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  1. Found the solution, got the board to increase the wage budget to 60k. Would delete the thread but can't see the option to remove so if anyone with the power to do so see's this then i would appreciate if you deleted it.
  2. I've recently started a new save and got offered the job at Swindon Town. After selling Yaser Kasim i was able to build up a budget of 4 million with 18k spare for wages. After rebuilding the defence and midfield structure i am left with 1.8 million for transfers and 13k for wages after budget adjustments. This is were the issue begins, i have attempted to contract negotiate a few players and i am being capped at a max wage of £875 a week despite the healthy financial situation and unless i can find a way around this the save is almost unplayable as the team barely had any attacking players as it was and the remainder have picked up injuries. From the looks of it on the finances screen i am obligated to pay a maximum 45k in wages to all players and can't exceed this limit despite having the funds, is there any way around this or am i just totally screwed
  3. I still cant get a job as a sunday league player reputation no matter what i do. I have tried 3 different new saves since the 14.2.1 patch and so far out of 60 possible jobs throughout the 3 saves i have been offered 1 interview. I couldn't get interviews with bottom of the pile teams from portugal, spain, denmark, korea etc... Here is just a few of the 26 jobs that were available in this save (yes 26) obviously some of them i knew i wouldn't get an interview with anyway but to have an interview rate of 0 out of 26 is laughable, look at the teams shown in the picture, only tigre should be unwilling to even talk to me, the rest are bottom/lower level clubs. All i want to do is start a journeyman save, build up a legacy and have fun on FM but i am finding it literally impossible if you start unemployed.
  4. Very much the same in that way, I plan on restarting up my everton save soon (really struggling to get a consistent tactic and understanding since the patch) and will look to use the past players as coaches for my youth sides. I usually then promote Stubbs to coach as he has 4* defending, bring in watson as he gets 4* in tactical or technical i think cant quite remember and then bring in colin harvey as my chief scout ------------------------------ I would appoint Duncan Feguson u18 manager but if any of you who support everton have seen the recent u18 merseyside derby you will know full well the youngsters certainly know how to put in a "commited" tackle
  5. He was hit and miss for me aswell up till around february and then he started to hit a run of good form, i cant quite remember how i had him set up now as i deleted the tactic since the patches got released, i know he was set to Winger (S) but not sure on specific instructions. -------------------------- Since the patch i have had problems with past saves and ended up looking at other possible new saves to start but none have grasped my attention so i am planning on restarting my everton save now (finally remembered to put the fix in for the germany national squad which was really bugging me every time i started a game and forgot to add the file) Want to try make it a bit different to the last save, change things up a bit and look into different transfers for the first season. Looking at the squad now i had no idea we pay gareth barry £72,000 a week of his wages :O
  6. @Nadessico, nice first season there winning the title, be interesting to see how Rhodes does to replace Lukaku (in a test save i have Rhodes in the championship is on a different level to every other player) @Themightyyak, For about half of the season i didnt really play McCarthy until the training effects kicked in a bit and he started to look a better option than gibson. I have him set up in the role DM (support) and he has made the position his own. His improvement as a player for me is slow, his mental stats are improving and the odd physical stat (mainly strength) have gone up but his technical stats have barely changed at all. I am currently running a few test saves at the moment so taking a break from my Everton save. I am just approaching the first game of the season and had quite a busy transfer window. Lukaku did want to join after i declared interest, the stumbling block was the fact that mourinho turned around and said 75 million and i might listen Main signings i have managed to bring in include; Ter Stegen - 6.5 million Balanta - 6.5 million Casermiro - 1.5 million Gabbiadini - 5 million between juventus and sampdoria Javi Garcia - Loan But with that spending and a few other youngsters it meant i had to sell someone so i decided that for the value i could get for him he was worth selling, that player was Kevin Mirallas who left to join Schalke for 16.5 million. I need to get a replacement for him and then my side will be complete for the season ahead.
  7. I put him on a specific role and got him tutored by Osman to increase some of his mental stats. Considering his starting stats are quite low i considered which role i thought would increase the most stats for him as a midfielder and for me that is a box to box player as they have to have a bit of everything. I haven't done much with his physical stats yet he still has time for them to improve up till he is 20 so getting his technical stats up quick will let me integrate him faster. I will keep him on box to box heavy for the next season then get him to focus specifically on quickness and agility for a season. So far in pre season i have given him starts in both the games and he has been impressive, 2 assists in a 7-2 victory with one of them being one of the best passes i have seen so far.
