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  1. After i do the team talk i always just hit the space bar. is there any purpose to the "end team talk" button that i'm missing?...
  2. Guys seriously, this again. Any acknowledgement of this problem would be just wonderful. It's massively affecting my FM experience.
  3. I've brought this up a few times already and gotten no response. Since the update my custom views on the scouting screen keep getting deleted. It's incredibly frustrating that looking at the player search and scouted player screens, it now takes twice as long to parse the information because I have to import a custom view each time rather than setting it and it just staying. This is beyond the fact that scouting takes longer this year because scout reports don't show up in your inbox for some reason, and you have to go to a whole new screen for that. And now since the update that screen is broken. So compared to fm17 it now takes about 4 times as much time/clicks to scout a player and then decide if you want to sign them.
  4. An issue i've been having, only since the new update, the views on the scouted and player search screen. Every time I visit the shouting page the default views have been reset and my custom views have disappeared. It's frustrating having to import a view each time I want to look at players, and even more frustrating that I had to recreate the views I made months ago from scratch and from memory.
  5. Appreciate your help michael! I'll get on that as soon as arsenal-utd is over, let's hope the 2nd half is as good as the first
  6. Appreciate it, I did search but not well enough. Edit - the answer in that thread says to change the settings.xml file, where can I find that?
  7. So i'm using the Wannachup dark skin. Great skin, and this isn't an issue with that. In the screenshot you can see the main white rectangle in the middle of the screen, it's a panel you see in every scout meeting. Am I the only one bothered by this? It practically hurts my eyes every time it comes up, the rest of the game is dark and my eyes have to suddenly adjust to this. Is there something I can do to make this main central panel darker? Thanks in advance!
  8. Happening again a month later. Crash file linked. http://speedy.sh/WSrfP/FM-2015-v15.2.1.585343-2014.12.24-02.40.32.dmp
  9. Ok sure thing, I'll send it directly to you. Thanks again for the help.
  10. Have now continued past the date, reading the news items. How confident can I be that the crash dumps will not reoccur?
  11. Ok sorry for my ignorance, first thing I can do is upload the crash dump files. Here are the 4 from the last 24 hours, all happening when I read the news from April 1st 2019. http://speedy.sh/PUqWD/FM-2015-v15.2.1.585343-2014.12.22-00.14.02.dmp http://speedy.sh/6gFwv/FM-2015-v15.2.1.585343-2014.12.22-00.29.27.dmp http://speedy.sh/mjp4n/FM-2015-v15.2.1.585343-2014.12.22-20.40.19.dmp http://speedy.sh/fbZ9N/FM-2015-v15.2.1.585343-2014.12.22-21.10.32.dmp Second, I deleted my graphics file after the recent update nullified new skins. And this save was started well before then, and the crashes were happening once a week before then also. Also I have cleared my caches before and after crashes to no effect, will load up FM soon to follow up. EDIT- Deleted preferences folder and verified files via steam.
  12. Have been getting crash dumps since I started this save, they happened on average about once a week. I dealt with it by auto-saving every Monday so I wouldn't lose my results. But now in 2019 I'm getting them more frequently and I'm effectively stuck at the start of April. Can only advance past April 1 if I dont read the news in my inbox. I went past about 5 days by ignoring my inbox, played one fixture and the game crashed when I went back to read it. Save game via link, is that how we do this? (removed for now) (Full disclosure, have used official in game editor to remove injuries on a few occasions)
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