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  1. FMO - Clan Advertiser Thread

    I'm in and looking forward to it!
  2. Hi Herne, I'd like to enter the competition. Can you please provide me with a tactic to use.
  3. I'm currently managing South Africa and have managed to qualify for the world cup in 2022 on FM16. Had a really good qualifying campaign where we defeated Ivory Coast twice. Looking forward to my first ever world cup.
  4. sorry to revive the thread but are all these aussies still around? I've been playing Football Manager since CM 98/99. An am an Aussie myself. Have been playing FM Online for quite a while and always interested to meet more people playing in a similar timezone.
  5. FMO Available players thread

    Game: FM16 Type of game: Any Age: 32 Timezone: GMT +10 Play times: Mon - Fri 8pm - 11pm Sat-Sun: Anytime if scheduled and free Steam: The Hack
  6. I would remove retain posession and replace it with work ball into box. This would encourage your players to play slightly more direct at times which should hopefully bypass the opposition press.
  7. Really interested in your career as I've also recently started a game with Bristol City. Must admit, you're off to a blinder. Better than what I've been able to achieve.
  8. Over easter I intend to update this thread with information on how I have dealt with the demands of Premier League football and being the underdog in most matches. Since my last post, my team has significantly changed and this has required a slight change of tactics and the way I approach each game. I have had considerable success in establishing my team within the Premier League and Cleon has had significant influence in the evolution of my tactic with his recent thread on defensive mentalities and stability. If there is anything specific people are looking for me to post here is the opportunity to request it. I look forward to contributing further to my thread to assist people in understanding how I have built a team, overcome underdog status, and survived within the premier league.
  9. So this pre-season has been interesting. Have added some more quality to the team overall. Notable inclusions; - Albin Ekdal - Jordon Mutch - Younousse Sankhare - Aymen Abdennour - Erick Torres Notable Exits - Jay Rodriguez (Never fit in, left on a free) - Eunan O'Kane (Wanted to leave, left on a free) - Sam Byram (8.5m, wanted to leave) - Adrien Rabiot (19.75m to Juventus) - Luke James (10.5m to Stoke) - Zakaria Bakkali (6.75m to Valencia) - John Fleck (750k to Derby) Overall the club has made a profit in transfer dealings this window and is looking pretty healthy financially. Can't wait to see what this season holds for us. So far 3 games in, and unbeaten (3 wins out of 3). Got Man City and Liverpool next though, so might be in a different position in a couple of games.
  10. I am currently playing a game with Peterborough and I have a fairly strong nucleus of british talent. GK: J.Butland, J.Steer DL: L.Garbutt DR: S.Byram DC: J.Tomkins, K.Bartley DMC: T.Adeyemi MC: Delle Alli MC: J.Mutch AML: Lewis Milne (Scottish) AMR: Zach Clough SC: Luke James (surprisingly bangs them in), Danny Ings
  11. Haven't updated this thread in a while, but thought I would post an update of where I am at. Am now in my 5th season and managed to stay up in my first season in EPL. Luke James is still my top goalscorer and still scores in the premier league (double figures in the league). After a season of consolidation in the premier league, I am looking to secure a mid table finish this season. Players haven't changed much from my previous post (due to lack of funds), although I have added a few quality english youngsters. Notable signings; - Delle Ali - Sam Byram - John Guidetti - Matt Ritchie - Zac Clough
  12. As an update, ended up clinching automatic promotion as Champions of League 1. 2nd Season also completed and narrowly missed the play offs (goal difference) in my first season in the Championship. I'll post a more comprehensive update later tonight, but believe I have one of the best teams in the league after a great recruitment drive this year. Current squad is; GK: Jed Steer, Ben Amos, Metaj Delac DL: Luke Garbutt, Scott Malone DR: Sam Hutchinson, Michael Harriman DC: James Tomkins, Dedryck Boyata, Kyle Bartley, Jack Baldwin DMC: Darren Fletcher, Kane Ferdinand MC: John Fleck, Eunan O'Kane, Tom Adeyemi, Daniel Johnson, Thomas Reilly AML: Tom Lawrence, Lewis Milne AMR: Jon Taylor (Trying to sign either Scott Sinclair on a free or, Zac Clough) SC: Luke James, Gary Hooper, Will Keane Hoping to push for promotion this year, although the board seem happy with a mid table position.
  13. Apologies for the lack of updates guys. Definitely not from a lack of wanting. Work has started again this week, and I'm off on holidays as of tomorrow. Hopefully on my return next Monday I have some more time to analyse a few more games. As a short update, promoted to the Championship as Champions. Struggling to replicate last seasons form. Quite a few decent signings, so I was hoping results would be better. You're right Costa did play as the enforcer, and Carvalho was the cover in some cases. Although this depended on the opposition's strikers. Wasn't always the case every game. But I agree that more often than not Costa was the stopper. I am struggling to break down sides at the moment. Quite a frustrating 2nd season. When I have more time I hope to analyse more games and get to the bottom of my struggles. I am starting to agree, but also trying to stay true to the formation I've developed. Like every good manager though, I need to adapt.
  14. Team's mentality is counter yes. I'm also surprised at how many goals I have scored. I am not yet happy with the defensive solidity of the team. Would rather concede less goals. I have also noticed that when I am the overwhelming favourites my system sometimes struggles compared to when I play larger teams.
