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  1. had a 12 day break on game so decided to go on holiday fell asleep when i woke up was in 2020 back to January i go
  2. so i am 5/5 in the league and signed couple decent players Rey Manaj on a free hes on 7k pwk and has a non promotion release clause and high division release clause went all out for him because i needed a striker and weren't any available on loan Toney wouldn't come back so pushed boat out seems to be working. Transfer Outgoings = 500k Transfer Incoming -= 5.95 Million made a nice profit see how it hold up over the course of season
  3. i know which players they were so i will just offer them out again
  4. its put me 2months back so the 5.5 Million i made is now gone
  5. My computer just decided to crash on to boot menu but its working again so ill see where i saved it i just beat arsenal in 3rd round of league cup 😞
  6. just sold two players for a total of 5.5 Million so should make a decent profit this year
  7. yeah i looked at your photos then seen where you found your points. EPLis where the money is
  8. I was just wondering how do you gain HOF points because i am not sure how many i would get ?? A table of the points system for it would be great never mind i have worked it out now i have 66 HOF points As i have already counted 3 points that gives me an Extra 1.575 Million
  9. well yeah but i was doing well i had 1.5 Million in profit but then my board decided we needed new youth facility's and took that 1.5 Million away. but as long as i keep getting promoted fast and earn some premier league money i will be fine 2 seasons in prem then i am out of there
  10. The March To £10 Billion Season 2 My Earnings Finances Squad League Table Profit: 16k Earnings : 53.5k HOF Points Winning League : 25k Fa Trophy : 25k Total for Season: 119.5 Total Earnings : 2.864.000
  11. oh right yeah aha i thought we started on 0 if we spent it all
  12. The March To £10 Billion Season 1 My Profile My Earnings Finances Squad League Table Bank Balance : 98k Earnings : 46.5k Winning League : 25k
  13. first season finished post it up when i wake up. also i was just wondering say i get offered another job from another team can i go to that team with same manager as long as i can buy the club. if so i think there will be a journey man career
  14. i am currently 3rd in league by 2 points & 4th round i fa trophy because i rested my team for the fa cup 5th round replay