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  1. Yes. Azpiliceuta put him in his for safe keeping.
  2. Just like Scolari said he developed Kalou, Anelka, Cole and Drogba? FWIW Luiz is the most inform center back and midfielder at the club. He plays both positions at once.
  3. Joke it isn't on tv, there's not even any other matches on tonight. If only we were playing united.
  4. You'd never make it at chelsea with your crazy management style. If a straight swap at right back doesn't result in a win I don't know what will.
  5. So without Didier and Frank next season, it'll be Mata alone left to bail us out the **** when the going gets tough.
  6. That'll make room for another defender on the bench, we can make three straight changes at the back when we're two goals down then!
  7. What is the point of Marin being at the club?
  8. Don't be silly, it'll be a straight swap at right back.
  9. I called it just after they went ahead, I went for Azpilicueta for Ivanovic and the old man went for Ferreira.
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