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  1. Fixed Attributes mate. Looks a good player.
  2. Just downloaded this and must admit, enjoying playing as East Kilbride! haha Just been interviewed by a paper from Milan though??!!!
  3. Guys don't use the forum a lot so apologies if been asked before... Anyway how do I get rid of Hearts points deduction, editing for next season. Cheers in advance!
  4. Sorry never read this properly and now in tech help.
  5. Hi, I have installed the game and when I go to play through steam it pops up saying installation 1% complete, then after a minute or so it stops and says Steam servers to busy error code 55. any help?
  6. Guys, Trying to install the game, I have the disk and when I go to play through steam it pops up with 1% installation complete bar, it doesnt move then after 2 minutes it closes down and gives me an error code (55) Can anyone help, I would be eternally grateful!
  7. Ive just signed him as a backup for my Arsenal team. Looks good!
  8. Started playing it on the Amiga back in 93 I think. Hooked ever since!
  9. Morning All, Was wondering if the proposed new scottish setup, would be possible to replicate in FM13? If you are not familiar, 2 leagues of 12 splitting in to 3 league after 22 games in which 3 leagues of 8 would be created. Top 8 - Battle for Championship & European places. Middle 8 - Battle for Promotion / Relegation. Bottom 8 - Relgation to 3rd Teir. Any help appreciated.
  10. Sone Aluko - Released from Aberdeen Ross Perry still plays with Rangers mate and think needs improving as first team player now Morten Rasmussen has joined Turkish side Svasspor on a short-term loan
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