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  1. What is the idea of possession football you want to play? Why you want to play possession football in the first place? There are at least two answers : 1. Your defense sucks, therefore the best defensive strategy is to have the ball. One goal is enough, then pass pass pass to death. 2. You want a strategy that can dominate in their half and creates chances. The two strategies are possession oriented but obviously different in settings. Also, if given Man Utd squad right now, I would play 4-1-2-1-2 as starting formation.
  2. your request is one of the hardest request ever made. For it takes a great mind to expand and make tactics complicated as it is now but... It takes a genius to actually wrap up those complicated tactics in a simple way
  3. ha, should i start doing something about this? I am a math student also btw.
  4. hahaha i am going to stop soon when i start working full time. This game takes too much time
  5. 1. have you tried attacking? I think in the result of the pitch, attacking and control is kinda different beast, as I have similar problems as yours in my early days. Yep, that 'useless' backpasses, at least in this context, where my quality isn't that good and I want to maximize the number of chances available to compensate that. The result is quite different. 2. Have you tried increasing tempo? Perhaps doing a reserve friendly using the tactic and see what it does with maxed tempo? I have also similar problems, I want my players not to take too much risk, but put it forward if there is no risk involved. In my understanding, the former relates to mentality, the latter relates to tempo. About your DLF/A and P/A, i think i'll disagree with furious and agree with you. Leave it like that. edit : well, if you want to change DLF/S, put the AM into IF/A and see if it is better as furious said.
  6. well then, if it is not 'time spent on the ball', and it is time wasting as what you guys says, then i'll set it low. Thanks
  7. is it the thread mentioned in Lam above in the next 20-30 posts or so? If so, I could not find it. Thanks for the suggestion though
  8. If my conjecture is correct, a high tempo and low mentality would be something like this : - If you can get the ball forward, please get it forward (high tempo), as long as it is not risky. - The RFD would actually mean giving risky options to the passer and would not be entertained too much if the team has low mentality.
  9. Thanks guys. Yep, I kinda watch also two full games to know what is happening. From my observation this is the key difference : Time wasting : How long do you want your players to actually decide what to do with the ball? Therefore, if you want a one touch play, low time wasting. If you want every players to take as long time as possible to decide, high time wasting. Then, is it true that for example the PPM 'dwells with ball' actually increases time wasting for that particular player? Tempo : Suppose there are two same risk option, A would be pass forward, B would be pass sideways. The higher the tempo, the more likelihood that A would be chosen. So it's more on vertical urgency. Note that : speed of passing is the result of vertical urgency, so the more you are in the opposition area, the faster you would play in terms of passing speed. Is it true then? Anyone can clarify it?
  10. From what I read over the forums, Tempo Determines the urgency the team plays. Time Wasting Determines the decisional urgency the team plays. But then again, if it is the case, what is the difference between tempo and time wasting? What these two determines exactly? to help me understand, I would consider four cases to ask : 1. What happens if a team plays with high tempo, low time wasting and low mentality? 2. What happens if a team plays with low tempo, high time wasting and high mentality? 3. What happens if a team plays with high tempo and high time wasting? 4. What happens if a team plays with low tempo and low time wasting? I know some of the cases are contradictory, but I would like to know what happens when they are given with so called contradictory instructions, so that I can better setting up how I would like to play. Thanks
  11. I use the statistics, it's kinda hidden. Try copying your view and customizing. You will find incredible results just by looking at each and every single of them. Some of the things you will look at : 1. Tactical Mistakes that you made. This is especially if you don't watch your game, i.e watch in extended. 2. Inferior players. Do you have one? 3. You know your players' characteristic better.
  12. I have some more ideas that will complement well with the expansion of the profile screen, as I believe only an expansion of profile screen would not help much with the problem. Style of play In the editor, there are several style of plays. For example, Wenger would have been known as manager who signs youth players. I would like it to be seen in the profile screen, and also for us. This makes us to be known for our style. For example, I almost always field a reserve team in lower important matches. I would like this to be considered by the media and shown. Manager attributes It is quite funny that in order to see our attributes, we need to use a Genie Scout. Umm... what?? Also, we start all by all 10 rating, while clearly someone like Cleon and late SFraser have better tactical understanding that I have, and I have much better tactical understanding than my 16 year old sister. I think it's better to have the attributes, determined by our actions as a manager. At the start, you may ask some questions, like license for a coaching badge, so that we can start the game with customized attributes. More everyday decisions I know you guys don't like FIFA Manager and the implementation of this kind of thing makes the the football management game like... lame? But on some occassions, like winning FA Cup for league 1 team, we may be asked to host/join the party. Some decisions can be made and it affects our personalities. Or let's say at the end of season, we are invited to the board meeting and asked about 'what do you plan for next season? What kind of players would you like to buy?' Depending on your answers, your transfer budget might be set. If you answers unsatisfactorily, the transfer right might be even transfered by the chairman, and we don't have right at any transfer that season. Well, some of my two cents.
  13. I have questions for you who had already updated to 13.2. Does it worth updating? Here are my considerations. - I am a university student at Singapore, who usually enjoys quite good internet speed. Right now though, I am at my homeland, with around 40-50 KB per second, with a quota and shared internet over my family. So, over my holidays in between a semester, I am at limited internet. - I cannot play that much after my holidays, there are quite some things to finish. Is it worth updating for those who have updated? I skimmed a little bit the changelog but I guess asking you guys who already has experience would be better. Please advise
  14. It may be your OI, if you ask assistant often in your OI, several times he would have closed down certain players, as the result, hole in your defence. Try not to use OI closing down 'always' when you are outnumbered in midfield.
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