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  1. As an avid FM player, CR7 fan and female I've been dying to introduce some girl power into the Football Manager games. This file does that by converting Christiano Ronaldo into a woman. Nothing else is edited besides the gender of Ronaldo. Picture: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jx4w9uaetsw9vgs/Female_Ronaldo_185E130C-CA05-4610-8AF4-697C469D4932.fmf
  2. I've had a similar playing with Lusitans in Andorra in recent saves. Portuguese players are marked as foreign and non-eu despite Portugal being in the EU and me having Portugal set as non-foreign for Andorra in the editor file. I believe its a bug with the new update
  3. Didn't hear about that, will be updating it to include it. Will also be adding some friendly competitions, though I haven't found an efficient way of matching the randomness that comes from some of these competitions. Sorry for not keeping up with the thread but I've had some real life responsibilities.
  4. Yeah, that's actually pretty weird considering the reputation set for it.
  5. Nope, that is a big issue with the editor. If you want to you can go into the editor and drop it down to a U23 competition
  6. Yeah, I decided not to make the Island Games and ABC tournament this year. I figured that the non-Fifa teams were core components to the tournaments so it would be hard to have any kind of accurate competition.
  7. No problem. I've uploaded my first edition. Changes include the removal of competitions that seem to inactive indefinitely and fixes to some errors I made last year, such as setting U23 competitions to be full National team competitions and others. I also fixed some structures and simplified some larger competitions Future updates will include more awards and histories on ones that I haven't done yet. I will also be messing around with the advanced editor a little bit to try to replicate some friendly competitions
  8. I played a PDL save and did get some MLS offers. I can't recall how long it took to get them but my saved went to around 2035
  9. I left it off because I figured you would be doing it and yours would be much better than mine.
  10. I can't really do it because none of the teams are in the game. If they make it easier to create nations in the new game, I'll definitely experiment with it though.
  11. If anyone sees any competitions missing or knows if any of these have been cancelled indefinitely please tell me. Also I don't do recurring friendly competitions which have varying participants, unless it can be replicated to some extent. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?aje2b61jd44avdm Individual International Competitions: Baltic Cup(Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland) Baltic u-21 Cup Baltic u-19 Cup Arab U20 Cup Superclásico de las Américas(Brazil vs. Argentina Hong Kong-Macau Interport Marianas Cup(Guam vs. Northern Mariana Islands) Mediterranean Games Inter-Guyana Games(Suriname, Guyana, French Guyana U19s) CECAFA Cup(African countries) CECAFA U20 Cup SAFF Championship(South Asian Teams) Coupe DOM(French Oversea Territories) COSAFA Senior Challenge Cup Gulf Cup of Nations Gulf Cup of Nations U23 Indian Ocean Island Games ASEAN U23 Championship ASEAN U19 Championship UNAF U23 Cup UNAF U20 Cup South East Asian Games Pan Arab Games Islamic Solidarity Games Jeux de la Francophonie Lusophony Games COSAFA U20 Challenge Cup WAFU Nations Cup WAFU U20 Championship Arab Nations Cup(Original structure by themodelcitizen) Pan American Games West Asian Games East Asian Games Commonwealth of Independent States Cup Central American and Caribbean Games(U21) South Asian Games OFC U20 Championship(No qualification for U20 WC) Mahinda Cup Windward Islands Tournament(St. Vincent, Grenada, Saint Lucia and Dominica) Club Competitions: Ligue Des Antilles Nessma Cup Indian Ocean Champions Cup South Asian Football Federation Club Cup CECAFA Club Cup Gulf Club Cup UAFA Cup Copa Guyana Link to FM2013 thread: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/322994-FM13-Every-National-Team-Competition
  12. Yeah, I'll definitely do it for 2014. I'll have to look over the competitions to see if any of them have been cancelled, sometimes if there is a sign that it may come back I'll make it anyways. I'll probably drop AFF though for 2014, because it doesn't seem to be coming back. If anyone knows any competitions not on this list that may be new or any others that have been cancelled, please inform me. I've created a new thread for 2014
  13. Thanks, that's a good idea, I noticed it in general not a specific team.
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