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  1. Right, so I was going to do this big post after my season in France but I didn't quite get that far. Given a month to turn results around by the board (lost 4 on the trot and slipped into relegation zone) I was sacked two games later. I'm gonna give this another go. This time though I think I'll head to Portugal. I'll edit this later with manager info etc..
  2. Good luck to everyone who's started, I'll have a read through all the updates soon. 8 games into my season and just about keeping my head above the surface. Got some talented players in the squad but the youth is awful. I'll write an update tomorrow in some proper detail.
  3. Think I'll give this a go after missing it last year. Loaded up the French leagues. I'll let you know the French reload date. Edit: French reload date is June 20th. So holiday to the 19th.
  4. Hi all, I've started this up a while ago. Picked Sporting da Praia (Cape Verde) and am close to finishing my 2nd season. No promotions yet but a strong squad now after turning professional earlier this season. I will post some updates once I've completed this season.
  5. Shouldn't too much. It'll probably just mean you may get some English Youth in the Intakes which isn't a bad thing it just means there will be less Sammarinese prospects.
  6. You need to load all the players of SM nationality in order for the NT to be available.
  7. A common nightmare. I've recently got the NT job and I have a great dual nationality prospect but he is refusing a call up. I going to keep bugging him until he finally caves.
  8. No it's up to you to decide what level you want as that varies the difficulty, although it is highly recommended just to put it to Automatic.
  9. Haha! No problem if you prefer it, you'll probably get better Youth quicker than us but it'll take longer. Good luck if you're going for it. Oh and amazing YP, is he dual nationality though?
  10. From past experience. That's why if you hire say a Nigerian only coaching staff then your Intake will contain a few Nigerians. Deadfncat - Solid season. You've got some very good SM youths, could be really big players for the NT over the next few years.
  11. Mixture depending on how many Sammarinese coaches you have etc. My last intake was a mixture of both.
  12. I'm allowing it The SM FA have such low expectations that the manager tends not to get sacked, I've never seen what happens if he gets too old so I have no idea if it'll work or not.
  13. It's not possible so isn't an option unfortunately. Also you don't have to wait for the current manager to retire you can add a manager to take the NT role then retire him and apply yourself.
  14. Get a young core and build around them. Also get rid of excess quick as their wages start to add up and finances are tough to keep at a decent level. And are you talking about the codes?
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