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  1. You´re front three looks isolated, because of the attacking mentality. They´re all running forward, so who is linking up the play?
  2. How to defend crosses? I have tried many things, but nothing seems to work. I have conceded 9 goals from crosses in last 9 games. Last game I was completely in control, leading 0-2, and opponent won 3-2, scoring their every goal from cross. This is driving me crazy!
  3. Name: Mehdi Khalis Age: 22 Position(s): D C Ideal Role/Duty: D C Current Club: Free agent Country: Morocco/France Work Permit: Don´t need one Transfer Fee: Free Club & League Signed For: Southend (L2) Big and strong central defender for lower league teams. Wants something around £600-700 per week.
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