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  1. Hi knap, many thanks for your tactics. I have never used your tactics because I used tff tactics, but I have to admit I have never tested such good and effective ones, and I have been playing football manager since 2005. Thanks a lot !!
  2. two central defenders and I turned off the playing field and to shorten considerably revoked line of defense, great results ps. sorry for my bed english
  3. I Change Role my CENTRAL DEFENDER "Cover" , and team Mentality Attack , Results ...... INCREDIBLE !!!!!!
  4. Hi Fuss !! Great tactics, but I have a problem I have a lot of shots and not used CCC, and another problem is that I lose a lot of goals from counter-attacks an opponent, (ball behind the back of my defenders) ps. soryy for my english . How to defend against the counter ?
  5. can not download, upload to another hosting pls
  6. do not fully understand, but when it comes to you about it when you take back the lateral defenders forward, I'm doing this more rarely, unless I play with a strong team result and weapons
  7. More results can be found here http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2013-tactics-training/115787-dejvos-modific-mr-hough-tactic.html
  8. Hi BuryBlade, tactics work on the latest patch (13.3.2) , I'm not sure I understand your question well, but I think that yes, I play the same tactic two season, the first season was not so good results, because there is always something I changed the tactics, but finally after changes tactics she started to give results, and so far they are great . A word of advice, if you play with a very strong opponent should withdraw backs
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