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  1. Thanks herne79. I didn't know that and will be removing the PI. Yes 13-14 team was also an amazing team but this one was definitely my favourite. Would have been to easy a challenge as I would dominate the portuguese league. I wanted a team that would put me into different situations to test my ability to read whats happening in a game and react to it tactically. Which is why i went for Nottingham Forest. I hope to post another update today analysing my first couple of competitive games.
  2. Yeah I agree with your comment. He was definitely an enganche. One of the last true #10 maestro's. Hand picked by another #10 maestro Rui Costa to succeed him at Benfica. I wasn't sure if the enganche and a true 4-1-2-1-2 would actually work, so i opted for a deeper midfielder. Might try the enganche and see how it goes
  3. Thanks Phillybear: I plan to change the left sided players to Wing Back Support or Defend and Mezalla Attack in those scenarios.
  4. This is my first proper game of FM18. I have been playing around with FM18 but not started a serious save yet since I bought it. I missed FM17 completely so quite a few new features that I will need to get used to. The purpose of this thread will be to; To develop my own tactical system Analyse games to see what is going well and what is going wrong Get assistance from the FM community to improve my tactic and hopefully at the same time help others out who are starting their own saves. Team The team I have selected for my career save is Nottingham Forrest. A club with
  5. Hi Herne, I'd like to enter the competition. Can you please provide me with a tactic to use.
  6. I'm currently managing South Africa and have managed to qualify for the world cup in 2022 on FM16. Had a really good qualifying campaign where we defeated Ivory Coast twice. Looking forward to my first ever world cup.
  7. Game: FM16 Type of game: Any Age: 32 Timezone: GMT +10 Play times: Mon - Fri 8pm - 11pm Sat-Sun: Anytime if scheduled and free Steam: The Hack
  8. I would remove retain posession and replace it with work ball into box. This would encourage your players to play slightly more direct at times which should hopefully bypass the opposition press.
  9. Really interested in your career as I've also recently started a game with Bristol City. Must admit, you're off to a blinder. Better than what I've been able to achieve.
  10. Over easter I intend to update this thread with information on how I have dealt with the demands of Premier League football and being the underdog in most matches. Since my last post, my team has significantly changed and this has required a slight change of tactics and the way I approach each game. I have had considerable success in establishing my team within the Premier League and Cleon has had significant influence in the evolution of my tactic with his recent thread on defensive mentalities and stability. If there is anything specific people are looking for me to post here is the opport
  11. So this pre-season has been interesting. Have added some more quality to the team overall. Notable inclusions; - Albin Ekdal - Jordon Mutch - Younousse Sankhare - Aymen Abdennour - Erick Torres Notable Exits - Jay Rodriguez (Never fit in, left on a free) - Eunan O'Kane (Wanted to leave, left on a free) - Sam Byram (8.5m, wanted to leave) - Adrien Rabiot (19.75m to Juventus) - Luke James (10.5m to Stoke) - Zakaria Bakkali (6.75m to Valencia) - John Fleck (750k to Derby) Overall the club has made a profit in transfer dealings this window and is looking pretty healthy financially.
  12. I am currently playing a game with Peterborough and I have a fairly strong nucleus of british talent. GK: J.Butland, J.Steer DL: L.Garbutt DR: S.Byram DC: J.Tomkins, K.Bartley DMC: T.Adeyemi MC: Delle Alli MC: J.Mutch AML: Lewis Milne (Scottish) AMR: Zach Clough SC: Luke James (surprisingly bangs them in), Danny Ings
  13. Haven't updated this thread in a while, but thought I would post an update of where I am at. Am now in my 5th season and managed to stay up in my first season in EPL. Luke James is still my top goalscorer and still scores in the premier league (double figures in the league). After a season of consolidation in the premier league, I am looking to secure a mid table finish this season. Players haven't changed much from my previous post (due to lack of funds), although I have added a few quality english youngsters. Notable signings; - Delle Ali - Sam Byram - John Guidetti - Matt Ritchie -
  14. As an update, ended up clinching automatic promotion as Champions of League 1. 2nd Season also completed and narrowly missed the play offs (goal difference) in my first season in the Championship. I'll post a more comprehensive update later tonight, but believe I have one of the best teams in the league after a great recruitment drive this year. Current squad is; GK: Jed Steer, Ben Amos, Metaj Delac DL: Luke Garbutt, Scott Malone DR: Sam Hutchinson, Michael Harriman DC: James Tomkins, Dedryck Boyata, Kyle Bartley, Jack Baldwin DMC: Darren Fletcher, Kane Ferdinand MC: John Fleck, Eunan
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