with the gaffer, Miles Jacobson, with questions submitted by fans during the screening, through Twitter." Phones on in the cinema?! tut tut Really looking forward to this!
  10. No - his logic could be correct. If your scout has judged is his potential as 5 star he will say it shouldn't be a problem getting a work permit. However, if your scout has got it wrong then the star rating would not be accurate and so nor would the scouts advice.
  11. Surely one of the issues with development comes with the players who are "real". For the re-gens there are no issues, as someone said the CA and PA stats are god. But the issue is finding a system that isn't just a random development. Why? Because we want to start the game, sign our favourite young players and have them develop how we THINK they will in real life. So I think the PA system is vital.
  12. From reading through nearly all the posts on this thread, the 3 things that I would like to see most are: I'd love to be able to manage U21 and U18 squads. I love being able to manager at U21 level in international football and think it would be great at club level too. Starting un-employed would mean making a choice between a lower-league side, or perhaps the U18 manager at a Premier League club. For a journeyman save this would offer SO many more options. The second is GreenArmy's idea (p42) about being able to talk to a player during contract negotiations. Being able to sell him the club through ambitions etc. How often do you hear of players talking after a transfer that the manager spoke to them and convinced them to join (normally because of their "philosophy"). Finally, Goalkeepers. Nearly everything about Goalkeepers in the match engine, but most of all goalkeepers need to be able to foul players. Other than a keeper coming out of his area holding the ball, I've never seen a keeper foul a player. You never see a striker rounding a keeper and being brought down. Really has to change. Whilst, these are the 3 individual things that I would like to see, the biggest overall thing (which I KNOW SI are working on is the Match Engine and how it is represented in 3D. I'm not expecting FIFA style graphics, but it would just be great if the 3D ME gave a far better impression about what is happening in the game. We've all seen those shots from an angle that go so far wide of the near post it's untrue. I've managed Bale, Ronaldo, Messi and they all do it. A lot. I'm sure it's not that they are missing the target by that much, rather the match engine doesn't have the animations to show how the shot truly was. And that's frustrating. But overall - the game is incredible.
  13. Southampton! They just won the Champions League in the 2nd season on FM14. Beat Barcelona 2-1. Barcelona beat my very decent Spurs side 10-2 over two legs. The worst part is, my Spurs side finished 4th in the PL and Southampton 8th. So they took my Champions League spot! Gutting. At least "the kids" get to have a Europa run!
  14. It's time for the annual "big Spurs save". I'm going to very much be concentrating on youth, After starting my time at White Hart Lane I had a fairly clear idea about what I was going to change on day one and what I wasn't. The biggest area of concern was the left back position as I don't think Danny Rose is up to the job. My main targets with Daley Blind or Luke Shaw, as they are both young and fit in with what I am looking to do at the club. Southampton wanted over £20m for Shaw so I went for Blind, who is far more versatile too. I managed to pick him up for £9m (including £4m of performance based payments). I also signed Divock Origi, Ryan Gauld and Alen Halilovic from Lille, Dundee Utd and Diano respectively. Each went back on loan until January whilst I bedded in the rest of the squad. To balance the books I sold Michael Dawson, Danny Rose and Gylfi Sigurdsson. I was happy to leave it at that, but when Liverpool offered £10m for Aaron Lennon on transfer deadline it was very tempting as he hadn't been playing in my side. When Liverpool agreed to pay over £12m it was too good to turn down. I sent nearly all of the U21 squad out on loan, with the exception of Jordan Archer, Milos Veljkovic, Nabil Bentaleb, Zeki Fryers and Harry Kane who were all promoted to the main squad and would be used whenever possible. In addition, I brought in Eric Steele as my Goalkeeping Coach, hired a new U21 and U18 manager and increased my scouting network. The season started off in mixed fashion with a very comfortable 4-1 win against West Brom followed by a 2-1 reverse at Fulham, despite being 1-0 up with 15 minutes to go. But soon this settled into to a run of good form, and by December 31st we were 2nd in the league, but 7 points behind leaders Man Utd, and only 2 points ahead of Everton and Southampton. Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and Man City are 5th-8th. The team had performed well, Adebayor was on fire making sure Soldado wasn't getting a chance in the league. The only players from my original XI who lost their starting places were Townsend (which was more to do with Chadli's goal return from the bench than Townsend's form) and Eriksen who hadn't had the best season and was frequently losing his place to Bentaleb who was certainly taking his chance. In terms of the kids, Veljkovic was getting game time, but mainly in the Anchor position rather than in the heart of defense and was generally performing well. Fryers, Bentaleb were getting run outs on a fairly regular basis. Jordan Archer only played one game in the Europa League once we had already qualified as winners of the group. But he performed well and took the 2nd keeper position when Friedel picked up a training ground injury in December. The only player who didn't get too much time was Harry Kane. Due to Emmanuel Adebayor's dominance in the Premier League games, Soldado was reduced to Capital One Cup and Europa League games, and I tried to keep him as much game time as possible to try and grab some goals and improve his moral. The low point of the first half of the season was getting knocked out of the Capital One Cup in the 5th round by Arsenal 4-1 at The Emirates. The Europa League was far more encouraging, despite drawing our first game we'd qualified after the 4th game and were group winners after the 5th. So the 6th game saw a very changed side including a couple of the lads from the U18 set up. First XI (Subs) GK-SK: Hugo Lloris (Brad Friedel) DR-FB: Kyle Walker (Kyle Naughton) DC-XX: Younes Kaboul (Milos Veljkovic) CD-XX: Jan Vertonghen (Vlad Chiriches) DL-FB: Daley Blind (Zeki Fryers) A-XX: Sandro (Ettiene Capoue) MCR-BTB: Mousa Dembele (Paulinho) MCL-DLP: Christian Eriksen (Nabil Bentaleb) AMR-IF: Erik Lamela (Nacer Chadli) AML-W: Andros Townsend (Nacer Chadli) ST-AF: Emmanuel Adebayor (Roberto Soldado) In Daley Blind from Ajax (£9m) Ryan Gauld from Dundee United (£6.5m) Alen Halilovic from Dinamo (£21m) Divock Origi from Lille (£8m) Out Dominic Ball to Coventry City (Loan) Souleymane Coulibaly to Burnley (Loan) Shaquile Coulthirst to MK Dons (Loan) Michael Dawson to Everton (£4m) Laste Dombaxe to Sheffield Utd (Loan) Giancarlo Gallifuoco to Portsmouth (Loan) Ryan Gauld to Dundee Utd (Loan) Alen Halilovic to Dinamo (Loan) Cameron Lancaster to Torquay (Loan) Aaron Lennon to Liverpool (£12.25m) Kenneth McEvoy to Bristol City (Loan) Luke McGee to Rochdale (Loan) Alexander McQueen to Tamworth (Loan) Darren McQueen to Exeter (Loan) Jonathan Miles to East Fife (Loan) Will Miller to Kidderminster (Loan) John Obika to Coventry City (Loan) Nathan Oduwa to Grimsby (Loan) Connor Ogilvie to AFC Wimbledon (Loan) Divock Origi to Lille (Loan) Danny Rose to Monaco (£7m) Gylfi Sigurdsson to Benfica (£7m) Kevin Stewart to Wycmobe Wanderers (Loan) Grant Ward to Grimsby (Loan) Harry Winks to Accrington Stanley (Loan)
  15. I have validated my cache 3 or 4 times now, but I'm still getting this issue. I'm on a Mac, not sure if that makes a difference.
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