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  1. glad to hear so supportive feedback, but I'm afraid that after a few more games I've put the plug on it. It saddens me but it seems like FM is a game for a selective few now, too hard for me to analyze every detail and plan strategies from match to match. At least I can say that I've tried hard and didn't just rant when the first thing hadn't gone my way. All I can say now is thanks!
  2. Hmmm...I'm pretty sure the 4-1-2-2-1 you seen in many topic is actually the wide version (with AML and AMR instead of AMCs). You are the first (or at least one of very few) I came across who use this formation. Think you could make it work, if the attack seems more stable, maybe have Matic as Half-back so your backline would effectively become a three-men line?
  3. The first thing that strikes me is that you have no-one running from deep. Mata will move intro channels and Oscar would stay deeper, Cabaye might overlap but I don't think it would be enough. Also, I'm not a fan of CD-c along with CD-d. I also think it could be a reason for balls over the top- from which side you are receiving goals typically?
  4. So just to update, since changing to Control I've sparked a four match undefeated streak. I removed the Much Higher Defensive Line instruction and toned the Much Higher Tempo down to Higher Tempo. The team plays much better, dominating possession and creating chances, but I'm suffering from lack of finishing quality, especially from Eric Lamela who has yet to find the net under my team, but when playing for Argentina he scored twice in two. Under his national team he tends to play at ML, while for us he plays as AML (Inside Forward-a) or AMR (Inside Forward-s). When he plays as AML he tends to drift wide (even with the Sit Narrower instruction) and usually acts like a Winger, crossing and creating a lot, while when he plays as AMR he disappears. I'm considering that the fact that he is left-footed might cause the first issue, but, he proved himself on left side (and even from deeper position) on national duty. My AMC, typically Christian Eriksen, is to his right, and my MCL is Dembele, another talented passer. My ST, Adebayor, is told to hold position up-top and dribble less, pushing the opponents D-Line deeper. I thought that would generate enough space for him to run with the ball and cut inside. Tips would be welcomed...
  5. Interesting tactic there, I'm guessing you're going to utilize Borja Valero at DM? Will follow this!
  6. Would combining Counter mentality with a very high line would stretch that space? And my name isn't Eyal
  7. Appreciate the quick comment! I'd take what you say and give it a go, but I do want to further explain my choice of Counter mentality- It was because I wanted to win the ball high up the pitch and than have my defensive line dropping more deeper to make it more stable.
  8. Introduction: So, it's been a few months since FM14 came out and I still can't end a season. In fact, I can't even reach the January transfer window! It's down to me not being able to have a consistent save...I enjoyed great results and embarrassing defeats, and all that led me to great frustration from the game I used to love a lot. So, determined to finally reach the end of the season, I took over Tottenham as another team on a long list of started saves, but instead of raging someway along the way and start something else, I'd look for tactical help over here, as I finally learn playing this game. Tactical System: Mentality: Counter Philosopy: Fluid The system is slightly based on Brazil Confederation Cup tactic. Adebayor is playing up-top as a powerful direct threat, Lamela Plays the Neymar role, Lennon plays the Hulk role and Eriksen plays the Oscar role. I try to press higher up the field, play quick and also use the versatility of my AML/R to ask them to swap positions- sort of like how Brazil did it. I'm playing on the counter to play more patiently and Fluid to have my FBs attacking more. I have a variant with two DMs, but for now I'm sticking to the two CMs version to aid pressing high up the pitch. Game against Arsenal: So, the season opener and first actual test of the system was a tough trip to the Emirates Stadium. Arsenal fielded a very similar 4-2-3-1 with Podolsky on the left, Cazorla on the right and Ozil in the middle. My plan was to try and destory their build up play by having Adebayor man-marking their best on-the-ball Centerback, Hector Moreno. It worked partially- Moreno had the least amount of passes in the entire game (19 successful out of 27). However, I took out of the equation Laurent Koscielny, a talented Centerback on his own. He ran Arsenal game from the back with great class, but on the second half I was able to reduce his touches on the ball by closing him down more and changing Eriksen mentality to Attack to have him more close to Koscielny. Arsenal goal actually came from a set-piece. a Corner headed by Koscielny. With a combined number of 6 SOT from both sides it was a fairly dry and hard to judge match, but I did spotted some specific issues on my team. Christian Eriksen: As you may notice, Eriksen had a large amount of long-ranged passes, with all of them lost astray. 19 out 55 passes were missed by the Dane, while his short-pass ratio was incredible. I could limit him to short-passing, and it will solve the problem, but it will restrict his entire play. He's a class passer with great creativity, so, it's something I will have to keep an eye on. It was also a bad day for Dembele as well, but to a lesser extent. Defensive Issues: Arsenal reached chances the most by through balls and balls over the the top. I can only assume it was down to the high-line of my defense. Vertonghen was actually Man of the Match, but his partner Dawson was far more suspect. He was covering for an injured Kaboul, but his lack of speed meant he was prone to make mistakes. There are two possible solutions- a) have another setup with a deeper line, b) play someone else. I'm actually looking for some help on analyzing this match, I did well thanks to Cleon's guide, but I feel like I can use others experience, so, here is the heatmaps: Help is welcomed
  9. Perhaps the best designed thread I've came across here. Great read as well, I'm having problems with Wingerless tactics as well and I'm looking for this thread.
  10. I'm currently trying to get the best of them with a box 4-2-2-2. First time since FM 2008 that I've gone for this formation. Had two friendlies, won against Rangers and Monaco, and I've found so far that Sturridge is absolutely devastating when having someone to pass him a through ball. He plays as STL and relishes from passes from either Suarez or my MCL (Coutinho or Gylfi). Scored 3 in 2, with Suarez also grabbing one. Of-course this is just based on two friendlies. It might be a silly question- have you given Sturridge the instruction of Shoot Less Often? When I use it he'll still go for the occasional long shot, but he will be way more responsible.
  11. I love this story mate, doing real well, keep it up. Always had a soft spot for Benfica.
  12. [FM14] The Panthers Will Rise Again!

