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  1. Think about this, Leicester city, even though the press had slated them as relegation favorites they're top of the league. After they started having success, teams started respecting them and changed way they setup. Same thing with FM, teams are changing the way they approach matches with you. Most likely they're staying deep, which means you will have to change your tactic a little bit since more often than not the counter won't be on. In previous FMs I've been all about possession strategies and I had good success but this is the first year I'm focusing on counter attacking. What I do wh
  2. I just recently started a new game with LFC and have had success with a 4231 set to control strategy.
  3. I have a very successful save with Blackburn (won CL and PL last season) and the way I started out was to play Rhodes as a DLF-s and Rochina as a poacher in a 442. However after a season or two I sold Rochina and switched to a single striker formation (4231 and 41221) and used Rhodes as a CF-s. He was a great striker for me and usually lead the team in goals and assists. I eventually sold him for a younger and better version (after 4 seasons or so.
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