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  1. If i was to use this as Derby (first season, no transfers) how would it be best to set up? Im currently trying out the quickening sets.
  2. Cheers Forest, ive done a save with Derby before but not Forest - Will Hughes seems like the best future English CM from start, would it be possible to sign him from local rivals? Other than that, will give it a go now. Is there a Forest thread? Got some questions about the side but dont want to clog here up.
  3. Nation: England Division: Ideally championship or league 1 - done plenty in prem (spurs, villa and arsenal) European Competition: Not bothered. Media Prediction: not bothered. Board Expectation(s): Any Transfer Budget: Any Wage Budget: Any Finances: Secure Other: Looking for a team with a good British core - Ive never done something like this but I want to do a majority British side, so every foreign player i sign, i have to sign a British one aswell.
  4. Struggling big time with Villa, can not for the life of me get a tactic that works, in fm13 I had a brilliant one, 3 at the back, 2 wing backs, 2 cms, 2 wingers with 1 upfront. Matched it with villa's style of play (counter attacking, full backs getting forward) But with this year, cant get it to work. Lack of money, and not being able to get rid of Given is very annoying, plus used to sell Bent on previous one. Any ideas/tips?
  5. I only use scout reports as a base anyway, for example, im Wolves in the championship (season 2) and needed a top quality lone striker, I scouted James Vaughan from Huddersfield, scouts didn't rate him at all, 'not worthwhile signing' but still he was rated better than my backup striker, so I signed him anyway and he has been amazing for me, something like 7 goals in 5 games so far.
  6. Usually as my favourite team (Villa) then once ive done 2-5 seasons and won something big, I then do a championship/league 1 (at the moment its Wolves) then, once bored of that I usually do a Tottenham/Dortmund save, a team around that statue
  7. Still using this one as my team (wolves, 1st season) gets fluid with the new one, however I have one problem, when my wingers are on the ball, and running down the line, instead of getting the cross into waiting players (always at least 1/2 in the box) they (mainly David Bentley, signed on a free) runs into the corner and the chance has gone, is this to do with my players or the tactic?
  8. Also forgot to mention, with your first plug and play, a highlight so far was beating Cardiff in league cup 2-1 (should of been more) dominated all game with something like 65-70% possession, just don't think my strikers were were on form that day.
  9. Well I have the pace that's for sure, with Sako, Kusk (very surprised he would come to me, but he did!)Giles Barns, and Miyaichi all competing for the wing positions, with Gary Gardner in the central attacking position, then Doyle/Griffiths for the striker role, so hopefully it should work out alright
  10. Im having success with your first plug and play right now with Wolves in league 1 (not a hard challenge I know, but still) going to download this and use it as backup until fluid. Is this also plug and play? I have my assistant doing OI, teamtalks.
  11. Ive only really sold Benteke and replaced him with attribute wise better strikers, so ive got a similar team to what finished season 1.
  12. I was just coming in to ask what to do when hit rubbish form, start of season 2 - not won in 5/6 games, so will try out version B as im really impressed with this tactic, I hope it just doesn't turn into a 1 season wonder.
  13. Finished my first season, finished 3rd?!?! This is transfers and final league table; Tactic is one downloaded from tactic forum, (Chelsea - season 1 quad - 14.2 or something) Basically an attacking 4-1-3-2. Benteke was top goalscorer in the league, tempted to keep hold of him.
  14. Completed my first season with this tactic, with Aston Villa - so little spend (evident in transfer screenshot) and base squad only really good enough for top half....check out what happened; (cup games had weakened sides.....didn't go so well ha)
  15. Put this tactic in place from the start of the first season as Villa manage, signed a only like 2 players, mainly cover, but im currently sitting 4th in March, this is brilliant tactic. Obviously I don't win every game, like I lost against Sunderland, but then beat Arsenal, so ups and downs really. One problem is I miss a lot of 1v1, but that may be because of Benteke not having good finishing stats (despite being top goal scorer by miles), also conced about 1 per game, but usually score 2 per game really. So impressed and will continue to use going into second season.
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