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  1. BSC Old Boys' Elderly Care Center - 2015/2016 - March Challenge League Talk about being efficient. We're not irresistible but remain very solid and opportunistic. Following the obligatory victory in Locarno, we were able to get the three points in an important game against Aarau thanks to a perfect start of the game. Ivan Benito, so accustomed to making individual mistakes, became the Hulk in our game versus Bellinzona, stopping every Ticino attempts, allowing us to steal a point. To close this fruitful month, we left Nyon with a precious and surprising victory, thanks to a late goal by Utaka. Oh boy, this is getting serious. We haven't lost a game since end of November, and it shows in the standings.
  2. BSC Old Boys' Elderly Care Center - 2015/2016 - February Challenge League What a wonderful return to league games! When all hope was lost, Mader secured us a draw against Servette. This was followed by an easy win away at Wil, while the whole team put on a serious and strong display to win a key game against Lugano. We have now closed the gap with the top 5, and the win against Lugano makes us get closer to the 4th-placed team. Things are also tense at the top, with three teams leading with 43 points. Seems to me my old boys have a great opportunity to secure a top-half finish this season.
  3. BSC Old Boys' Elderly Care Center - 2015/2016 - Winter Break Friendlies We kept the oldies busy and active during the winter months, and in the process earned some incomes with the away games against Super League clubs. Transfers Three players - Hodel, Valente, and Taskovic - departed on a free to third-tier clubs. Good way to free up some salary space. We ended up signing forward Peter Utaka on a free, and defender Samir Kozarac on loan to add some quality depth to our rotation.
  4. Unfortunate end to your Boavista adventures, but you bounced back quite well, good luck with Vigo!
  5. I've been following silently - great read, very much enjoying your update style. Congratulations on the promotion, looking forward to Lahm's first steps in the Bundesliga!
  6. BSC Old Boys' Elderly Care Center - 2015/2016 - December Challenge League We are ending the year with another set of strong - albeit lucky - performances. Confidence is very high and it shows on the pitch. We have definitely put the relegation battle behind us, with a comfortable 16-points cushion from the bottom. Exactly where I wanted us to be this season, looking forward to confirming this in 2016.
  7. BSC Old Boys' Elderly Care Center - 2015/2016 - November Challenge League That's more like it! Defeating Locarno was a must, and the oldies dully delivered. A great performance saw us get the better of Lugano. And what a surprising performance against Bienne, with Marazzi having a field day. We unfortunately closed the month with another last-minute, avoidable, defeat but perhaps that was too much to ask - I'll take the 9 points out of 12! We're back in a more suitable position
  8. BSC Old Boys' Elderly Care Center - 2015/2016 - October Challenge League So, we're not losing points in the last minutes of our games anymore (at least for now), and we have had a rather good month.. .. but so did Locarno, hence why things remain tense at the bottom of the table. We at least finished the month with a victory, the first in six games. Swiss Cup Not much we could do when the opponent scores within the first 60 seconds. At least we've made progress, and the board is happy.
  9. BSC Old Boys' Elderly Care Center - 2015/2016 - July to September Challenge League So much yellow. We are playing well. The sole problem is we have been rather unlucky and conceded the equalizer or the losing goal towards the end of games far too often - 5 points lost in the last 15 minutes. No one to blame for individual mistakes, since there were none so far. Fitness seems to be the cause, and I wish I could make 7 replacements to remedy to it. Will be looking at dropping my central midfield duo into d-mid positions to provide stronger support for the last part of games we're leading. Not close to our mid-table target, but not far either. Again, we're playing well, we simply need to keep it together for 90 minutes and get some much needed 3 points here and there. Swiss Cup We went through!! We'll be facing Aarau in the second round.
  10. BSC Old Boys' Elderly Care Center - 2015/2016 - Pre-Season Friendlies We've had a rather good pre-season, with games against small clubs from the Basel region to regain fitness and confidence - the loss against Birsfelden did not really help with the latter, though. Transfers Five members have left our elderly care center at the end of their contracts, while three players retired at the end of last season: defenders Guillou and Lacroix, and forward Demir. None of these eight players were essential, thus no major loss. I've taken Miéville on loan to serve as a back-up to the defensive back-ups. Ramon Egli - A key player for Bienne this past decade, he should make the WBR position his own. His polyvalence is welcomed: I can see him as a DC towards the latter stages of his time here. Daniel Carrara - A known midfielder in this division, the Argentinian is in excellent physical shape and should, at the very least, be a valuable rotation option for us.
