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  1. 1. Zivkovic 2. Dyabala 3. Balanta 4. Jovic 5. Romero
  2. Signed him in my wolves game and surprisingly he is my 2nd highest goalscorer after 15 games with 8 goals, all of which have come from corners. Beast!!
  3. Tried to sign him in my wolves game as a replacement for the current deadwood we have in the squad but he couldn't get a work permit, I'm hoping to try again in January to see if he qualifies. Top prospect!!
  4. Signed the lad in my wolves game, playing him as an advanced forward on his own up top with 2 wingers supporting him and he's on flames!!
  5. Here's a tip for all of you in your 1st season, check your players contracts and offer new ones to get rid of the promotion wage rise clause!
  6. Started my Wolves save game tonight. Signings included; Wellington Nem for 3.5m from some Brazilian side (can't remember who atm, think it began with an F) Danny Wilson & Jack Robinson on loan from Liverpool Due to Karl Henry breaking his ankle (whilst on international duty for Jamaica!! I know crazy ay it) and Tongo Doumbia out for 6 months with damaged knee ligaments i also brought in David Fox from Norwich and Manny Frimpong on loan. Amongst the outs are Jody Craddock to Leeds for 70k, Steven Mouyokolo to Ipswich for 750k nearly the whole of the development squad on loan I tried to get rid of Edwards, Hunt & Stearman but no body wanted them (can't for the life of me imagine why #deadwood) After 12 games i'm sitting in 5th position with 6 wins out of 6 at the golden palace but 5 defeats and 1 draw away from home, for some reason I just can't seem to sort my form out on the road but this also isn't helped by the fact that I have had a stupid amount of red cards and disallowed goals (must be a bug somewhere). Still on track for promotion. WOLVES AY WE
  7. Thanks mate, im sold...i reckon Tevez will be my 1st signing
  8. I usually start with my beloved Wolverhampton Wanderers but having had a save on FM11 that lasted from the day it was released until last weekend im a little bored of being Wolves. Thinking of starting an Arsenal game to try and dislodge the mighty force that is the 2 Manchester Clubs and Chelsea.. Sorry if this has already been asked but there is 12+ pages to scroll through but what is the transfer and wage kitty like for Arsenal?? PS. Milijas tackle was never a red card
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