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  1. Would be the Owls but my recent forays into lower leagues have reaped greater rewards and thus I'll be choosing my most local BSN side, Gainsborough Trinity.
  2. Hence the availability of a toggle to adapt how much historical data would be stored. And player attributes, pictures and non-pertinent information can all be discarded to save up on disk space. Also it could use the parameters of using only a particular nation and only for five years after retirement. Essentially it's that first season after retirement where you're most likely to come across mention of a player and want to click through their history.
  3. I was not aware of the in-game screen shot facility. Woe betide me. Thanks for all of the suggestions!
  4. The problem there is the need to close down FM each time a snap is taken. I'd like to be able to take a dozen or so and then go into an image editor and do the edits, resizes or whatever else is required.
  5. What software do you guys use for snapping portions of the game screen on FM? Is SnagIt the best option? I'm looking for a piece of software which will allow me to only snap a portion of the screen, selected by a rectangular marquee tool or similar. If it was able to automatically snap a certain portion of the screen (say the match screen) only when commanded by a certain button, even better. Am I dreaming here?
  6. I'd definitely say you'd need to achieve a heck of a lot more than that. Sir Alex is undoubtedly a legend at Manchester United having one three times more Premier League titles yet he is certainly a long way off having Old Trafford, or even a stand, named after him.
  7. Stats. Stats. Stats. The more the merrier. And historical stats. I want to look back after 20 years and see what's happened everywhere in every season.
  8. Not sure I see the reasoning behind this suggestion. It's such an ancillary, and unnecessary, addition to the game. As Menion said, it wouldn't affect your purchasing power and, as Neil said, the rates would never be true-to-life anyway. It'd entail SI second-guessing the forex market and I daresay if they could do that accurately, they'd have given up programming computer games some years ago.
  9. If there's a quick Level 8 addition, I'll be starting as Sheffield F.C. If there's a quick Level 10 addition, it'll be Hallam F.C. If neither, it'll be a random BSN/BSS side which I'll use as a springboard until I get my ideal job as manager at Sheffield Wednesday but that's one I've got to earn. Either way, there'll be Premiership visitors to the Steel City by 2020.
  10. Is there any talk of SI introducing legacy statistics into the game - those being the statistics and probably a visible player profile for players long-since retired? I'm sure I'm not alone in enjoying 20+ year games when many of our favourite players have retired and we've no record of their careers besides an entry in the club's record books. I sometimes miss players' retirements having not kept track of their careers and I'd enjoy being able to go back and see how their career panned out, where they ended up spending their playing days and whether or not they achieved greatness. I suspect it's implementation would be best as a regular player profile (probably sans photo, season stats, transfer status et al., including solely his club history and seasonal performances). I understand the memory implications such a move would have so would it not be feasible to have this as an in-game option (Remember All, Remember [Nation] or Remember [Club]). Possibly even an option which kept the records solely of players who had enjoyed a tenure under your stewardship. I remember muted talk of such a feature several years ago and I can't help but feel it'd be one of those relatively minor additions which goes a long way to further immersing the manager in the virtual world.
  11. Much appreciated, cheers. It's a 1GB Nvidia GTX 460 so should handle FM's relatively modest graphics absolutely fine. Looking forward to, at last, having the desktop real estate to enjoy FM at the same time as using my PC!
  12. T'riffic responses, cheers lads. Hopefully 2012 will bring in 64-bit support as it'd be a shame to waste 8GB of RAM on not processing FM data! Anyone with any experience of running in in windowed mode (as I'll be setting it up on a dual monitor setup). I'm expecting a performance hit but hoping the 3D match will still be usable.
  13. What would it take to run such a setup? I'm thinking going down to the bottom rung of English football and then having the top two divisions from Spain, Italy and Germany. Or alternatively using one of the edited databases to bring English football down to Tier 10. What sort of machine would I need to run that? Would an i5-2500K with 8GB of RAM do the job sufficiently?
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