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  1. Hi, quick question as I am also thinking about thinking about starting a game with FC United. What would be the game setup you use? I mean database size and leagues selected. Thanks!
  2. Hi a few comments on the training... In the training screen for each player: 1) By selecting additional focus, it does not seem to highlight which player attributes each focus enhances. (I think this was the case in fm15) 2) By clicking on the help ''?'' on that screen it states that I can also see the % of time taken up by each players different assignments. Where can I see that? 3) In the ''?'' again it still refers on focus intensity which I understand has been removed 4) Under Individual training workload this does not seem to change as I add further focus on the player. In fm 15 as made changes you could see how the player would have suffered
  3. Yea I also noticed that during the match, if you select instructions, the screen is blurred out but the game continues to run ...soo you can't really see what is happening. Honestly really bad idea.
  4. One main complain. The blurring out of the screen looks terrible, really really bad. Other than that, haven't played that much but the match engine looks amazing.
  5. FM16 - best prices

    Any idea why the beta version (2 weeks early) through cd keys is only available for PC and not for Mac? Is there really a different version or they just forgot to include it works with mac as well. At helpdesk they mentioned that they cannot guarantee it will work with mac.
  6. Quick question. Not sure where to post this since not sure if it is a bug or the game play overall. is there a reason why FM cannot remember the sorting of players. For example in team screen I would sort by best best position for example. As soon as I click on a player and then return to team screen the sorting is gone. I find this extremely frustrating. This also happens on scouting screen where you browse players. Furthermore the scrolling on that screen is a mess. It get's stuck all the time. I play FM15 on a MAC. Is it the computer or other ppl exhibit this as well? Btw, I did not have this issue with previous versions i think.
  7. Really frustrating. Did something tweak in the defending? Prepatch, I hardly conceded goals and was almost unbeatable. After patch everything has gone to hell.
  8. Question about Squad Filter sidebar

    HI, Anybody managed to find a way to always keep open the squad filter sidebar in the squad screen?? I know there is the lock button, but as soon as you open another screen, again it disappears. It is really frustrating, and I really don't see the point of being like that.
  9. Strugling with Tactics

    Thanks man for all the tips. Will try and report back!
  10. Hi Guys!! Ok so I started a game with ManUtd and I am trying to create a reasonable tactic to play with, during the friendlies. I have really struggled, and the best I came up with is shown below. I would appreciate any comments, inputs. GK - Defend FB -S / CD -D / CD-D / CWB DM-S BtB Roaming Pl Winger-A WTM-A False Nine Team instructions Attacking / Fluid Offside trap/Shorter passing/pass into space/Higher tempo My main concern is that when watching my games, the players seem always indecisive...whenever they have space to run and cross they always seem to take a bit longer and are closed down (and talking about DiMaria and Valencia, both speedy and good dribble). On the other hand the AI seems to be so fast in crossing, passing and whatnot. During my first friendly I played against Fluminese, they demolished me. I replayed them 10 times thinking the problem laid with my tactic, so tried to tweak it. So I am also wondering if the fact that is early in the season and that i have started as a Sunday League footballer with no badges, maybe is also to blame for the players playing like sh**. Or maybe is the new match engine. Any opinion on this???
  11. Hi guys, maybe someone can solve this for me. What's best for the development a player? a) loaning him out to a CFA league team (4th division france) or even a National league team (3rd division) or b) retaining him in my reserves squad for Monaco. (Reserves team already plays in that division) and also can benefit from better facilities. Reason I am asking, is that coaches keep insisting I loan players, but I don't see how that would benefit a player Thanks in advance for any help
  12. And why have the passes become soooo sloww?? I hold my breath everytime one of my player passes until it reaches its target
  13. As the title suggests, I was just wondering if I could choose to play under a different patch. Or is it the only way to re-install the game?
  14. My 2 cents... i played as chelsea, a formation 4-2-3-1. My right winger which was set as normal used to receive many through balls from midfielders as he stayed wide enough, to run into space. Now all he does is try to dribble by cutting inside and shoots with the outside of his right foot. I found that the shots are horrible, and the speed of the players is really slow. Like others mentioned, there is no creativity from midfielders, as they attempt no through balls. For me the new patch seems much worst than the latter one Thanks