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  1. Dude, you the real MVP for this...
  2. This looks fantastic and is exactly what I was talking about! I'm really clueless when it comes to using any of those programs... are you able to send me those edited files so I can drop them into that folder? This is definitely something that you should review in later editions of the skin.
  3. Hi Wozzie, Teal Twenty is by far my favourite skin this year, i absolutely love it - One thing I have noticed that isn't working though is the diagonal stripe on players shirts for their profile page. An example of this is with river plate. Is this something that can be changed? I would love the red stripe to go through their shirts here like in real life!
  4. Still haven't been able to do this... the link to the 2016 MOD was no help
  5. Guys do you know how to make the titlebar colour match up with the teams actual home colours (as in whats specified in the editor?)
  6. Hey Michael, Have you managed to do the title bar in FM18?
  7. Hi Guys, As you can tell from the title I am a novice when it comes to the world of skinning. Both queries have probably already been asked and answered here but I have not been able to find much help that I am capable of putting into practice. This is the first time I have purchased FM since FM16 and I previously had two mods which I loved. I use the Light FM Skin and the two mods I'd like are: 1. Title bar matching the colour of the team kit in a nice standard matte colour format. 2. Sidebar forever remaining a nice solid grey/charcoal colour. Would anyone be s
  8. DUDE!!!!! Do you have a file i could drop in to get this style?!
  9. Guys why was this reverted back to the boxes? the boxes are so big and clumsy!! I think the shirts are perfect - is there a way to get them back?
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