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  1. FM 17 (IFK Göteborg Sweden)

    Surprise free transfer! Former Italian national player with 39 games for Italy. Antonio Cassano The 34-year-old, joined the team on a free transfer, with just four games into this season, I the manager felt like we needed some reinforcement on the striker side. Sadly we couldn't find anything during the transfer period for seeing how we only have 256k Euro as our transfer budget and nothing worthwhile was that cheap. We are also working on getting Raul Meireles the former Portuguese midfielder on a freetransfer, but he wants a high wage, we are not sure if we can afford it yet. At the moment four games in this season, we are currently in sixth place with 7 points. 2 wins, one draw and a loss against newcomer AFC Eskilstuna who got three losses, but somehow they succeeded in winning against us. We also made it through the CUP and are going to play the final game against AIK. More on that when the date arrives.
  2. FM 17 (IFK Göteborg Sweden)

    Thank you mate!
  3. The journey will start on the season of 2017 early March. I am the new manager of IFK Göteborg former big dog och Sweden. The club founded on 4 October 1904, it is the only organization in the Nordic countries that has won a European competition, as the club won the UEFA Cup in 1987 and 1987. Our main lineup looks like this, with Mads Albaek being our strongest player right now. Hopefully, he will be able to control the midfield for IFK Göteborg this season. We have won 2 cup games so far this season, and the league will start after the next cup game against the Stockholm Team Djurgården.
  4. Where do i find the database editor! Cheers
  5. [FM 15] PSG - Let's Play

    [video=youtube;isDcls4DcnI] [video=youtube;YGDp9Doh9gM]
  6. [FM 15] PSG - Let's Play

    I hope you enjoy watching! [video=youtube;Xnj0zhNBbzQ]
  7. This is my new Football Manager 2014 Let's Play. This time with the english team Charlton. This is were our Journey begins as a manager for this great club. Will we be able to pull them up to the premier league? Well who knows this is at least the start of our journey. FM 2014 - Charlton -The Beginning of a new era! - Episode 1 - Season 1
  8. [Fm 14] AC Milan - Let's Play

    Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5
  9. This will be my AC Milan lets play thread were i will update you guys on how its going for our great team! Will hopefully make 1 video a day some days even more than 1 I hope you enjoy my live commentary as well Episode 1 Episode 2
  10. [Fm 14] AC Milan - Let's Play Video!

  11. [Fm 14] AC Milan - Let's Play Video!

  12. [Fm 14] AC Milan - Let's Play Video!

  13. [Fm 14] AC Milan - Let's Play Video!

    [video=youtube;hHB25UqKjT0] [video=youtube;kUD-PwUUotg] [video=youtube;sJ8yYOuhCgU] Sadly game crashed after latests video so the 1-1 score vs Sampdoria is gone
  14. [Fm 14] AC Milan - Let's Play Video!

    Episode 6 [video=youtube;RvaQjhFeI6Q]