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  1. Updated Changed the mentality to control and one of the CMs to BWM. Wing backs have also become automatic, currently on a 20 match unbeaten, its a very solid tactic ZIDANE 4-3-3 V3april194231wingbackautoBWMcontrol_1337659C-6960-42D7-8D46-575E45B4F1AF.fmf
  2. I leave training to the asst this is pure plug and play.
  3. I have adapted this tactic from Zidanes 433 which I picked up on FM base. Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Max file size 2MB Insert other media Uploaded Images Its defensively sound I have taken Norwich from the championship to 2nd in the prem, won a World Cup with France and the league with Barca, after selling the elite players and rebuilding the squad. The key is the AM positioned right of centre. Going forward its a 4231 but when the ball the AM drops into a midfield 3 who press the ball. The two midfielders must have good stamina and workrate as they will get through a lot of work, I typically sub them at 70 minutes. Wide players and Striker should be pacey 15+ I have no OIs its pure plug and play ZIDANE 4-3-3 V3april194231_DEB97ABB-E351-43A7-99E4-F5287A8A84F7.fmf
  4. A few screenshots and a link to the current tactic which is now very solid defensively, critical to get to wingers with a workrate above 10 http://www.mediafire.com/?r6i14rjj5e4l81r http://www.mediafire.com/?4o34iwz334vojc6 http://www.mediafire.com/?sug26bt32v3d5yx Tactic http://www.mediafire.com/?zb9pm8t21bffywt
  5. Minor changes for 12.2 which is TM now unticked and wingers set to run from deep sometimes no change in results currently top of the league after 13 games with Spurs. Have also tested with Doncaster Rovers, got automatic promotion to Prem and subsequent top 6 finish
  6. I have made a few little tweaks to this which have made this tactic really work for me! Have both the wingers marking the opposition fullbacks, through balls set to sometimes crossing set to often The striker on the left with no forward runs and set to mark their MCR closing down at 20 (he should also be set to TM) Move our DM currently on the left to play DMC What happens is that when you lose the ball immediately the striker drops into midfield to make a three which mean the DM just sits infront of the CBs making it difficult for them to just pass the ball through when playing against a 4231 just set the DM to mark their AMC and either one of the CBs to mark the lone striker works the same Have tested this with Reading Villa and Spurs. Won the FA Cup and got promoted with Reading from the championship next season CL with not too many signings, Villa 3rd in the Prem just started with spurs after 25 games top of the league 2 defeats all season. Creates lots of CCCs http://www.mediafire.com/?ynb26v1h2n0dn68
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