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  1. It's a hard question, I liked all of them, but if I had to chose one, it's FM13. Not played much FM15, FM17 and FM18 and I think the most bugged one was FM08. FM19 is a superb iteration in the series.
  2. Came here to share how Albion Rovers ended the 1st season... I'm so proud! Started 2019 with 4 victories, 2 draws and 12 defeats, so you can see how hard we improved. I saw a couple of games on comprehensive mode and in 2D to see more clearly how my players moved on the pitch and how could I improve my tactics for that particular game. It was an excellent exercise and certainly made me a better player. This is my GK, just to you get an idea of how bad my team is: And the Gods of FM gave my this regen, which I believe that will be a great BtB: Now it's time to scout a couple of players and hopefully make it to the Playoffs next season. Again, thank you for your thoughts, that certainly helped my a lot.
  3. I also believe that "exploit" tactics are super important to help developing more "true to real life" tactics, because they point out major issues and things that are absolutely impossible to recreate in real life. I see them as a great QA resource, actually.
  4. I believe that everything have some effect, even if it is a minor effect. It could be enough to finish the league with 82 points instead of 80, and be champion instead of 2nd. I just don't believe that mental games, press conferences, team talks, etc have even 1/4 effect that tactics have, just like in real life.
  5. Your assistant manager actually want you to lower your LoE one notch. When he says like "I think you should play with a high defensive line" doesn't mean you have to push your defensive line higher but to put your defensive line one notch under the highest option. It is a semantic problem that SI should look out for.
  6. Yeah, sorry for that, in Portugal we just call them "Médio" or "Médio Centro", hence the "M" only. I thought you was suggesting the removal of BBM in favour of Mezalla.
  7. M(S) is a simple central midfielder on support duty. Regarding the striker, I have to pick a Poacher, it's the only role where I have multiple "good" options. Also, nice insights from both of you regarding BTB and Mezalla. I'm feeling more confident as the discussion goes on, let's see how Albion Rovers finish the season. I'll share with you the final standings and some thoughts about the updated tactics. Thank you for your time!
  8. You're right, after some more analysis of my games with these changes (3 victories and 1 draw btw, which is awesome), I realised that my IW on a support duty stays very close to my BWMd, and thus I was lacking depth on the left. Eventually he started to play better as a IWa, so now I reverted the winger role to support and things seem so much balanced. Regarding a backup 4-1-2-2-1, what about this? P(A) IF(A) W(S) CM(s) BBM(S) A(D) WB(S) NCB(Co) CB(D) FB(S) Same instructions used on my new 4-4-2, just removing "More Urgent" pressure and Get Stuck In, as I feel its actually better for my side. I've not tested that yet, just to know if I actually understanded correctly the balance of roles/duties and how can I apply them to my team. EDIT: Changed the M(s) to CM(s) to avoid confusion with Mezalla.
  9. I'm using this now: And this is my games so far: First green line is when I gave up on my pressing forward and tried a double poacher. As you can see, 4 victories in 5 games but then 11 games in a row without any win. The second green line represents the moment when I made some switches on my 4-4-2 mostly based on your advices. Against Peterhead I also removed Get Stuck In and Urgent Pressing, they are one of the best teams on my league. I'm still dealing with my wide midfielders roles, my IW was unable to be relevant on both games so on the 2nd half against Peterhead I changed him from IWa to IWs, and used McLear as a Wa instead of Ws. They both improved but this needs to be supervised more carefully in the next games. Peterhead scored on a penalty. On both games I played better and defensively my side was much more stable. I went with Positive mentality. As you can see on my 2nd post, my team is not only the worst by a tiny margin, is the worst by far! So, anything but 10th place is an overachievement. Let's see how it goes throughout the season. Again thank you both for your help!
  10. Thank you @Experienced Defender, I'll definitely look out for your advices. That 4-4-2 looks good, I just don't believe that a DLP will do wonders on my team since I'm not looking for a possession type of game neither I have a good MC to that role in particular, but like you said, it's not to use that roles in particular but more to have an insight Will give feedback later.
  11. Some nice thoughts @VinceLombardi, thank you. I think that might work on a 4-1-2-2-1, but in that case I'm not sure if I should give a chance to a more wide play style, it seems contradictory. For that to work, I'm thinking in something like this: P(A) IF(A) W(S) Mez(A) BBM(S) DM(s) WB(D) CB(D) CB(D) FB (S) I have two midfielders who can actually play as a Mezalla, so I will try to take advantage of that. This way I have different ways to create chances to score and at the same time adding some defensive stability by adding a defensive midfielder plus a more cautious wingback.
  12. I think I know one more thing that theoretically can work: wing play. Honestly I don't see anything I can do different besides give my team more width to play. More crosses for the back of defense can be a nice thing to exploit. Will try later today, after some proper analysis of my previous games.
  13. Had 4 victories in 5 matches with two poachers, climbing to the 5th place, but now I'm on a run of 10 games without any win and only 2 draws...My team concedes a lot, even when I switch my DL to normal. Seem like the teams already adapted to my style of play, which is very static since I can only rely on two or three stats. Now I'm 9th again, one place above relegation. I'm in January now, tried to get a striker with strenght to switch to a more hoofball style, but no success. Time to review all this games and try to get a pattern where I can work on. Any suggestion? Thank you!
  14. Going one dimensional on the front is doing wonders for me! More CCC's, more on target shots and now my 2nd striker is much more involved. Let's see how it goes throughout the season, but the beggining is promising.
  15. Bold: mostly lack of involment, but I must admit my strikers are nearly equal, they all fit the Poacher role with more or less effort. Gallagher is the player who fits more well the PF role, althought he don't have good antecipation stats (only 4). Also, it is wise to use "Pass Into Space", since the Off the Ball attribute is the worst of my league? Or there is no connection at all with these stat? I thik this might help to get an overall picture of my team. Of course I'm not expecting to do wonders in this league, and 7th or 8th place will be very good until I can get more useful players. Currently in 9th. And thank you for your response, I'll pick some of your advices.
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