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  1. Hi, would anyone be up for an online career save with Celtic/Rangers/any other SPFL Premiership teams? I can play most nights and weekends. Add me on steam if your up for it or comment below :-) Steam name - Sean-G-0212 Cheers Sean
  2. Hi, in my English Championship save I am in year 2025 and in December I have 2 games in 2 days which I dont believe has ever happened. Can this please be fixed? Thanks Sean
  3. Hi, would anyone be interested in playing an online Bundesliga save? I can play most nights and at the weekends. Looking for serious players only, please comment if your interested :-) Cheers Sean
  4. Hi, I have spotted a few times now that when looking at the latest scores menu during a game it sometimes doesn't appear correctly. See attached.
  5. Hi, I have started a career with Celtic and in 5 matches so far this season I have scored 29 goals and have been awarded 10 penalties. Surely this must be a bug? I don't ever recall scoring that many in such a short space of time and even Rangers don't awarded that amount of pens in real life. Please advise? Thanks Sean
  6. Hi, I think I am having the same issue on my laptop. I have tried verifying the integrity of the files and have ended up using the windowed screen. Will there be a fix for this as I prefer to play in full screen? Thanks
  7. Hi, I am looking to set up on online game in the EPL with other players. I am available to play mostly in the evenings and at the weekend however I only intend to play when all players are available. Please drop a comment below if you are interested Cheers Sean
  8. Hi, would anyone be interested in starting an online game in the Scottish Premiership? If so then please comment below. Committed players only, thanks Sean
  9. Hey, during the week I can play anytime after 5 really most days...and the version would just be the latest one available. Cheers
  10. Hi, I am hoping to start an fm20 online save with at least one other regular player. I've not got a dedicated day/time slot for playing however it would be mostly after 6pm midweek days and anytime over the weekend if all players are available. Please reply if you are interested!....dedicated players only :-) Cheers Sean
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