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  1. So on the 16th May save, I was given a 95m transfer budget, which I then spent on Florentino Luis, Sandro Tonali, Dejan Kulusevski and Achraf Hakimi. After signing those players and selling others, I had the option of setting my season expectations. After setting them, I had a budget of 20.5m. Then a few days later, I confirmed the free signing of James Rodriguez, but I noticed that the signing was taking "2.3m out of my 104m budget". Between setting season expectations and signing Rodriguez, my budget had randomly been increased from 20.5m to 104m.
  2. Summary: My budget at Dortmund has gone from 20.5m to 104m randomly with no message to suggest why. Description of Issue: Before setting my season expectations, I had signed a few players (Florentino Luis, Sandro Tonali...) and sold Axel Witsel and Thorgan Hazard, making a net loss. I set my season expectations with the board and had a transfer budget of 20.5m left. Fast forward a few days, I've been trying to sell some more deadwood to raise some funds in order to maybe sign a couple of German players as part of my club vision, and confirm Thomas Delaney out to Milan for ~13m and accept an offer for Paco Alcacer for ~16m. Suddenly, as I am able to confirm the free signing of James Rodriguez, I see that confirming the deal will cost me 2.3m of my (now) 104m budget! It is a nice surprise, but I didn't receive any message from my board about an increased transfer budget and the sales I have made do not equate to that amount of money. Steps to Reproduce: Not sure Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: Uploaded two save files, one the latest, dated 22 Jun 2020, and the previous save before that dated 16 May 2020. These are labelled: "Dortmund Budget Increase 22-Jun-2020" and "Dortmund Budget Increase 16-May-2020".
  3. Do you not worry that the two players on the posts keep everyone onside? This just seems really flawed to me.
  4. My initial thoughts from looking at your roles and duties is that you don't really seem to have much of a box presence. The only player I can see who might conceivably make runs past the F9 and into the box is the AP-A/RPM, but they're definitely more creative roles and are unlikely to be very effective. Your IF-S on either side will cut inside and play narrow, but again won't really move with the aggression of getting past the F9 and into your opponent's penalty area. Say your full-back manages to get into a dangerous position down the flank, who does he aim for with his cross? The F9 who's dropped deep will probably not have much of an aerial presence even if he does manage to be anywhere near a dangerous cross. The IFs probably won't do it and you have 3 playmakers in the centre of midfield who'll prefer to stay outside the box. My advice off the bat would be to think about getting a couple of players who'll make runs into the box from a couple of angles. I'd go for a CM-A in midfield in place of one of the two playmakers. This will have the added benefit of not congesting the play centrally as much. I'd also change one of your wing-roles to be more attacking, either an IF-A or maybe even a RMD. You'll have more of a box presence this way, with your F9 and remaining two playmakers having running options to get into more dangerous areas for a shot. I think your Team Instructions are well thought out btw, but i'd be a little concerned about pushing your defensive line higher + using a Control mentality as a Control mentality will push your dline higher by default anyway, and with attacking full-backs you may find yourself countered quite easily, even with the DLP there. I look forward to seeing the situational analysis that you provide to see if it backs up some of my theories about your weaknesses going forward.
  5. !!! I've noticed this on countless occasions in both FM16 and now '17. It's so incredibly frustrating. I've never raised it as a bug through sheer laziness ("Oh well, it's happened, I'll move on... again") / ("it probably only happens to me"). Seeing it happen to someone else really opens my eyes. If you're not inclined to raise it just yet, keep an eye on the marking for those deeper free-kicks - especially central ones - because I genuinely think it's a real issue. Fantastic analysis too, btw
  6. In my opinion the best way to create an effective press is to use Opposition Instructions. It's not a popular move but I think it really helps for a pressing tactic. It helps tell your team where on the pitch to press and where not to, as you can tell your players which of the opposition players to "Always" close down, "Never" Close down, or close down at as normal (indicated by the " - " on the dropdowns). Opposition players will only be closed down once the player themselves have possession of the ball. This is key to remember. The tight marking settings function like this: When a player has already been closed down by a defender, will that defender stick to him once the ball has moved on, or will he go back to fit back into formation? For example, you wouldn't want one of your centre-mids to stick with the opposition DC he closed down, as that will leave a huge gap behind him. So I often put all the defenders in my oppositions side on the "Never" tight marking setting. This way no one gets stuck up the field for too long. I don't wanna hijack the thread too far from where OP wants it so I'll stop for now - and it's always fun to work more things out yourself - but that's kind of my summary of the basic ideas I put into my tactics when I consider how I want to press my opposition.
