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  1. [Everton] (Official) Data Issues

    I assume since we've had the last of the patches that we won't be getting any updates to player injuries? Just started up a save on FMT and McCarthy, Seamus and Besic still have their long term injuries whilst Bolasie is fine, obviously with the FMT cash grab excluding editor use I'm stuck with them which is a bit of a pain after waiting a couple of months to be able to do an Everton save with the updated data.
  2. [Everton] (Official) Data Issues

    Cheers Pete. bananahk - First off, he's got stronger acceleration than pace (he can get up to top speed to reach attackers quickly enough usually but if you ask him to do a Lukaku style sprint down the pitch he'll get caught easily enough), second that was 2 years ago and he's now a 34 year old who's suffered a fair few injuries, he's definitely lost a yard or two in that department recently.
  3. [Everton] (Official) Data Issues

    This is one of the things I came in to mention, don't know if it's possible to have it as a timed clause instead of an endless one in game though. Either way, it's €12m now that he's in his second season. The second thing I wanted to mention is: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/nov/07/farhad-moshiri-back-everton-ronald-koeman-january-transfer-window At the bottom of this article Moshiri says that he's paid off our debts, will this be reflected in game any time soon or will you need to wait until you see official financial accounts released that show the debt is gone?
  4. Just to clarify, will FM Touch 17 for iOS/Android (Not FM Mobile, the ported version of FM Touch that sells for £15) be coming out at the same time as the PC/Mac release?
  5. I've brought Maradona, Cruyff and Socrates to the club so I don't think the fans will be complaining too much.
  6. That's great to hear, look forward to the next update! I didn't realise it had the managerial greats in it too, feel a tad guilty kicking Howard out of the bosses chair in my save now
  7. Downloaded this and it's really well made for such a large undertaking, big well done on that. I must say though there are some very strange picks for Everton. Amokachi, Brian Kidd, Fellaini, Gravesen and Pienaar should be nowhere near that 25 (I'm assuming Stones is just there as a youth prospect or something otherwise the same goes for him). In their place looking at our historical greats you'd really need to be looking at Amokachi and Kidd out for two of Tommy Lawton, Bob Latchford and Graeme Sharp, Fellaini and Gravesen out for Colin Harvey and Peter Reid and Pienaar out for Alex "The Golden Vision" Young, the guy's pretty much a god to older Everton fans. I get that you like to have some recent players in there but with a club like Everton that's won a buttload of trophies in its history but nothing other than a single FA Cup for coming on 30 years it's natural that the vast majority of the players come from our more distant past rather than the last decade. I'm guessing it's too late to make any changes for this version but if you make an FM17 version they're ideas to keep in mind.
  8. Gotta be honest I don't get why people start at a club and then get rid of almost the entire squad in the space of a couple of years, defeats the purpose of managing that particular team when it's completely unrecognisable within 3 seasons.
  9. If you play with a false nine as the forward Zach Clough is perfect for that role
  10. Just be careful about them sneaking transfer release clauses in to the contract
  11. Yeah I just say we can get Champions League with the young players coming through and that pacifies them generally.
  12. If you can get top 4 first year it's fairly easy to keep hold of your players, if they want to leave for CL football tell them to hold on for a year or two because of the talented youngsters coming through, if they say they want more money either offer them a pay rise (Lukaku, Mirallas) or tell them that money isn't everything (works particularly well with Stones, Coleman and Barkley)
  13. I play a 4-2-3-1 with a standard back 4 (FB support + CD defensive), a defensive DLP and a supporting AP in centre mid, then a False 9 with an attacking midfielder behind him and two supporting inside forwards either side, high line of defence with low tempo with an emphasis on keeping the ball. I'll post a screenshot of the squad when I get a chance later but the star performers were Coleman, Barkley and Jags with Kone and Lukaku also putting in decent shifts.
  14. So this just happened.