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  1. It could be a hidden Attribute like Consistency, but change in-game like Reputation. Then somebody could set up a challenge to create the modern day galactoes (sp?) like Madrid were with Beckham, Zidane, Figo, Ronaldo and Raul
  2. Ability to ask a feeder what player they would like. When scheduling a friendly you should select a date and only the teams avlable on that date appear. Ability to neogoate dates and money when another team wants to play you.
  3. I get weird looks in college when I'm playing as I get so animated during the matches. I got told to ssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh today, cause I said Argentinian W**kers out loud, when new signing Zuculini siffered an injury in training and the international manager played him for 3 games until he got properly injured.
  4. A feature where you could ask a feeder club what kind of player(s) that they would like to get from you on loan this season, or have first preference on your loan listed players. And coach reports where the coach recomends what a certian player should be doing for the given season. Coach A recomends Player X be loaned out to Affilate T/League N
  5. Less injuries, Less being linked with players, Less Crap feeder clubs More youth players More realistic transfer market Better Club hirerchy (sp?) Better Youth systems Better manager - board interaction Better Scouting Ability to scout clubs Ability to set up training camps in forigen counries Ability to give som players xtra training goals, i.e. inproving passing etc. Ability to shedule xtra events to raise moral
  6. Premiership pictures and badges, Stadium Editing like in L.M.A. Manager, 3D match eingine, Meeting Agents, Realistic stats for Shevenko, More Staff roles, Less Injuries, A Holding Midfielder Role/Function,
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