  7. From the shot chart we can see who's taking those long shots, not just that there are long shots. The most common to my eye appear to be #6 Mario, #19 Banega and #87 Candreva. Candreva and Banega both have the shoots from distance PPM, so that explains why they're taking those shots. Remember that PPMs take priority over tactical instructions, so even if you're telling someone to shoot less but they have that PPM, they will still try it regularly. You can try to unlearn the players these PPMs, and/or find other players to fill their slots whilst they're training to lose it. Mario is a more curious question, is he your FK taker? That's what would make sense to me and isn't easily stopped as if a free-kick is a reasonable shooting opportunity then they'll ignore the routine instructions (something I find frustrating but hey ho hum). To answer your question about the higher tempo, yes this could also be affecting the sheer amount of shots you're having. It's rushing the play, so the ball is moving forward quicker. It's possible your front two aren't holding the ball up well enough or the rest of your team aren't joining the attack fast enough, leaving only one option for the man on the ball: Shoot or get dispossessed. I don't really agree that you need the tempo to be higher to affect your pressing. I've always seen the Tempo as affecting how quickly your team plays and moves the ball around, not how quickly your players move. I've had success with high pressing, low tempo tactics in the past. It might be helpful to upload some in-game screenshots (with contextual information) from the moment a player takes his shot to see if the player has options available to him or not. Good luck and hope this was useful!
  8. Gives almost a full view of the pitch where you can see all the players, which is obviously good for looking at the space on the pitch, how everyone is linking, how compact/loose everything is. There's no link to the Data Analyst role, but is accurate to what angle most professional data analysts would view or would prefer to view a match from.
  9. Popping my head in to say this thread is absolutely fantastic. Lovely to read so many ideas and different ways of playing. Definitely broadens one's own thinking. Seriously though, it's distressing to see someone like Jambo put so much effort into making trying to make something work and constantly having FM give you hell. Keep at it bud.
  10. Not throwing my name in as I've got a save going that I enjoy a lot But I will be reading and lurking on here with keen interest. Good luck everyone.
  11. This didn't work. Switching from CPU to GPU-assisted has fixed it.
  12. Realise that bossman isn't around much but hopefully anyone can help me with this: My Continue button is different to the screenshots in the rest of this thread, any ideas how to fix? EDIT: Little info update, going through the match screens the button is White as it should be, but in non-match screens (Homepage, Inbox etc) it does the above.
  13. But they are the most advantageous passes in my opinion. Your IFs are tightly marked by the opposition and leave a lot of space for your full-backs to fill. This is always going to happen because that's how you've set the team to be. Also you say you don't want your full-backs to cross yet use a role where one of the default settings is to Cross More Often. I think you need to seriously re-consider what exactly it is you want from the tactic, whether what you want is both realistic and can be successful and then look over the roles and make sure you have a better idea of how those roles: a) Contribute to your philosophy and b) work with each other. If that sounds too mean or anything, I'm sorry and I'm not trying to attack you. Just trying to help.
  14. I'm gonna have to come out and say that many of the passes you've given as examples are actually examples of good passes - just not what you want obviously. Here the IF you talk about isn't making a run and is static, and Jedvaj is making a fantastic run into the box unmarked (as you continue to use attacking full-backs with narrow forwards, this shouldn't be a surprise) and is actually in a good position. In the rest of your first half examples your IFs are still being marked - they could make the run, but then they could still be easily intercepted or tackled should the ball be received. Your full-backs however are unmarked because they're moving into the space that the IFs are creating. I find it strange that this is something you don't want to see, as it's actually very good play. I also don't understand why you persist with using fullbacks that attack when it's against what you want to see. Your IFs aren't making the right runs and that certainly is a problem. I don't think your players are very suited to the role. Grbic especially only has 1 star in his role ability (not forgetting Coric has only 1 star as a CM-A) and this will obviously affect the players' performances of what you're instructing them. You're trying to fit square pegs into round holes, I think. Pardon my eyes but I think you want to re-examine the posts about the "IFs retreating". Sure they don't make up a lot of ground aren't supporting the attacks very well at all, but they aren't "retreating" like you say. I think it's probably more likely that your F9 is advancing faster than the IFs are. Definitely poor play there though.
  15. You are barely testing our suggestions if you think that using them in 5/10 minute spells is going to produce significant results. Try testing them over a significant period of games, 3 might suffice, and then get back to us with what progress has been made.
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