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  1. Hi. Any chance you can post screen shots of your individual player instructions so I can recreate on my iPad please? Thanks!
  2. Hi Fuss. Would you be able to share you player instructions please? I’d love to try this on touch on my iPad and report back on how it holds up!
  3. Hi Mr Rosler. Any chance you could share you individual player instructions if you have any please? I'd like to test this on touch on the iPad.
  4. Gary5891

    41311 Control

    Quick update from me. Still using this tactic and now challenging for 1st. I think I should stress how important it is to buy the players who are best fits for those positions and for example not just any DM, it needs to be a BWM DM.
  5. Gary5891

    Unlockable achieved

    Ipad Air - Software also up to date
  6. Gary5891

    41311 Control

    I'm enjoying this tactic. I've been challenging for top 5 the last two seasons and with a few buys I've started to break into top 3. It can be a bit inconsistent for example I'm undefeated in first 9 games in all comps and then Spurs come to me and beat us 7-1. Still enjoying it though!
  7. Gary5891

    Unlockable achieved

    Yes. It's popped up around 4-5 times now and I've not been able to use it.
  8. Gary5891

    Unlockable achieved

    Hi I've received the message that unlockable achieved a few times, for example transfer window, but when I go to the store its asking me to pay for it, which it didn't in previous versions. Is this a change this year or a bug? Thanks.
  9. Gary5891

    41311 Control

    Cheers. Seems to be working really well with West Ham in my 4th season. Currently 4th in Feb and my striker, Daniel Sturridge is scoring a lot. Just need a decent midfielder and I should push on.
  10. Gary5891

    41311 Control

    Hi Knap Would you mind putting a screenshot of your team instructions so I can replicate this and test on FM Touch please Thank you
  11. I'm now in my 3rd season of using this tactic with West Ham. 1st Season I won the premier league. 2nd season it wasn't as good and I finished 6th. 3rd season i've made a few improvements in terms of summer signings and i've won 14 of my first 15 games, losing only to Arsenal. I've found that making sure I had a quality DM and M has really helped tighten up the tactic and made it more reliable.
  12. 2nd season with this tactic hasn't been as good for me. Some games i'm playing the other team off the pitch but then I'm throwing away 3-0 leads to teams like Swansea at the moment. I'm going to tinker a little bit and will see if I can tighten up the defense.
  13. This tactic has been a huge success for me. I did my 1st season with West Ham using another tactic and finished 7th and then changed over to this tactic for season two. We won the league with 27 wins, 2 draws and 9 losses. Enner Valencia played as my top striker and finished the season as top scorer with 23 goals. I signed Hatem Ben Afra who played MR and he finished 3rd in the seasons assists with 17. I signed Stephane Ruffier and he kept the most clean sheets with 18. Overall very pleased and look forward to seeing what this tactic can do with better players!
  14. This is long term. The courts have signed the SGO (special guardianship order) until he turns 18 but the only reason we never adopted him is because he is my partners nephew. It's basically adoption but with a couple of things we are not allowed to do such as change his name or leave the country for longer that 3 months without approval.
  15. My 14 month year old has been living with us for 3 months now on a Special Guardianship Order after being with a foster family for the first 11 months of his life. Very hard work but it's really worth it. Good luck to you!