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  1. No. This is your opinion, and mine (and other people's) happens to be different. I'm not even bothering discussing with someone who starts a "dialogue" with this attitude.
  2. I'm just glad that I decided not to buy FM12 (exclusively due to steam), going through all this only to play ONE video game would have been unacceptable to me. All I want to say to SI people is: please read mantralux's post (page 1) and take a moment to think and reflect about future decisions.
  3. I really admire your intellectual honesty and agree with every single word you said
  4. I have already voiced my displeasure about the steam decision, haven't changed my mind since then and have nothing to add about that. @usernamehere: I feel exactly the same, and I mean EXACTLY. @x42bn6: man you always say what I'd like to say, just much better than I would I'd like to express this thought: I really think "progress" is gradually making this game worse. "Old school" players are certainly some old dinosaurs with crappy pc that probably shouldn't play videogames anymore. In fact we don't play videogames, we only play FM and paradoxically this makes us a less appealing market even for SI The "new" market, the "new" players have 100+ games library on steam, they chat on three different social networks while they play and have a dozen other windows open on their high performing pc. I don't judge you, just find this somewhat weird like I'm sure you find MORE weird how I play(ed) FM with my old offline pc at night instead of sleeping (and had to go to work in the morning) I have the feeling that SI games is more interested in "you" - and it's probably the right choice for them. Therefore FM is gradually but steadily going towards the "new" generation of players, and they're making the game maybe not "easier" but more... "friendly"? Tactics are becoming less and less relevant, while simple "man management" is getting more powerful than ever. Had this feeling in FM11 and, from what I'm reading in this community, several other people feel things are getting even worse in FM12 with new featres like team mettings and conversation tones (haven't played FM12 myself though) Can't blame steam for all this maybe. But I certainly feel it's part of the process. Some of you commenting here remind me of a great song by Pearl Jam. It's evolution baby!
  5. nessi

    Italian junior coaching

    I think you're both right and wrong here but several italian clubs do have those coaches/facilities despite this "youngster-hostile" environment that indeed is serie A (or even serie B). Blame first team managers, level of pressure and club owners' expectations though, not youth staff, facilities and coaching techniques how all this is implemented in the game especially in long term development could actually be not that accurate, but if we also had to consider international success of national team I guess england should have "minimal facilities and coaches" ? didn't know about this new feature btw - the "youth coaches" level. How does it work exactly?
  6. nessi

    Italian junior coaching

    Pazzini and Montolivo (who's half-german btw...) are only an example of good players produced by a small club with a great youth system, didn't mean to start any comparison and certainly not with clubs like Bayern! It is fair to say that several italian clubs have excellent youth facilities and youth coaches - I'd say Milan, Roma, Inter and Atalanta above all the others. Trust me I have no sympathy for any of these clubs (I admire Atalanta's policy though) but their investment in youth setup are amazing if you say other european clubs in FM should have facilities and coaches as good as them then you may have a point but as I said I haven't seen the demo so don't really know. I think clubs like Sporting (Lisbon), Ajax, obviously Barcelona and many others should be at the top as well
  7. nessi

    Italian junior coaching

    havent played the demo but IRL many italian clubs do have excellent youth facilities an youth coaches clubs like Milan and Inter have amazing facilities dedicated only to their youth setup. A small club like Atalanta have probably some of the best coaches and youth system in whole europe, and have consistently produced class players for the last 20 years - italian internationals Giampaolo Pazzini and Riccardo Montolivo the latest that come to my mind
  8. tbh in real life this happens a lot. We may read on the papers that x players costed 12M euros but it's quite common that it's 4M on the signing, another 4M to be paid within a year, and the other 4M within two years. That's how it is most of the times at least in Italy
  9. have to agree that morale, form and teamtalks have become way too relevant in FM. what's next... six different tones for conversations?
  10. 1-11 are not necessarily my starting players, but those who have been at the club for the longest time according to position. When veterans are sold or retire a new hierarchy starts... my specific preferences (usually play 4-3-3/4-5-1): Goalkeeper: 1, 12, 22 Right back: 2, 13, 32 Left back: 6, 16, 33 Centre back: 3, 4, 14, 25 Central midfielder (defensive type): 5, 8, 15, 24, 35 Inside forward/strikers (creative): 7, 10, 11, 18, 20, 21 N.9 will go to the target man type of striker if I have one, or it isn't assigned at all! N.10 generally goes to my best/favorite player between all the midfielders and strikers
  11. I'd go for late purchase definitely! Keep playing my long term FM11 save until march then gladly buy this 12.3 patched, non-steam boxed version!
  12. Nope they won't be in MLS in FM12. L'année prochaine!
  13. Well from what I understand 100% of CM/FM long time fans that I personally know won't buy the game for that reason (a grand total of 7 people including me:D). joking aside, I'd like to know more about those factors. I'd like to know if SI could ever consider this possibility.
  14. SI obviously can and will do what they want. Don't want to play the loyalty card, but personally I've (tried to) help SI and CM/FM series in many ways in the last 10+ years, not only spending money. I didn't have to but I did it happily, for free. I like to think (dream) that maybe SI can try to please everyone even if they don't have to.
  15. that sounds interesting. Maybe only a 12.3 version? SI would you consider this? @Kriss: hopefully people will keep it on topic, I really don't want another steam debate here. Just interested in other people's opinion on this proposal. And SI opinion of course.