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  1. @OneManSnipezThat's some serious progress. Time to start gunning for those European tickets. How do you find the minimum age limit has it bothered you at all? It's something that always held me back from trying Germany, but maybe I should get over it.
  2. My board finally saw reason. After one win and two draws in 15 games, they release me from my suffering. To be honest we never looked like we belonged at this level (our only win coming against our fellow promoted and semi-pro team). Coupled with a number of mistakes in the squad interaction thing made for a tough and ultimately too tough challenge. I think my players were back from holiday for about three days when they decided to hate me for giving the fourth choice striker anything less than important player status, a contract my predecessor negotiated. Having not played FM19 a lot, I brushed it aside instead of taking it serious. My CB hating me for playing every game while he wanted to go on loan to a lower level Bosnian side is another thing that needs looking at. Austria is a decent league to start this in I think, as long as you choose a professional side, newly promoted Wiener Neustadt sit in the Top 5. The club turned a profit, even with all staff positions filled with decent wage guys and our abysmal form, so there is some money in the league that would make it possible to advance. When I left the club they had about a million in the bank.
  3. My board seem way to content with almost certainly going down, my players making voodoo-dolls of me and getting raped by any team that can give three passes in a row. Been waiting for the sack for a while, but they insist on keeping me on. There is nothing I can do to salvage this.
  4. Does anyone know how long it takes before you can ask for coaching badges again? I asked in June, starting out, but now it's almost September and the option is still not available again. Not that I'll be able to enjoy them in this save: 1 win against our fellow semi-pro team, all losses to the pro sides (we play along well enough, but just can't find the net) and my players hate me. My time in Austria may be up before I get unpacked. Some nice progress for others in this thread, good luck everyone.
  5. Profile | Club | Facilities Starting this off this challenge in Austria, with the soon to be mighty FC Kufstein. Located on the border with Germany, Kufstein is Tyrol's second city with about 20.000 inhabitants. I hope this gives us at least some base to establish a top flight team. Austria doesn't seem to have a whole lot of mid-size cities, as the other teams promoted were small villages in the <10k range. Kufstein at least has a pretty castle. I don't know a whole lot about the Austrian competition, outside of the fact that the top tier is dominated by one of Red Bull's playthings. (The fact that they absolutely demolished my KRC Genk in the Champions League is the prime motivator for starting in Austria, can't wait to return the favour even if it is virtually). Non plastic top teams are Rapid and Austria, and Sturm Graz have to have one of the greatest names in pro football. Before taking on the franchise monster we'll have to survive in the second Bundesliga. We have a 5k (2,5k seated) "Arena", and training facilities like you would expect an Austrian third division team to have. We should have enough warm bodies at the club to fill in the team, but I haven't really gone on a deep dive yet to see if there is some actual quality there. The biggest hurdle will be staying up for now, as Kufstein is one of only two semi-pro teams in the league. Red Bull and Austria have their B-teams in this league, so at least I won't have to battle them for promotion. With three teams going back to the RegionalLiga at the end of the season, this opening post might well be the highlight of my career in Austria.
  6. Austrian Reset Date is june 13th, but promoted teams seem to be decided after june 6th (The day of the last league game)
  7. Reset date for the Netherlands: july 6th (Holiday until 2020 to get a promoted team) Maybe stay clear of Holland for a little while, as there is a problem with the B-teams (Jong ...) fielding first team players, which is not allowed by real life rules, and makes these teams overpowered for the division.
  8. Romania reset date is 30th June. The third league is simulated, but not playable (see France's CFA) For people looking for fallen giants: Rapid Bucharest (3 Romanian titles, 13 cups, and Europa League quarter finalist as recently as 2006) should win the third league pretty easily and be playable at the start of the 19/20 season, after being demoted to the fifth league in 2016 for financial troubles. I'll keep cruising around Europe looking for a league to start in until the official release.
  9. In Belgium it was the day after the last round of the regular season.
  10. Reset date for Belgium is 30 june. Since there is a playdown in the lowest league, promoted teams get decided on 7 april, so save on the 6th if you want some variety to choose from.
  11. Gundo hasn't been on the forums since 2016, so I'm pretty sure he wouldn't mind. There was some talk about combining Gundo and Big Europe in one challenge to get more eyeballs on the thread.
  12. Denmark might be an interesting option. It has three level available in FM. It's been a while, but from memory the third division has three groups, after the winter break the groups merge in two groups, the top half play for promotion, the bottom half against relegation (points are kept from the autumn league.) There are four relegation places, but since you play pretty weak opposition it is doable to stay in the division. On the promotion side there are two places, so getting out of the league might be a bit harder. The quality of the sides is pretty poor (think lower half conference N/S) so if you want to get the real lower league experience that might be a plus. In the top league FC Copenhagen is the team to beat, and they are big enough to remain of a credible challenger after you fought your way to the top. Danish sides should be able to make a push in Europe after a couple of years I think (at least I have seen crazier things happen in the challenge forum). The national team while not too great at the moment does have a European title, so there should be some potential there. The names are doable for someone who speaks English, but they tend to be pretty similar which can make it confusing at times (a sea of Andersens, Iversens,...). Another minus may be the winter break which is pretty long (understably) but at least they don't do the competion over the summer which becomes frustrating once you enter Europe. edited to clarify
  13. @Bartrcm The takeover of the city is complete, the rest of the challenge is just a nice extra Good job on getting into Europe two years in a row.
  14. @herne79 All in all a solid start to the challenge. Love your choice of team, that has to be one of the better logo's I've seen in this thread. I'm not sure if it's just something you prefer, but as far as I'm aware you can keep non-homegrown players untill they leave by themselves, as long as they are at your club from the start. No need to ship them out if you don't want to.
  15. The Spartans FC Profile | Facilities | Finances | Squad | Transfers I wanted to give Scotland a go. After the Danish debacle the main goal was finding a team with a full locker room to at least have a bit of breathing space with injuries and suspensions. Brora and Cove Rangers were by far the most likely teams to come up, and had a full set of players. While trying to see if I could get a different team Huntly came up, and also had a full squad. As they were pretty rare I wanted to give them a go but stupidly forget to save before the first leg of the relegation playoff, which they lost 5-0. As I was not willing to spend this years FM reloading untill they won the return leg, I tried to make them appear a second time for the better part of an hour. Never saw them again. During the reloading this bunch came up. They ticked all the boxes: Cool name, cool logo, and from a bigger city. So here I am again stuck with the bare minimum of players. The Spartans Football Club are a team from Edinburgh founded in 1951 as a club for allumni of Edinburgh University, as they were no longer able to play for the university team. They play in the Lowland Football League and were the Leagues first champion in 2014 but did not compete for promotion to the Football League. They spend most of their time in the East of Scotland Football League, where they won 9 titles, the last one in 2011. They play in Ainsley Park in Northern Edinburgh. I have played untill new year, and it's going suprisingly good. We've been in and out of the promotion playoff places since the season started. On the other hand, the league is very tight, with only a 9 point difference between the promotion playoffs and last place. Even if we hit a bit of a slump, with only last place playing a relegation playoff I'm optimistic about my chance to survive the opening season.
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