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  1. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    Fudge computer died so have to wait till i can buy a new one to play it . Might start a gofund me page for a new laptop to play fm17
  2. New update computer has died so when i get a new one ill start again but on new game
  3. Young kid i got from Croatia who i paid 100k for is now worth£45 Million
  4. top two clubs in chile are only in the 20 million mark so i think ill go there or psv
  5. Should be working now Filip Simic the german kid i got from bayern Also now 9 richest club in the world worth £785Million
  6. I have had a look at a couple of clubs already PSV 77 Million..... had a look at Brazil , Argentina , Chile. one more season in england then i am off wanna win euro super cup and fa cup
  7. Season 6 My Earnings Finances Squad League Cup Final Champions League Cup Final Transfers League Table European Golden Boy HOF Profit: £32,200,000 Earnings : £1 Million This Season's HOF Points: 521 - £13,025,000 Total Earnings : 145.804.000
  8. Season 5 My Earnings Finances Squad Transfers League Table Team Report Profit: £87,750,000 Earnings : 850K This Season's HOF Points: 0 Total Earnings : 99.579.000
  9. any players in your squad who perhaps could be a leading player i just signed Coman from Juve
  10. i am going to be playing this until January thats when i buy the game normally because past 3 years its been 50% off in January. well hopefully should be league champions within 3 seasons and champions league football next season so soon a i have done everything with Gateshead then i am moving on.
  11. almost finished another season and i am 44 Million in profit
  12. i bought the stadium and at the end of year my chairman decided to build a new one at the cost of £14 Million and i did other things such as youth and training facility's and youth coaching etc
  13. just sold my top striker for past two seasons for £25 Million and signed an 19 year old from Bayern for £16 Million who is already better than him