    August-September Review: Well, it's nothing less than disappointing. Very shaky run of form see us start the league with 2 wins and 3 losses out of 5. It's even more disheartening that we actually outplayed our opponents most of the times, with the exception of the season opener. It was a disaster, our 4-1-2-1-2 formation was clearly not working. Switching to a 4-2-1-2-1 seems to work a lot more. Another thing that hindered us at start was an injury crisis on both Fullback positions, but it worked for the best eventually- see later on... There were positives, though. We are playing well, better than most of our opponents as I mentioned earlier. Our line is led by fantastic striker Bobo who scored 8 in 6, including a remarkable hattrick after less than 18 minutes. Also, replacement Fullback Hugo Costa is currently leading our assist chart with 4. Taca de Portugal: Won against Loures and now facing Felgueras, from the National B division. Transfer Update: Right before the end of the transfer window, I was very happy to bring my second signing Jose Guedes. The 16 years old is already good enough for first team and should become a rock in our defense in the future. Great option to replace our ageing Centerbacks. To finance his arriving, some fringe players have left on a free.
  13. The Scandinavian Shankly: From paupers to kings.

    Just wanted to say that I've read to entire story last weekend, really inspiring mate. Great achievements and I'll be following from now
  14. [FM14] The Panthers Will Rise Again!

    Boavista 2013-14 Season Preview League- Portuguese National Championship C Media Prediction- 1st Squad Analysis: The squad I've inherited is fairly large, and most of the quality is in the age. I have veteran Center-back due Ricardo Silva (39) and Frechaut (35). Both are quality but starting to decline, something I need to adjust to in the near future. Also, my best striker is probably 38 years old Senegalese Fary, who looks like in can bag a few goals in, but it will be his last season. My start in the center of the pitch is 34 years old Ricardo Sousa, another top-notch player for this division, but someone who needs replacement sooner rather than later. Not all quality players are old though. I have midfielder Pedro Navas set to anchor my midfield for future years and and Joao Beirao set to replace Fary should a massive drop of form comes. The squad really lacks in wingers, so for me, 4-1-2-1-2 is the way to go. Preseason Friendlies: So the first Preseason as the manager of Boavista had gone buy without many surprising results. Destroyed by bigger teams and destroyed smaller teams. Overall I think it was decent enough. Transfer Window: So in my first post I've mentioned Boavista starts with a large debt and as such, I have no money to spent on incoming transfers of both players and staff, which made things difficult at start, but after releasing a few players and receiving a surprising rejuvenation of transfer budget (it seems small but it was enough), I was able to add not only important staff members, but to sign a player as well! Talented young midfielder Cepeda was signed on a free to start for my team, and scouts suggest he could go on to become a decent Premier League player in the future. He was chased by club from the first division such as European League's Estoril, but showed he had great taste by joining Boavista. On the departed list, not much to say. Probably the biggest name to have departed is Wellington, but neither of them was a first teamer. Release to increase the wage budget.
  15. Boavista Futebol Clube commonly known as Boavista, is a Portuguese sports club from the city of Porto. Founded on 1 August 1903, it is one of the oldest clubs in the country, and currently plays in the third division. It grew to become Porto's second greatest club – behind Porto — with sections dedicated to several sports including football, chess, gymnastics, bicycle racing and futsal, among others, the most notable being the football section with their trademark chequered white and black shirts. One of the most prominent clubs in Portuguese football, with 9 main national titles won (1 Championship, 5 Cups of Portugal, 3 Supercups of Portugal, all during the Loureiro's family years) Boavista spent 39 consecutive seasons in the Primeira Liga (50 in total), winning in 2001, being together with Belenenses, the only team outside the big three to win the Portuguese Championship. It is also the most successful Portuguese club after the big three. Its stadium, Estádio do Bessa, was built in 1973, although football has been played there at the former 'Campo do Bessa' since the 1910s, and was revamped for use in Euro 2004. [Wikipedia] 13 seasons after their historic Primeira Liga championship campaign, Boavista are now a shadow of their former self, competing in the National Championship, Portugal third tier. The media tips us for winning the league and the board expect promotion- seems fair but it will not be a straight-forward test considering the fact that the club is largely in debt and can't afford Scouts and Physios, let alone new players. Hope to make it through this year and boost our finance on the next.