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  1. Been playing fm a lot more recently and decided to venture back to my old hunting ground to see what's changed since 2013/2014 and what do I come across, Dafuge still tearing it up along with the rest of my old counterparts... Brilliant
  2. I see, because one year I somehow managed Vanuatu
  3. I know that you can load new databases up or load all players from a certain country at the start of game but as the game goes on will smaller nations become manageable as regens come through from certain nations?
  4. Been a very busy couple of months and having lost my passion for fm Im back and going to continue this thread
  5. March 2020 A very key month in the context of the final stage, we had to play 8 games in all comps this month so the strength in depth in the squad will determine the success we achieve. The league results was a success I would say, as we was unbeaten in the league picking up 3 victories and 2 draws. Another very good positive is the defending this month, as we also picked up 3 clean sheets out of the 5 matches including beating Independiente 2-0 and then Atletico Rafaela 4-0. River are know where near as strong as they was a few years back but every game against River is tough so to be 2 nil down and to gain a draw in the second half is a great result. Brian Moyano scored 2 more goals in the 3-0 victory over Gimnasia before closing out the month with a disappointing draw against Tigre with our goal coming in the first minute. We sit in 1st place in the final stage, with 6 wins and 3 draws. We are 3 points clear of 2nd place Boca and 4 clear of River in 3rd but they do have a game in hand. We had the 6th round of the cup also this month, and it was a game we should have cruised through against a poor Colon side. We really struggled after conceding an early goal, which meant in the second half we left ourself open at the back as we pushed for the equaliser. Luckily enough we scored just after half-time from a corner and went on to win the game in a dramatic 9-8 penalty shoot-out victory to set up a 7th round match against Non-League opposition. The long month continues, as we also played in 2 Copa Libertadores matches. We had to play Alianza and Mexican Champions Monterrey this month. The match against Alianza should have been very comfortable and it was really but we shouldn't have conceded 2. We had 5 different scorers including a screamer from Pagella. The game against Monterrey was going to be tough and a win would have put us in a very good position to qualify and we did win, 3-1 the score in Mexico, including a first half brace from Vazquez. We sit top of the group, but Santos and Monterrey both have 6 points also so it is very close and any of the 3 can qualify.
  6. February 2020 We moved into a new decade and this brought the closing stage and the start of the Copa Libertadores. We had 4 league games this month aswell as having the first game in the Copa Libertadores, an extremely tough trip to Brazil to face Santos. After a month break, we returned to a busy fixture schedule with an away trip to San Lorenzo and Federico Vazquez scored a brace, with 3 days later another victory game but we struggled in the second half, as we was 3-0 up but conceded 2 late on. The only other victory of the month was a really positive one, 5-1 away from home is always a fan pleaser but with the season were having, we know were capable of it. We shouldn't be drawing with Belgrano, but after are busy schedule, we can't stay on top of our form all the time. With a trip to Brazil, we had our first game in the Copa Libertadores for a few years and although we lost, it was a solid attacking display but poor defensively. We went 1 nil down before Asad scored on the brink of half-time. We then conceded 3 quick goals before a miracle comeback saw us draw level at 4-4. I would have been chuffed if we managed to come away from Brazil but they scored late on.
  7. Have to wait and see I certainly hope we can challenge, winning it might be a bit far but you never know!
  8. Another question, I could keep the current format monthly but with much less detail in writing?
  9. Will help with the failing coffers slightly!
  10. I can't wait, should be a really tough challenge but we all know you can do it!
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