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  1. Team meetings I've found can be massively beneficial, but there's not a lot of room for error and different squad personalities seem to effect how to handle them. Here's how I approach them... - Only hold them absolutely when necessary, ie: Team is in a bad spell of form 3+ losing/unfavourable results streak (drawing when you're heavy favorites). I'll also use a team talk if we're on a great run of form, but morale is lower than expected. - Consider a few things before deciding which tone to take: What was my beginning of season expectation? (Media/Board/Team talk beginning of the season expectation). What is my current standing in the table? Something that happened recently to me...I was 3rd in the table (expected midtable), but I was on a 4 game losing streak and told my team "we're doing well but i think we can kick on and do better." Every single player was upset by this because we were already exceeding expectations, I'm sure this was also compounded by my squad personality, maybe if they were of a more ambitious type they would've had a positive response but i can't say for certain. I've turned around bad form and kept good form going on longer and i like to think it's because of teamtalks, but who knows it also could be luck!
  2. Think about this, Leicester city, even though the press had slated them as relegation favorites they're top of the league. After they started having success, teams started respecting them and changed way they setup. Same thing with FM, teams are changing the way they approach matches with you. Most likely they're staying deep, which means you will have to change your tactic a little bit since more often than not the counter won't be on. In previous FMs I've been all about possession strategies and I had good success but this is the first year I'm focusing on counter attacking. What I do when facing teams who sit deep is change one or two roles to attacking to help support my striker in the final third.
  3. Cleon do you think the vision state applies to this ppm at all?
  4. I would also try not using so many PIs that shorten is passing range, I've been happy with my keeper's distribution and I just have him set to 'Take Short Kicks'. Even though sliders don't exist anymore, I like to think in my head that there's a hidden slider, if this slider is set all the way to the minimum distance then you're going to run into the issue where if the keeper doesn't have an option within 5-10 yards he will hoof it up the pitch.
  5. To be honest, you REALLY have to look at what your opponent is doing once they go down to 10 men. What I typically do is change the game highlight mode to Full Match (and sometimes even change the camera to 2D, so I can get a perfect picture of whats happening). From there it's pretty simple, are they playing really narrow and possibly only 1 defender on each flank? Then use 'Play Narrower' and 'Exploit the Flanks'. Basically wherever the flaw is in their formation i look to exploit it. Hope this helps.
  6. One thing I would suggest...is when seeing out the end of the game, i think you're using too many instructions...What works for me is simple, time has to be 85 minutes or more, Contain - Drop Deeper, Waste Time, Play Even Safer. I keep my mentality the same as it was the entire game, (Fluid).
  7. I've always had good results defending corners. One thing I found, it may sound simple but don't assign anyone to a role that has the word 'mark' in it if they have a terrible rating for marking.
  8. Torskus, I agree the Inside Forward role has been excellent for me, I use Balotelli as the IF-S and for smaller competitions i use Borini there. I have Sturridge as a CF-A, but if the opponent is parking the bus or uses a 5 on the back line setup, i've had more success with a CF-S. When Balotelli plays striker I use a TQ as well and he's been great there too. The only downside with Mario is that you need to keep an eye on his body language and address any problems (when he becomes 'very frustrated' I'll use a touchline team talk).
  9. I am loving the new RP, I'm playing as Liverpool currently and I'm setup in a 4-1-2-2-1. My midfield triangle is as follows: DM-D - Gerrard (been thinking about trying him as a halfback but the tactic is working too well at the moment) B2B-S - Henderson RP-S - Coutinho I was originally concerned because in FM14 I used this same formation but always had one CM set to attack, with no true attacking CMs would my ST become isolated/not have enough options? Turns out the answer is absolutely not, Coutinho is decimating opponents, I just finished a match where i played Real Madrid in the Champions League...The match finished 4-2 and Coutinho had 1 assist and 1 goal with a 9.00 rating.
  10. One thing that I always look for, is if my players are getting closed down quickly and being dispossessed, I look to use a higher tempo so I can take advantage of the space being created by my opponents eagerness to close down. On the flipside, if I'm not being closed down but keep misplacing passes I'll lower tempo. Another scenario of when to lower tempo is when my players' mental state is nervous, lower tempo can slow the game down mentally (and literally) for them and calm them down.
  11. I've had my most successful FM this year (3 straight PL championships and 2 straight champions league cups) and I've done it with the following tactic: 4-1-2-2-1 Control/Very Fluid With small adjustments to shouts based on what I saw on the pitch GK: Sweeper Keeper-D FBL: CWB-A CD: CD-D CD: CD-D FBR: WB-S DM: DM-D LCM: CM-A RCM: CM-S AML: IF-S AMR: W-A ST: CF-S My other tactic which I used to mix it up is: 4-1-2-1-2 Narrow Diamond Counter(when away from home)/Control(when at home or favorites) Very Fluid Retain Possession on Control; no shouts on Counter Both strategies require watching the game and making 1 or 2 adjustments based on what i see ingame. GK: SK-D (when using control); GK-D (when using counter) FBL: CWB-A (when using control); FB-A (when countering) LCD: CD-D RCD: CD-D FBR: WB-S (when using control); FB-S (when countering) DM: DM-D LCM: CM-S RCM: CM-S AMC: AM-A or AM-S depending on the players in the lineup STR: CF-S STL: AF-A (or CF-A, depending on which player is playing in this role) Overall very happy with my setup and can't wait for FM15!
  12. I just read your post and it most certainly has nothing to do with the graphics. I do this type of work for a living and if chkdsk is resolving issues for you it could only be a couple different culprits: 1) Bad partition table (which chkdsk will resolve, however if you have to keep running chkdsk then you have a bad HDD) 2) Bad HDD 3) Bad port on the mobo/bad Sata cable (very rare) If your drive is 7 years old, I would be very cautious (good idea on doing a backup) because that is an old platter disc drive. If you went and downloaded HDTune, good freeware utility, and then ran the full hard drive block scan (not the quick scan) it will find errors guaranteed. Not trying to be rude, just trying to stop the spread of misinformation.
  13. I love the idea of this, but I've noticed on my desktop, 1920x1080 resolution, 24 in. monitor the pitches look very pixelated. Is there anything I can do to fix that? Thank you for taking the time to make this for the community!
  14. Was wondering if any of the skinning pros would know how to add this in? I've found that a few of the custom skins out there do not have the button to access the editor. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!
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