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  1. If you use steam, then should be able to take screenshots with F12.
  2. Do you maybe have something weird going on with your ass man and opposition instructions? Like do you have him set to choose the opposition instructions? Also might be worth checking if any tight marking player instructions might be set too.
  3. I would change the IF's both to support and the DLP to defend on both tactics, and then look to see if penetration in the box is ok, if not, then consider changing one of the IF's to attack, but imo support should be fine on IF's with positive mentality, also consider changing one of the IF's to a IW. Also consider top tactic may aswell just be a 4-1-4-1 and bottom tactic may aswell just be 4-2-3-1. I'm guessing it works fine for you so far, then why the changes?
  4. There's a guide in this thread, in PDF form, about roles and ways to utilise them in your tactics. Taken from the help forums here: https://community.sigames.com/forum/19-tactics-training-strategies-discussion/ As for affiliates, if moneys tight and 27k a year is alot of money for your club, then I would go with that one. Also it should possible to get more than 1 affiliate club, it is for larger clubs anyway. Also if moneys tight, then yeah try and get by with as few coaches/other staff as possible, transfers and quality players should be priority imo, unless you got a guaranteed rich vein of youth coming through. I would try to get the best players you possibly can, generally you want be looking at mental attributes first, then fitness and the technical attributes last, but as you're a lower league club I would be tempted to look at fitness attributes first, then mentals and then technicals last. Check this youtube out channel for a huge wealth of FM knowledge: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWUCWx5HNWSuzwGxwVczGPQ
  5. Fm 20 uninstalled, totally un-enjoyable, infuriating, boring mess of a game. Good riddence. Am I buying Fm 21? No, this was my first time playing an FM in 5 years and it was hardly a good example of what's to come for the game in the future, it's just basically been software bloat now for the last decade.
  6. Well the easiest way would be to put a Half back in the DM position, although he might advance further up the pitch depending on mentality and once you're in the opponents half and attacking round their box, I use it in some of tactics and it's a really good role. As for moving the RB in, you could have the left cb set to move out wide, the right cb to move inwards and the rb on no nonsense full back set to move inwards via player instructions, might be possible.
  7. Im currently managing West ham and Arsenal as 2 different managers, there's nothing been tricky about switching between the 2 not even when they play each other. The newspaper article interviews can be a bit awkward coz you don't know which manager is being interviewed, but you can guess after the first or second question. The only weird thing is when you set the game up, the "add another manager" button on the pop-up menu doesn't work, so you add the first manager normally and then on that teams home page you add the second manager using the top right menu where you save game etc.
  8. Well I would use the "verify integrity of the game files" in your second picture first, then update gpu drivers etc first and if that didn't work contact the support guys here and post a dxdiag if needed. And remove the custom skins. Bug forums here https://community.sigames.com/forum/726-football-manager-2020-bugs-forum/
  9. It depends, at that age they will need quite regular playtime (a few starts here and there and lots of sub appearances), so give him playtime and put him in your first team for better training. If his personality is poor then tutoring and game-time. Also make sure to upgrade coaches and facilities. If he's not good enough for your team, then tutoring with regular sub appearances (use reserve fixtures to keep him match fit) or loan him out.
  10. Spain, Recreativo de Huelva - oldest club in Spain http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recreativo_de_Huelva Italy, Bologna - should be great for youngsters, starts with great facilities http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bologna_F.C._1909 Italy, Catania - same reasons as Bologna http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calcio_Catania
  11. Have you tried just simply dropping your d-line? I will drop the d-line if I notice quick players getting in behind my defence a lot or if the other team are dominating me in my half at any time of the match. If you feel you are strong defensively, then you could try to push-up more and keep them in their own half if feeling confident Also don't make too many changes to your defence from match to match too much (player rotation) and look out for complacent players during the match, the players you bring on as subs may also go complacent straight away too.
  12. Yeah early season is worst for this type of thing, especially for midfielders and players who are going to dribble with the ball a lot. The injuries should reduce once players are at high match fitness.
  13. You should have a rest day after matches. You will be ok to use players at 89% condition and up. If your team has lots of players who play International fixtures and your team has lots of mid-week fixtures, you should look into giving you're squad an extra rest day here and there.
  14. The second most oldest club in London - Leyton Orient http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leyton_Orient_F.C.
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