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  1. SPORTS.tv presents: Top2Bottom (FM11)

  2. SPORTS.tv presents: Top2Bottom (FM11)

    Allo preetty Ladies Roberto here CUT THE FEED !!!!! CUT THE FEED!!!!
  3. SPORTS.tv presents: Top2Bottom (FM11)

    Darlington Rangers open day! HI! Im ummmmm ummm (looks to assistant) "kane velbrim" yesss yes Im Kane Velbrim manager (chairman) ohhh Chairman of manchester uni (darlington rangers ) what really? Chairman of Darlington Rangers, as you walk around the club you can see that we aim to be the first eco friendly club in cricket (football) um football. as you can see our stadium is as eco friendly as possible and grows some nice weed ummm i mean weeds hahaha ha ummm, we also have decided to go green on the training equipment we believe this is the future of football in the 19th (21st) what the 21st century? ok 21st century. our regime has been devised by our secret weapon in the coming season our fitness director mr Chuck Norris chuck will over see the fitness regime of our squad. We shall be hearing from our manager ruud (roberto) aha Roberto Martinez (Mancini) live via sattelite, he has assured me that he is away scouting transfer targets wich are sorely needed to add depth to what is a good nucleaus of a squad. So ladies and gentleman i give you Roberto Mancini!
  4. SPORTS.tv presents: Top2Bottom (FM11)

    right done n uploaded pix now what kid
  5. SPORTS.tv presents: Top2Bottom (FM11)

    nah forgot lol il do it now
  6. SPORTS.tv presents: Top2Bottom (FM11)

    could sum1 help me as i cant upload pictures off my laptop for my press release . thanx
  7. The all conquering Singapore

    Bo Kan Lo 1.1.1993 sealandian cb leader,determind 8 stats heading marking tackling anticipation positioning determination stamina bravery height 210cm weight 95kg ppm marks tightly doesnt dive in tackles
  8. Chairman manager 2011 V2

    omg lol okaaay
  9. The Rise To Glory !

    really enjoying this cant wait t see my player
  10. SPORTS.tv presents: Top2Bottom (FM11)

    why o why has mancini nt bought cover. wat a waste lol
  11. The Rise To Glory !

    just us i think personally
  12. revised stats 15 for business 5 for interference 10 patience 20 resources
  13. Chairman Name: HIS ROYAL ONE PRINCE JIMMIE TIAVALU DOB:22.8.1977 Nationality:MELANISIAN Chosen Nation:THE SOLOMAN ISLANDS Club Name: THE HONIARA MINERS Nickname (Optional): City/Town Based In:HONIARA Stadium Name: THE TREASURE TROVE Kit Colours/Style:BLACK SHIRT YELLOW THICK CENTRAL VERTICAL STRIPE BLACK SHORTS YELLOW TRIM BLACK SOCKS YELLOW TRIM Chairman Stats Business:15 Interference:0 Patience:5 Resources:30 (Chairmen have 50 points to spend across these four attributes. In terms of person data, loyalty will be set to 20, and the rest will be random.)
  14. SPORTS.tv presents: Top2Bottom (FM11)

    mancicni must be taking care of what little transfer budget he has left f darlo rangers lol. matbe he can cough sum o tht 30 mil bk into the club lol 1 1 wi galatassary nt bad tho
  15. The Rise To Glory !

    kevin bahhhma kevin bahhhma 19/8 wales/england darlington 22 cb/dm heading marking tackling bravery anticipation strength determination influence postioning teamwork accelaration passing 217cm 103kg