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  1. Urgent help with tactic

    if it was up to me, i would revamp my tactics completely, play hi tempo, hi directness, hi closingdown, early crosses etc etc, which usually works in low league careers for me. less frills and fancy passing, but you would be amazed. if you want to play the possession game however, i suppose you need to ensure you have the players for it, and assess how you are conceding. check the analysis page for assists for/against your team for eg for starters. check the statistics for games you have lost, are you in fact holding possession? winning headers? lots of clear cut chances against you? etc etc
  2. Constantly losing goals

    do u adjust mentality etc as the game progresses? ever switch to defensive?
  3. i definitely start out by determining what style i want to play/look at for the career, usually it involves a SW/Libero role. maybe then try to best fit my current squad to the system, give and take to get the balance right. maybe get loans or new players into the squad.
  4. if you are tweaking tactic, standard mentality served me well i the past. maybe my team doesn't have the quality in the right areas to control? i would only see this during a match. if the other team is bypassing my midfield with long passes, my team is not controlling the game. i've had good results with tight marking and DC stopper and cover and/or SW roles vs those incisive passes or crosses. no matter how much tweaking i have done, a player like lukaku can demoralise my defence sadly. u may just need to set 1 player to mark these players all game long for those big matches.
  5. Help with 16.3.1 Tac

    imo, try to sort out the balance in MC and DC positions. look at a few friendlies, and see if the midfield is getting tackles and key passes etc. not too sure about the IF role, but i usually only give that to a very special player, so i would keep it at 2 wingers, unless footedness for the IF is a problem. while tweaking, keep it simple and adjust to suit. post some analysis page screenies so we better know whats happening in your matches
  6. maybe try a cover/stopper combination for your DCs. try adjusting some of the defensive settings. eg, many have had success with higher defensive line + higher closing down post more screenies
  7. can confirm that even with smaller teams, high press is effective. used the same tactic from the national league to the premiership.
  8. Lack of goals with tiki taka

    the last time i got this style of play to work, i made a highly fluid strikerless formation with 3 attacking midfielders. you really need top tier players
  9. i always favour use of the Sweeper/libero, partly bc i need to train a youngster specifically for the role. once he is established, the ai can't deal with him
  10. Noob to the game and football

    check out some threads on lower league management. there are a host of free quality freebies to scout ad snap up, as well as quality loans. standard tactics can definitely suffice in the small leagues. but practise tweaking during matches eg, changes in mentality, tempo, directness.
  11. Seeking advice on tweaking a 3-5-2 (WB/AM).

    my apologies sir!
  12. Seeking advice on tweaking a 3-5-2 (WB/AM).

    i too have had a problem with possession footie this year. crosses destroyed my team regardless of 55-60% possession. you fell into the same trap as i did wrt preferring only 2 wide players. sorry i can't help much for he style you want to play. forget the possession style! or try an alternate style for more attacking when you need more goals: im using a v high d line, high tempo, high closing down 5-2-3 formation (1 SW, 2 WB). this same formation struggled to win at possession footie, but excelled at the other extreme. we have 40% possession, but create many more quality chances, sliding last ditch tackles, and more entertainment! 4-4-2 formation opponents no longer a problem! and what's more, my b-side can handle the tactic well for those small cup matches (it really is a lower league style of play).
  13. Help with 16.3.1 Tac

    comments: with the high defensive line, i have had a lot of success with a combination of Stopper, Cover and Sweeper roles in defence maybe try standard instead of attacking mentality, while tweaking your tactic perhaps the pass into space and float crosses arent necessary until you sort your defence and midfield issues out. the tactic is the definition of MCL, MCR isolation. their role should be to spread the long passes to wingers, and win back the ball in midfield, but at least one should make bombing runs into the box to latch onto crosses. perhaps try a BBM or BWM instead of the CM-de, or a CM-auto
  14. Two-Footed Player Experiment

    interesting experiment.... it would definitely be tough to determine for sure if the footedness plays such a huge role in fm, im subbed for sure to see the result! footedness uses a lot of ca, so i doubt you will be able to keep attributes constant, unless you freeze them? from what i've seen more 2 footedness is better, especially in creative/attacking roles. im predicting diminishing performance returns above a weaker foot rating of 10/20 though.
  15. actually use player instruction settings, instead of just setting roles