  15. Match Analysis: Peterborough vs Hull City 1-0 FT I wanted to start my latest post with one of my big victories over premier league team Hull City. Initially when I drew Hull City I saw this as an opportunity to test my tactic against a team with a much higher quality of players. As such, I knew I needed to focus my players on the task at hand and required the squad to play a no thrills, no fuss game and hope we could pinch a goal. As stated in my last post, I had already made some changes to my tactics which I won’t speak about here. The only change I made was to “Be more disciplined” The plan was to view the first 15-20mins of the game, and see how my team was playing against an opponent of much higher quality. 00:20 First play of the game straight from the kick off. My team passes the ball around very neatly until the ball gets to Aimar. Aimar with players making runs around him has 3 good passing options. He opts to go to Harriman (on the bottom of the screen) but unfortunately Harriman doesn’t think quickly enough and the couple of extra touches means he has pressure and has to pull the ball back to midfield. Really positive signs that give me early confidence we can at least make Hull work for it today. 03:27 Some sweet passing between my team. 1. Corry to McClean (Red) 2. McClean to James (Yellow) 3. James to Aimar (Black) 4. Aimar to Fleck (Blue) Fleck then goes past his man and has a shot at goal which does not go far wide. Once again, great offensive play by my team and I am really pleased with how we have entered the game. 07:24 The first Hull attack we are forced to deal with. Lets take a look at my teams defensive positioning. From the throw in, everyone is in position and very compact. There is limited space to work with between midfield and defence. My DMC (Circled) is also just sitting in front of the defence waiting to close down opponents who drop into the hole in front of him. Very happy with how my team is set up defensively from this screenshot. Gaston Ramirez then holds up the ball under pressure of 2 of my players, and Quinn offers support and receives a short pass. Which leads me into my next play. My team is so narrow and compact that their marauding left back has sneaked in behind my Raumdeuter and has a lot of place to receive a pass and time a cross. Luckily for me, Clark hits the cross first time when he had a lot more time. Will need to monitor this, although against much higher quality opposition I am expecting them to have chances, so not I am not too concerned. My keeper taps it over the bar for a corner. 24:11 Hull totally outplay us here. My team maintains shape well, but Hull are patient and play about 20 odd passes across the back line and midfield until they get it to Ben Arfa. At this stage, my players are performing exactly as they need to be. My DL (Black) has gone off to press Ben Arfa. My DCL (Red) is providing cover for my DL. And both my DCR (Blue) is moving into the DCL’s position, with my DR (Yellow) moving into the DCR’s position. This is text book defending and how a team should be positioned if this was to occur. I’ve also got my Wide Midfielder (WM) running towards the back of the DL (to provide a 2nd cover) and my Anchor Man lurking awaiting what will happen next. Unfortunately for me, Ben Arfa utilises the runs of both his forwards to cut inside. His explosive pace and dribbling takes him past both my WM and DL and he then strikes the ball sweetly but on the wrong side of the post. Nothing I can do differently here, just a brilliant piece of skill from Ben Arfa. 31:27 I won’t post a screenshot here, but Hull once again played it to Ben Arfa very well, and he cuts inside for a 2nd time in 6mins. Dribble past a couple of players, and shoots another one from outside the area on the wrong side of the post. This now troubles me, as sooner or later he will put one in the net. I have decided to use the player instruction “show onto right foot”. Which should mean my players show him the line not the center of the pitch. The rest of the half and beginning of the 2nd half was very uneventful so nothing to report or analyse. 61:03 Here is a perfect example of a small tweak being extremely effective. Ben Arfa once again receives the ball, this time my players are showing him the line. Ben Arfa sees the space down the line and manages to whip in a cross, but in the 18 yard box its 3 v 2 to my advantage and my team deal with the situation well and put it out for a corner. 71:47 My team creates a great chance, with my Advanced Forward and Raumdeuter linking up perfectly. McClean (SC) receives the ball from Harriman’s (DR) throw and turns towards the goal to begin his run. He then spots the darting run of Mackail-Smith (AMR) who he passes it to. With a drop of the shoulder he is beyond 2 men and almost puts it into the back of the net. Great link up play by my main goal scoring threats. 79:33 (Goal) My defence wins the ball back and passes it to Baldwin (DMC, Anchor Man). He ambitiously lofts a through ball forward to McClean. Paul McShane misjudges the height of the ball and cannot reach the ball for a headed clearance. As such, McClean obliges and has a free run on goal which he puts into the back of the net. 1-0! The game ends pretty uneventfully with the only chance a long range shot from Livermore which my keeper saves to his left. Otherwise I was surprised Hull didn’t cause me more problems once I had the lead. Match Stats Looking at the match stats, you would initially think Hull were unlucky to lose. Having just watched the game the stats were deceiving. They had numerous long shots, and their “clear cut chances” weren't that great. We created 2 clear cut chances, but once resulted in a goal and the other just whipped past the post. I was also fairly impressed that my team out passed Hull and also had a greater pass completion percentage. Great game by the lads, nothing to complain about here against quality opposition. PKM available to download here; http://www.mediafire.com/download/xz9qmx291othq45/Peterborough_v_Hull.pkm