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  1. One thing I've found being at Rangers is that it's really difficult to keep my best players. Big teams are always sniffing around them and it causes them to kick up a fuss. Last year it was incredibly easy to keep them happy by just saying they wouldn't get first team football and they always agreed. Good from a realism point of view, not good for our in game fans who must be swapping the names on the back of their shirts on a weekly basis!
  2. Rangers as per usual then will probably move onto a save in England. More than likely with a Championship club, Villa or someone similar maybe!
  3. I can understand why people wouldn't want to pre order without seeing the new features list first but there's nothing wrong with it being available. A huge amount of us are going to buy the game regardless of what is on that list so why not do it early and get a discount?
  4. As soon as possible, I tend to prefer regens for some reason. I think it's the unpredictability as they are different game to game whereas I know who the good real players and prospects are before I even start.
  5. Last night I had one of the players in my San Marino team sent off during his own testimonial as well. He collects bookings for fun so I shouldn't have been too surprised but I thought the ref would have given him a break on his big day!
  6. Glad I stumbled across this as I thought it was just a local issue affecting me! Thought it was related to my graphics card but aside from updating and rolling back the drivers I didn't bother to look into it further, just used task manager to get by.
  7. Match highest earner clause stung me once rather badly and ever since I've made sure the agent hasn't tried to sneak it in. In fact, I can't remember the last time I seen it so I don't know if it's even still there!
  8. I'd say C, in general like to have 2 good players vying for each position on the park but I'm happy enough letting a hot prospect with potential be the backup. I do rotate like mad though, in my Champions League winning season with Rangers I pretty much had 1 starting 11 for the league, another for the CL (my strongest) and a combination of them for the domestic cups.
  9. If he was garbage I'd play him upfront regardless of his actual position and he'd do the family proud. Okay only in dead rubber games but I can't just toss him out on the street, he's my mohawk-sporting little slugger.
  10. I'd add Kenneth McEvoy to that list, he almost always becomes a free agent a couple seasons in and was brilliant for me.
  11. I do like to look for quality older players, who can still do a job, on free transfers at the end of each season. Got a few years out of Michael Carrick at Rangers on FM15 and he was brilliant. Mainly though I just bring younger players in and shift the older ones.
  12. At least a couple hours a night, usually just stick something on TV then sit and play FM for a couple hours before bed. If the girlfriend is working at all during the weekend though it can easily be a good 8 hour session!
  13. It means that he's being sent home automatically but if you wanted then you can have him treated at the club by the physio instead.
  14. First post in this thread but I just had to share this: It's taken 10 years but I've won the Champions League! All that's left is to get 10iar (currently 7, finished 2nd in my first 2 years in the SPL) then I might look at a different save.
  15. I like to make sure I quit on a win or at least a draw. If I'm on a poor run of form I just know it'll eat away at me if I don't sort it out at the time.
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