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  1. Shape wise, I've noticed that the extra space in the 2dm version allows both the forwards and dmcs to express themselves more. Allows for more specialization. You can perhaps be less reliant on ball playing defenders and let the dmcs be more creative. Etc. But that's just wrt shape. There's a lot of other factors that affect how these formations perform eg Def line, mentality etc
  2. Mark the date better rep clubs release players.
  3. Seeing the libero in action in this version has been a joy. But it requires so much set up and sometimes the central defence is left vulnerable. It's not as solid as the attacking inverted wing back. Someone once said that the modern libero is the attacking inverted wing back. Just another way to get those dangerous runs from deep (especially from the DRL position) I retrain talented midfielders into either the libero or inverted wingback and they can get 10+ goals per season with runs from deep.
  4. I'll never have enough time or enough patience to tweak tactics game by game. What's great is this version makes it so simple to create a balanced tactic.
  5. Dominate Europe with a Self Imposed salary cap. Say 45% the budget (default budget). And be strict about it.
  6. OP, your defence is good? That's great. I would change nothing about your tactic. It looks like a good shape and seems like it's the play style you prefer, since it's only more goals u want. Is the team creating goal chances? Get better players in key attacking /creative positions. Not a necessity to get more expensive players, just better ones for the chances you create. Try to figure out what attributes you are missing in attack. Eg physically accel/pace, strength, jumping etc. Are the strikers making poor decisions. Maybe flair player is reqd to add a dimension to your attack. And so on. Then scout for players fitting your requirements either using the club scouts or in the player search.
  7. 4-4-2 is a great option. My favorite for small teams. And honestly, it's great in mega teams as well. Keep the banks of 4 neat (auto or support for more fluidity for all roles with the option, forget play makers and other frilly roles. Straight CM). And let the striker duo play with creative freedom. Everybody else needs to be cautious unless you have special players. But keep the tempo high! I always play high d line. Just Bc you are playing high d line doesn't mean your tactic is attacking, but imo that it is aggressive. I never cared who my minnow squad played against. The idea was to give them hell for 90 mins. Even mbappe can miss a 1v1 if he breaches the offside trap. Your gk has more time to put the striker off, than in low d line defensive tactics. IMO! O, and don't be afraid to go 4-2-4 style if need be. You have to see it in action, but the bank of 4 with 2 disciplined MCs in front of them is very solid. Let the mentality you set during the match dictate how the players transition. And at the lower end of the league....you gotta be aggressive. IMO!
  8. Hah! That is incredible Hb on the DMCR...wow! Didn't think of that one. Niice
  9. sounds good, post a screenie then!
  10. I think some of your player roles are hopeful given the player quality. Don't get me wrong...the tactic looks great. Just that your players are actually prone to making wrong decisions for instance. Mkhit is topping the list, who happens to have poor decision stats. Actually poor mental stats generally. Bellerin as well. Also your wbs are there in full force. Maybe it's Bc they get caught in possession too high up field...you don't have a DMC so maybe try setting the WBs to FBS and see if that helps.
  11. This is probably the wrong forum for this qu. IMO you have to accept fate and let some players go.. Sign more players within your budget aka free agents or loans.
  12. 3 at the back..aka no wingbacks? Wish I could make that work in a tactic! 4 at the back...such a versatile defensive line, but not as versatile as 5 at the back. The combos in these defensive lines depends a lot on the players you have, and the play style you want. My advice if you are having a tough time is to keep it simplified and basic wrt the roles. Just at first until you slowly observe improvements that can be made. Choose a play style and don't make too many tweaks at first. Looking at your defensive line in isolation isn't too bad a plan especially if you notice nonsense happening there in matches. Reset the roles and see what happens. Generally as long as a player it competent in a position, he can do whatever role you set, however with varying effectiveness depending on his ability. Go with low risk roles at first. Have you ever seen what a solid bank of 4 or 5 looks like when defending? so strong...now figure out the roles, TIs, PIs required to have your Def line default to this shape when out of possession, for as long as possible. For my team (small budget) I found that using fullbacks on auto made a world of difference. The safest role for DCs is the Def mentality. For now, Stick with it unless your central defenders are unique eg...pacey but cannot jump very high =cover mentality. Now...a defensive line of 4 isn't as versatile as a 5. In a 4, if one DC makes an error, chances are only 1 guy can help out when on the back foot. Think what if mbappe burns your DC on the St mentality, you will probably wish you had the other more pacey DC with the Cov mentality to pressure him into giving back possession. So risky though. There's a reason the DMC became so popular (think makelele play style) But what if you had both DCs on the same mentality eg Def. Then both may be more patient, analyzing the threat and working in tandem to force mbappe wide etc...aka into a less threatening position. But in a line of 5, so many options open up. A stopper who gets burned still knows there's 2 others behind him to cover his tackle fail. And sometimes it's just bodies you need to deter the attack. The risk is much lower. And you can utilize more roles. I especially like the libero. Fullbacks can also push further with less risk of being punished. Etc.
  13. I like 3 striker formations. I also tried 1 lone striker with 2 raumdeuters/IF(A). For me any combination of roles in these advanced positions work great as long as they are constantly fed the ball in dangerous areas. I've never gotten possession style going with this, but ultra countering with deep crossing, high Def line and the remaining 7 players pressing....helps my team outscore most teams easily.
  14. I prefer the plain MC (auto) role. Even if the player is rated in the red for the role, as long as the position is natural I've had great results. Of course it depends on your tactics etc etc. Traits really make a big impact, which I actually like to see.
  15. @laurentius82. Well that changes everything! Based on my current game my team has a favorable win record against all formations faced except 4-1-4-1 (DM). Most likely the one in the "park the bus" preset. And I never change my formation...ever. I think someone else said this...a 4-4-2 can trump the 3-2-2-3 you described. Generally consolidation of the wings and building using overlapping on the wings. I honestly always stay away from the tighter marking setting. Unless I have a beast of a DC or 2. Which I never do...so pricey.
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