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  1. file not available, can we have a re-upload please?
  2. well if (when ) i get promoted i'll prob look for someone younger and better
  3. started a rams save myself. darren bents firing us towards the prem for me 1st season
  4. ive loaned him off chelsea for 3 season only paying his wages so not that expensive for me
  5. i've bought him for leicester , still in 1st season. will see what i can do with him but not expecting miracles
  6. now this is what i like to see only conceded 2 in 11 games
  7. the problem clearly lies with the manager then, rather than the tactics...
  8. working wonders for me, not conceded in 7 games, and that's using the attacking version i think the key is to keep your players happy and fit, rotate your players often
  9. would anyone pay 22m for this lad? one for the future
  10. just bought him , £4.5 m 1st season january transfer window
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