  8. Season Review 2013/14 League Table - Top Scorer - Top Assists - Awards - Transfers --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well that brings to an end my first season and it has been a fantastic start to my Everton career. Before the season i would have been happy pushing for a europa league spot, but by the end i was almost biting my nails that we would hold on to a top 4 champions league position and thankfully we did securing 3rd place with 1 game remaining. The middle part of the season we were fantastic going 12 games unbeaten but the final 6 games were a nightmare winning 2 and losing 4. I put it down to the fact the balance of the side was gone due to so many injuries to my wide players and eventually having to play Barkley on the right wing. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Player of the Year - Leighton Baines Top Goalscorer - Romelu Lukaku Top Assists - Nico Gaitan Romelu Lukaku and Leighton Baines for me were the star players all season and showed with them both receiving awards at the end of the season for their performances. Notable mentions also have to go to Sylvain Distin and Nico Gaitan who were fantastic throughout. In terms of transfers following pre season a few more left on loan and one player signed in January for a bargain price of £675,000, Thomas Ince. However for me the highlight of the season has to be the growth of some of my younger players, they have rapidly improved including Ryan Ledson who at 16 is currently the England U19 captain and already pushing for a place in my squad. Here is some screenshots of Ledson, Correa, Barkley; Ross Barkley Apps - 32 Goals - 4 Assists - 9 Angel Correa Apps - 19 Goals - 2 Assists - 2 Ryan Ledson Apss - 0 Goals - 0 Assists 0 I can't wait to look to intergrate Correa in a bit more this year and i will look to help Ledson make the step up to the senior side and make the odd cameo here and there, i am considering giving him a strong pre season and then see where he is at before the season starts and either keep developing him or look to get him some regular football on loan. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014/15 Season Plans I have been given a transfer budget of £17 million and with a fair few positions now needing to be filled its going to be an interest couple of months in game. I want lukaku to join full time and he wants to move here (i am on his favored personnel and hes fallen in love with the club and fans) but i can see money being an issue with this deal. The target for the season ahead will again be to make it into europe preferably the champions league again and hopefully have a good run in the carling cup and fa cup, which i did not do this year. Champions League will be interesting and to see how well we can handle the added games but this is going to be a great season ahead and i am really enjoying FM14 so far.
  9. Managed to get him to agree a new contract till 2017 on mine but you will need to make him top earner at the club (deservedly so). It should be the #1 priority when you take over as it doesn't take long before he wants to discuss moving to a bigger club and from what i have heard it doesn't matter what target you set it won't please him
  10. Finally returning to the forums for the first time since just before 13 got released last year. I had to take a year off from FM and stuck with 12 as my laptop just refused to play FM13 and constantly overheated every time i tried, but now i have a new PC and can finally play FM again. Ironically i started my Everton save yesterday and it crashed xD so i have restarted it again today and will try to complete updates on here when i can. Pre Season 2013/14 Squad - Transfers - Results ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Being an Everton fan i already had an idea of what areas i should have been looking to improve but that pretty much went out the window as soon as i started looking at players. I think long term CB is a position we do need but for now Distin and Jagielka can handle this season and Heitinga will do a job if i need him to play. In my original save before the crash i did buy Balanta for 6.5 million but on the new save they refused to go below 10 million and i didn't want to match that valuation. Defensive midfield is also an area i feel i should have improved (same as with balanta i did originally sign fernando to solve that problem) but with playing a few of the pre season friendlies i have the feeling that Barry can hold the midfield together for the first season and his partner will interchange between Gibson and McCarthy and even if desperately necessary Heitinga can at least stand there and try In the end on the transfers in section i went with 2 first team options and 2 young talents for the future. Leandro Damiao for 3.9 million is a steal, although he will be competing with Lukaku first season hes now the viable option for the next 2/3 seasons after this one and at such a small price he is even ideal to be the back up striker in the future. Nico Gaitan i wanted to bring in permanently but i didn't have the funds so i decided in the end that a loan deal is possible and i will go for him. I am not overly impressed by Pienaar so far and at 31 its a good time to get Gaitan on loan and have a season to decide if i want to buy him for the 6.5 million clause i had added into the loan move. Then finally the 2 youngsters, Ronan and Angel Correa i am hoping will have big futures with us. Ronan seems like a good young LB to have and was reasonably cheap, he will be going back to his former club on loan in January so until then he will be involved in cup games and training wise just trying to improve his tackling stat. Angel Correa looks like he could have a fantastic future, 5* potential and all the bases covered for a star attacking midfielder. I will look to use him off the bench when possible and get him game time in the cups. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Results wise pre season went great winning every game and only conceding 3 all pre season (with 1 of them being an absolute howler from Howard) and scoring 19 in just 6 games. Now just have to hope we can take that form in to the league and have a good first season on the new game COYB!!
  11. Hey, i made the swansea thread last year but i wouldnt mind making either Borussia Monchengladbach or Torino this year if either is possible?
  12. Ive decided to restart this now with the newest updates after failing with the youth players so im hoping for a better season however could it possibly get worse just before the season begins to lose your captain in such a way
  13. Are people talking about the weegie update with some of the new signings or the one were you have nobody but youngsters? If we are talking about the one with just youngsters i was sacked in november after only picking up 4 points which was a miracle in my opinion with only the youngsters haha
  14. Im going to giving Pompey a go aswell looks like a really difficult challenge, i just need to edit all the current players out again and then i should have an update on my first season some point tomorrow, hopefully i can end the first season out of minus points xD
  15. Hi everyone Nice to see the swansea save is still getting a good amount of interest. Its been quite a long time since i last posted on here and haven't played much FM recently either, ive got a blackpool save lined up then i will be hoping to finish FM with Swansea. Good luck to everyone managing the swans and i enjoy reading peoples updates
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