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  1. I have it in the previous version(s) But best in this years is 5 (and he had 2 ruled offside )
  2. Correct code is - P65PW6-F9B91D-TW2AG2 [edit] OP has been edited. Thanks, Can't resist at that price.
  3. Have you tried Cex [online/instore] / Play.com?
  4. I had to fully restart my laptop.. Now I can't get this to work :confused: Someone translate it into noob terms please.
  5. Good stuff! Where do I put the pics? Had alook couldn't find anywhere! :o
  6. Great Skin mate!! Does the FMC Stadium Superpack work with this?
  7. No download as torrent? As it'll take ages to download with my connection!
  8. Just got to the end of the Jan. Transfer window never signed anyone as I don't see us signing anyone IRL. Never signed anyone at the start either, so I just have the starting squad, Currently in 2nd place 1pt behind 1st. Any tips on who I should look to sign for next season? [free transfer?]
  9. I had this problem with this skin.. The speed bar was all the way up on the match screen but when I went into Options > Match - The match speed was only half way. Maybe try there if you haven't already
  10. I can never sign him Always too expensive! [edit] is £28m about right? (end of first season)
  11. STaylor 5Apps 10Goals (Three Hat-tricks) and no I haven't re-trained him as a striker
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