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  1. Interesting challenge, im looking forward playing this team too, but do you have a link of the dataase update for Serie D or below ? thx :D
  2. As you can see, many updates aren't working is that an effect of the 18.3.3 ?
  3. Why does the european cup matchs doesn't show on your screen ^^ ?
  4. +3 Consistency +2 Imp Matches for Coumans plox ;D He did a very great season, and i hope that he will get his place in luxembourg team instead of Steichen, maybe next time in player of quarter i'm gonne steal him 5 CA
  5. What is the price for luxembourg third place ? plz Anyway for award bonuses i Choose +2 Imp Matches for Coumans and his beautiful season in Bundesliga with 10 goals !!!! just awesome ^^
  6. Oh Yeah, 5 goals in Bundesliga and 2 PoM, so good, and player of te month, hes going to break some goalkeepers, to go forward, i choose the +5CA for him more more matches !!!!
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