  11. BSC Old Boys' Elderly Care Center - 2015/2016 - Season Preview Board Expectations Swiss Challenge League Media Prediction: 10th and relegated Board Expectations: Stay clear of relegation My Expectations: To have a comfortable ride into mid-table quietness. Swiss Cup Board Expectations: Reach Second Round My Expectations: Avoid the classic disappointing exit in the first round against a lower-league club. Budgets Transfer: £0 Wages: £5,910 per week (currently spending £8,240 per week)
  12. BSC Old Boys' Elderly Care Center - 2014/2015 - Season Review Results Overview Swiss Challenge League Media Prediction: 10th and relegated Board Expectations: Stay clear of relegation Finished: 8th Swiss Cup Board Expectations: Reach Second Round Result: Eliminated First Round We have had a very good season for our second year in the Challenge League. While never really out of relegation trouble, we have been last in the standings only for a week (Match Day 18), with most of the season spent being either 7th or 8th. This is a quite impressive improvement on last year, and I hope we can build on this and consolidate our place in the second division next year. Squad Review Also see: Season's Records We had a much calmer squad turnover this season, with 6 players joining (incl. 3 in the last two months of the season) while 13 left. We signed Mamoutou Coulibaly right after the end of the season, and his physical strength should be a great asset for our aging and slow central defense. An overall good season for the old boys, with pleasing performances across the board. The main concerns have been the lack of consistency in getting results, and defensive febrility at times leading to critical mistakes - the recruitment of Camara did not help in this matter either. I am also worried my goalkeeping duo Benito and Taini are simply not cut for this level anymore. The best players of the season are: 1. Joetex Frimpong - Who else? He led our attacking forces this season, and remained consistent throughout the year. Meanwhile, he's been declining faster than I anticipated (see at arrival 18 months ago) and is partially retiring. Hope I can get another good year or two out of him. 2. Andrea Conti - Whenever he gets the ball, I know we have a serious chance of scoring. With 15 assists, he's been a key contributor to our season, and made it to the Team of the Year. 3. Josip Colina - Colina is our most solid defender and thus most precious element in the squad. Not surprising that he had another great season at the back, and contributed through corners as well. Finances Another season with a loss, that could have been larger if it were not for the many friendlies played against higher-level opposition. Next Season With this year's performance, the signing of Coulibaly, Mader, and the upcoming arrival on a free of a quality wing-back, I believe we have what it takes to leave the relegation battle for good and have a comfortable and quiet season next year.
  13. BSC Old Boys' Elderly Care Center - 2014/2015 - May Challenge League We did not show up this month. Maybe because we secured our place in the division before playing against Winterthur? Or because we faced 2 of the best teams this season? I don't know. What I do know, is that we should have never lost so easily against Lausanne... ..because that is probably what allowed them to survive, and avoid back-to-back relegations. And it's a shame because I'd have loved to sign half of their squad Transfers Florian Mader - A signing in preparation for next season. The Austrian should help stabilize a struggling midfield.
  14. Not yet - we are in the red financially, any budget I would get for transfers would go to wages instead. Things could change if we get promoted to the first division. Thanks for the kind words I used to do the same, only exception was bringing back former youth/legends of the club/country for their last year or two of activity. As for goals: (stats seem off, we did score/concede much more than what's displayed) I thought we were giving up too many late goals, but actually, it looks pretty even to me. When we concede late in the game, it is however often caused by an individual mistake. Some of my defensive players do not have great composure, so I assume tiredness towards the end of the game has an impact on their ability to handle pressure from the opposition. Cheers @fish18ish - It's of course not ideal to rely on older players since it is difficult to build a solid core for many seasons, but they definitely offer more than tutoring options. Very much slower, especially in defensive mode, which makes it difficult when facing speedy wingers. On a positive note, when we are in control of the ball, players are not rushing to get rid of it, so we display quite good sequences of possession and chance creation. I assume the higher than average technical abilities and experience play a role in it. Not really Media rather focuses on our very low reputation (most 3rd division clubs have higher rep than us) and how we shouldn't even be here, whereas we still get linked to young players. -- Thank you all for the support, it's appreciated!
  15. BSC Old Boys' Elderly Care Center - 2014/2015 - April Challenge League I am lost for words, everything clicked this month. Well, except the unacceptable defeat against Locarno. I saw a great fighting spirit against Bienne, an 'under-control' performance in Chiasso, and a high-level display in our last game of the month. Where these oldies found the resources to pull this off I have no idea. Almost secured! Transfers Dante Senger - Frimpong has been our sole performing striker, so it's a relief the former Aarau goalscorer (19 league goals last season) accepted to join us. Great contribution already this month. Hassoun Camara - Our first MLS signing. The former Montréal Impact player was last at AJ Auxerre. Despite his mistake vs. Locarno, has played well so far.
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