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  1. Is there a tactic on here which would suit a near standard villa side, first season? Ideally 4-5-1 :/ Cheers.
  2. where can i find an decent training schedule to download and use for my players (Aston Villa, first season if it makes a difference)
  3. Using the V1 on the opening post, on the 12.1.1 patch, with my tottenham side in the 4th season...this was half time in the first league game;
  4. thanks im going to download a few tactics and try them out, ive re-read my post and it sounded quite rude, so im sorry for that and do appreciate the work and time/effort involved in developing a tactic, something which i could never do myself.
  5. im going to be real lazy and say i really cant be bothered to read all of this thread, so ill jst ask a general question incase someone knows the answer; Will any of these tactics in the thread suit an standard Aston Villa side, using wingers?
  6. which would be best for everton, first season, no transfers. 9.3 patch? Would like to get top 6...
  7. which of these would work for my liverpool side, who are conceding 1/2 goals a game
  8. got the v2 control tactic with arsenal. Adopted it in Jan 2010, now in March, and not lost since!! Beat Roma away in champs league knockout, after going down 2-0 in first 20 minutes. Beat man utd, chelsea (league cup final and prem) by at least 2 goals each. Really succesfull tactic with arsenal. The first game was west brom at home. I went 1-0 down early on and decided to leave the tactic as it be, i came back to win 4-1 so thanks for making this tactic
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