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  1. Why not try a counter attacking based mentality. Think Pirlo in front of a super defensive or supportive back 4, and behind a dynamic and creative midfield / attack. I got this to work, with no-nonsense full backs. But try to get composed central defenders. On the issues of AMCs, a lot of great AMCs perform better in deeper positions eg mc, either get the right ppm or train the deeper position. Also, have you tried wide playmakers (MRL positions)
  2. I mentioned data higher up, but just want to add enhanced player history/performance data. Nothing that would hurt the game performance. The game already tracks so much data for these imaginary players, but it all gets forgotten bc it's not displayed. Maybe the current stats report page can have an advanced view where the numbers are shown for all the collected data. Spreadsheet style.
  3. You regularly have an Iniesta level player in your team? In addition to hard working space finding decision making composed pacey strikers? Then yes you will see lots of through passes
  4. More options to display data. Not even the analysis to go with it. Simply the numbers. xG, xA etc etc
  5. My current formation is the top pic's shape except I have 1dc and 1 dmc. Wing play madness Sim some games and let's rank them
  6. Depends on the tactic and positions. Athletic attributes count for a lot. And more so wrt the position on the field. It's the spice of life your tactic can become completely useless Bc of eventually having all the wrong players and we blame the ME!
  7. I've never been able to make a tactic aimed at focusing chances on 1 position of the pitch. It's not even about quality of the strikers. The more complete the striker the more tempted you are to set a more complete role which brings the rest of the team into the attack. I sleep at night knowing most real managers at this as well
  8. I'm still plodding along in the Welsh league. Winning the cl every once in a while. My profile turned 100 about 5 seasons ago...but the age never went over 100. It's the year 2090.
  9. I'm not sure if this was mentioned... at least when it comes to regens, the way I interpret the attributes and CA/PA is that by the time the regen enters the game, all the infant level and youth level training to that point dictated his limits. Ever heard past coaches talk about Raul or Gerd Muller? By youth level they were not really thought to amount to much. Maybe their old coaches couldn't see their PA. But somehow they got to legend status finally showing their PA. Comparing the two, Raul maybe was capable of more, hence maybe his PA was higher...but GMuller scored an obscene amount of goals...he was simply the best at what he did which in terms of PA doesn't necessarily mean a high number simply the right combo of attributes. As a manager of this player I can try to help him be all he can be by training and mentoring etc.
  10. The point I was getting at is that the "EPA" already exists to an extent: 1) CA/PA revisions in every version for real players 2) that invisible or glass ceiling that exists based on personality, rep, personality of the coach/manager ETC. Say the fixed PA of a player is 200, however he is low in ambition and other relevant personality attributes, the actual PA is much lower. Some players never reach 60% their PA. I have Alex Ferguson moments of ironic sympathy for these regens. And well at that point, the elasticity is about trying to influence the players personality attributes which is a mechanic which exists in the game, however the extent to which I don't know!
  11. Every year the real life players can get an update on their CA/PA. So by definition their ability is elastic however between the different game versions. We are spoiled with some of the most satisfying regens in fm19. You really see the ability mechanics in action. I've seen countless 180+ PA regens never make it anywhere near their PA Bc of factors like personality...low ambition for eg. The right mix of ambition and maybe a lack of loyalty can allow a 180+PA youth move clubs enough to eventually get to the big leagues. and I've seen countless regens <150 PA exceed the expectations (my current team is exclusively under 150PA but winning the cl is a norm all on 1/5 my wage budget). None of them are over 3 star rated. Anyway...achieving PA or world reputation etc whatever defines a player's career success isn't simply tied to training attributes. I feel we have a wealth of variables in the game already within the fixed upper boundary of the PA.
  12. Spain in euro 2012. A team with stars galore. That team fooled everyone with delightful short quick passes, dribbles, diagonal balls etc. IMO they were playing very cautiously /defensively. It certainly wasn't on the attacking side of the spectrum. The formation had no striker, every player could defend to an extent. They didn't make risky passes, simply the right passes for the situation. they let 1 goal in. While defending high, pressing aggressively etc.
  13. OP I feel your pain....I like these trend type threads i think they are observable in real life as well except the gk one. The gk never missing a pk is gold, I never realized that. I've never seen a miss from a gk! Most of the other points I always thought was Bc my players cannot execute the style I'm asking them to perform. Real life managers seem to be dealing with similar issues so I still think the game is a v good simulation of modern football. Even the current Barcelona team seems all over the place with opposite and contradiction galore...perhaps Liverpool is one example of a team built strictly for a particular winning strategy where the players are so selflessly executing in most games. 1 eg of using opposites to win is zidane in one of real Madrids cl victory runs frequently made attacking subs and aggressive formation changes when ahead in the tie. I think it is Bc he had 0 confidence in Ramos and varane carvajal and Marcelo working together to defend solidly...it just isn't in their nature. Their nature is to defend with aggression with an attacking frame of mind...(but a defensive block with Maldini costacurta, Nesta etc can or even, have to Bc it is their nature to gracefully deflect every attack with impeccable concentration for 90+minutes). He played to his players strengths even though we are programmed to think a lead is supposed to be defended with 100% defence. Marcelo and carvajal continuously bombing forward kept most sides on the back foot. So too in fm19 it clearly works. Anyway there's a million contradictions in the real life game as well.
  14. Yeah as @herne79 said, this only matters if we know too much about the game...I'm one of those. My current save is more than 50 yrs long...I've seen things. I would add that my point is really only applicable for regens...It's been a while in my save since the last real life player retired. I feel sorry for most of the 4-5 star potential regen either footed AMRLs who never make it to peak CR level (attribute wise I guess). I've seen a LOT of messi type wannabe players (with foot bias) make it big though. The db real life players are going to be almost 100% satisfactory wrt their attributes, CA/PA. I haven't seen an issue here at all.
  15. The pa/ca system is great. The scouting for the dB is clearly great. What imo needs a look at is what contributes to the CA, and the weightings. Natural attributes in particular. Maybe mental ones as well. Pace, acceleration stamina. Some are simply born with it. Why does it automatically translate into less ability points available for more technical attributes? In particular , footed-ness can be largely a natural thing, like natural fitness. It is one of the most rare natural abilities, to not only be able to shoot, but also control, dribble, pass, cross etc with quality on each foot. Is this easily trainable irl? Maybe to an extent, and that I think is already in game. Jumping as well...trainable but surely largely a natural thing. It's jumping height, not really the art/skill of jumping effectively. Effectiveness depends on the combination of attributes. But a regen with either foot rating starts off with lower attributes for his CA, and that continues to the PA. Maybe mental attributes as well. Some are just natural. Try to train a player in game to replicate CRonaldo 2008- 2016 say as a case in point.
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