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  1. I usually consider us friends when we appear in each others favored personal list. There are some managers who really annoy me with countless positive comments about my team trying to brown nose my Utd team. I usually respond kindly because I figure getting managers on my good side will help when it comes to trying to buy players off them. But I tried to buy Phil jones off Blackburn after having a good rep with whoever the manager there was at the time and he was having none of it, he ended up selling to Chelsea who offered less, managed by Mancini, who neither of us could stand.
  2. I'm not sure if that 'compensation' comes out of your transfer budget or not. Its like if you sign a player with a say £5mil extra after 30 game clause, you need to have the transfer budget to pay for that as if it was coming out with the full price but it doesn't actually go to them. So if you then buy another player that reduces your budget to say 500k the money still goes to the other team in the end, it just doesn't come from your budget because its not there. It may work the same way? I'm sure it will effect your finances somehow, like how much of a budget you get next year or how the board reacts if you ask for more money.
  3. Understanding Potential Ability

    I hate this system lol, even though its very good and very realistic, 'cause there's so many factors that can change how a player develops and performs other than the stats you see that most the time these levels mean very little.
  4. Strike rate for your forward(s)?

    Its probably no suprise Rooney is playing well for me since I started my game, 41 in 41 games for me last season, this season he's on 46 in 42, would be more but he's hit a wall since christmas with only 1 in 4 games.
  5. I'm not sure if I'm doing this right, I know that your match prep can be a very handy tool and I've spent my current season (2nd overal) with Man Utd playing with it before every game, usually setting defensive positioning to high before a big game and attacking movement before teams that I should be beating. However, I don't know if its actually saving properly and by that I mean that when I set it there's no confirm button, so when i leave the page and go back its gone right back to how it was before I changed it. Before each game its 'average' on attacking movement but even if I change that to high, press continue and then go back after the games moved on a day its back at average. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. Mod Large Kits, Picture & Background logos FM2011

    I'm also having trouble getting it work on my mac. I've placed it in the folder shown in the first post (also tried it in the 'Graphics' folder ala other graphics) and followed the same procedure to get other graphics to show up (preferences > display/sound > etc) and yet nothing comes up. Am I doing something wrong?
  7. Gerard Pique is the spain manager in your game? Crikey.... how many seasons are you into the game? lol.
  8. One of my star defenders is saying the pressure from the media is getting to him. Since then he's got 6.1 and 6.3 in his last two games where he used to be getting 7.0+ Is there anything I can do or say to him other than 'there's no pressure' in the team talk?
  9. should pa be changable

    There are very few players who actually reach their full potential, even if you find a player who is said to have 190 PA the odds of them getting any higher than 170 CA are very slim. You get lucky and find a couple of gems who are created with 180 CA every now and again but even they don't improve much at all. The set PA is probably worth considering by simply by changing them to PA groups like we have with -10, -9 and -8. So for lower league players they would be more in the -5 and -4 area. With this in mind, however, you could argue that players are often under/overated at the start of the game which would be a bit of a pain.
  10. I've added a player with super potential before now, forgot about them and then found them unemployed 6 seasons down the line, best team was 2 years on the reserves at Athletico Madrid lol. I tried to hire him but by that time my Rushden team was high flying in europe and he was utter pants. Couldn't have had good development.
  11. Easier said than done in the BSP lol.
  12. Thats EXACTLY what I just did lol... then I went on to play Luton, the team currently 1st in the league, and managed to hold them to a 1-1 draw... they scored in the last 10 mins (Story of our lives) They beat us 4-2 last time so its an improvement I guess.
  13. I've done a search but had no luck, I'm just not sure how to overcome this issue. My team is either too confident or not confident enough. I know how to get around over confidence its just this overawed problem. Does anyone have any ideas of how to stop this? I'm guessing it comes down to the team talk but I usually say "For the fans" when we play higher rep teams and it worked when I was at Reading (I'm rushden 3rd atm in the BSP)
  14. Got Fabio Borini from Chelsea to my Rushden on a season long loan, had to pay 50k for the deal to go through, utter waste of money - Played in 13 games so far, out of 17, and scored 3. Had all the strikers who were already at my side scoring 8+ and he took up almost my entire budget the tool. All he does is moan about my team talks as well.. he'll be hanging around the entire season till he bucks his ideas up.