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  1. Adding to the above, you can tell when this happens because - especially when you're overachieving - the board asks you if you want to change your season expectations around this time. It's also something that is expected to happen irl. I remember a lot of chatter during Leicester's amazing title win about when big teams were going to take Leicester seriously, and play against them as though they were a big team. But it didn't happen because everyone thought they would drop off, and then February/March rolled around and they were still there.
  2. Hi @Dan Ormsby Just wondering if there is any update on the issue, now that 21.2.2 has come out? Love the work you're all doing and hope that you've had a good festive period, just hoping for a fix.
  3. @Dan Ormsby Hi yes, I have uploaded another save file named "Croatian HGN Issue - Orijent 1919.fm" You should see that there are newgens within my squad that have not left Croatia yet do not have the HGN status required for the league. Examples in my squad to look out for: Elvis Mikhailov, Leonard Kovacec, Marko Kovacevic
  4. Unfortunately I don't think this is accurate. I've uploaded my save as "Croatian Home-Grown 21.2.0". Players like Mladen Budan in my first team are HGN despite generating before the patch. He is technically HGC, so maybe it's a user-related issue perhaps? I say this because players like Elvis Mikhailov and Marko Kovacevic are NOT HGN, generated before patch. Super annoying that players who have literally not left Croatia through-out their entire career aren't being recognised as HGN. I'm disappointed as I expected this to be fixed.
  5. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help. I can't change my replay speed. The option isn't in my preferences or available when in a match itself. Does anyone know of a bug with this or if it's been removed entirely? It's just too slow for me. I've tried without the skin I'm using too but it does not fix itself. When I go to the Preferences to alter match speed, I can change the speed of normal highlights, and I'm pretty sure at one point I saw a "Match" tab and a "Replay" tab. But I have not got either of those and it's now a kinda blank space where I'd expect those tabs to be.
  6. I agree with others in this thread that you haven't actually had that many poor results. But if you are unhappy with it, here's my two cents worth. Not to take away from the obvious tactical discussion here but: If you think it isn't tactical, have considered what else it might be? Does the morale take a hit after some of these "poor" results? Are you doing the right things in the team talks? When I say the right things in team talks, I mean a couple of things: 1. Saying the same thing every match and getting all green responses does not necessarily indicate a good team talk. The green lies to you a bit, telling you all your players were "delighted" or "happy" with the response, but are they maybe getting a bit bored of what you are saying pre-match or at HT? Don't always say the same things, as they will start to have less of an impact. 2. One of the Hints & Tips advises that away from home we should be a bit kinder to our players as games away from home tend to be less comfortable environments. By the same reasoning therefore, we can also afford to be harsher on our players in team talks at home. So drawing/losing at home at HT you may consider telling them that you are very unhappy with their performance, whereas away from home you might want to tell them they've been unlucky, which often gives them a bit of confidence. I personally think every Football Manager player has undergone this type of thing, where they're winning or on a decent run of good results, get an unlucky defeat and then go on a bad run of form afterwards. It's happened to me 2 or 3 times with Hornchurch FC - in my second season, we were in the Vanarama National League and had won 10 games in a row before a rotten 1-0 defeat at Macclesfield. We then proceeded to be dumped out of the FA Trophy by a team below us in the pyramid and went on a run of only 1 win in 10 games. My theory? The Macclesfield defeat ruined my team's morale, and even after a squad meeting to try to fix it, we only got one win. So what did I do? I arranged a simple midweek friendly against a very poor side, won it 4-0 and the morale came back to us. We got our mojo back, and won 5 of our next 7 games. Every season since then, I've worried after being on a really great run when we lose unluckily. If we lose a second time, I immediately arrange a friendly if the schedule allows for it. The most important part of losing in football, is how you bounce back.
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