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  1. RenG

    [FM14] The Invasion of Switzerland

    They can win it, no problem for that. (I've done it before). The only thing is that they can't qualify for Champion's League, even with league championship.
  2. Pleasant read so far. Congrats on getting €12.5M out of Edwards!
  3. Why the insult? In the challenge part, it says, I quote "The basic idea is that you manage both the FC Vaduz club side, (who start the game in Swiss Challenge League , and the Liechtenstein National Team, using the players produced by an improved club academy to benefit the NT in a long-term save. " To me it means that you should only rely on your youth intakes. I might be wrong, but again that doesn't allow you to speak to me like that.
  4. No, as stated in the challenge. I've been able to reach twice the EL final in FM13 with Vaduz relying only on my youth intakes and making Liechtenstein n°2 in the world ranking. For those of you who are interested, and know french, here's where you can read my story: http://www.footmanager.net/forum/vaduz-fc-fur-gott-furst-und-vaterland-bilan-t38760.html Good luck to those who try this. It's a lot of fun and very rewarding!
  5. It's not only due to the lack of active teams, but only because it's the only UEFA member without a national football league, therefore there's not a national champion, and therefore no place for them. There's only a national cup, therefore a place in Europa League. And since the participation of liechtensteiner clubs in the swiss pyramid is only possible because of agreements between the swiss and liechtensteiner federation, a liechtensteiner club can never take an european place in the name of a swiss club. This is perfectly coded in the game, since I've won the swiss league with Vaduz in the past and haven't taken a swiss spot for the Champions League. Anyway, it's a good challenge and playing the Europa League only adds up an interesting difficulty, since without the money of the CL, it's harder to progress. As for the thread, you could have done a bit more and maybe used information that weren't outdated.. But still, thanks! Good luck to everyone trying their hands with this club!
  6. Because if you, like me, never play within one of the best leagues available (or should I say, within the only country that counts for SI, England), you can wait until february and the last patch to have a "proper" game, with minimum bugs.. And since, with FM13, even the last patch doesn't solve numerous issues, I will just wait and see concerning FM14. If I see that, in february '14, most of the issues already raised in the bugs and data forums are resolved, that I might consider buying it. Anyway, that won't prevent me from following and enjoying others' saves.
  7. Hey guys. I'm currently playing with MV and I am in my second season. I won't talk about my save in details because I might talk about it in a career update. However, I have a few issues and I'm wondering if any of you have had the same and found solutions.. First of all, every pre-season, there's automatically the training camp in either South Africa or India.. Which is completely useless since it cost around €500K.. Any way to cancel it? Also, I'm in october in 2nd season and already spend €2M in taxes and others, more or less twice as much than during the first season.. This is crazy, I don't see how - except by becoming a selling club - I can develop the club financially.. Is this happening only in my save or does this also occurred in your saves? Also, does this stabilized with time? I know about the financial issues in the A-League from previous experiences (you might remember my youth only save in FM12 with CCM) so I wouldn't be suprised if this happend with any club in the league, but with MV?! Anyway, thanks in advance, and I have to say I can't wait for the FM14 threads about this league to appear! I won't be playing FM14 but I appreciate reading about others' saves in this very fun league to play in.
  8. Charles-André Doudin Was winning CLs with him as AMC.. IRL never been higher than 2nd tier of swiss pyramid, currently playing in the 4th tier with Xamax.
  9. RenG

    FM13: Tycoon Saves

    Sorry, forgot about this. Here's the link: http://goo.gl/C0K8qU So Thun and Nice have tycoons. Details about the save: Attribute masking is on, and I have England (4th tier and above), Germany (3rd and above), Austria (2nd and above), France (3rd and above), Italy (3rd and above), Holland (2nd and above), Scotland (3rd and above), Switzerland (2nd and above) and Turkey (3rd and above) as selected leagues. Enjoy!
  10. RenG

    FM13: Tycoon Saves

    In the same save, Thun (Swiss 1st division) got taken over by a south korean tycoon. He invested €40M in the club and this is what he offers after rejecting the initial budgets: Date is 20th of August 2014. I'm actually going to stop what I was doing in this save and play with Thun. If anyone is interested, I'll upload the save. Might be fun to challenge Basel for the swiss supremacy first.
  11. RenG

    FM13: Tycoon Saves

    Anyone interested? Nice (10th in Ligue 1) taken over by french tycoon. Date of the take over: 10 May 2014 Attribute masking is on btw, and I have England (4th tier and above), Germany (3rd and above), Austria (2nd and above), France (3rd and above), Italy (3rd and above), Holland (2nd and above), Scotland (3rd and above), Switzerland (2nd and above) and Turkey (3rd and above) as selected leagues. Still have to wait for the end of the season at least to know about how much money he gives but should be consequent.
  12. RenG

    FM 2013 GALATASARAY Thread

    Anyone still playing with Gala? I decided to give it a go, Galatasaray being my favorite club but it's been a while since I've played with them in FM. I've just finished the first season, and here is a recap. First, transfers. I've decided to play realistically, so that means I won't transfer any foreign players under 24-25. Like IRL, I'm looking for confirmed foreign players. That's why I've signed on loan Kolarov. The only other transfer in was Alper Uludag, from Ingolstadt, a young promising left midfielder that will play as wing back. As for the transfers out, Engin Baytar (€1.9M) and Ujfalusi (€1M) were sold and I loaned Riera to Kasimpasa, but since he wasn't playing much I recalled him in january. He will be transferred at the beginning of the next season. Now, the results. We've been imperial in national competitions, winning easily the league, the cup and the supercup. In Europe, after a successful group stage (1st, again Bayern München, Celtic and Valencia) we've lost in the first knockout round against ManU. Concerning the players, Sneijder has been amazing, 12 goals and 19 assists for him! Drogba was amazing too, until he played the African Nations Cup. After that, he was kinda disappointing. I may sell him since it's his last year of contract. My best goalscorer is.. Johan Elmander! 24 goals for him, even though Burak Yilmaz wasn't too far with 20 goals. Excellent season also for Selçuk Inan, Hamit Altintop, Nounkeu and Semih Kaya. Overall I'm satisfied in all the players, Gala has a very good squad. For next season, I already have signed Jem Karacan (€12.5M, I know, too much, but quality turkish players are rare..) Douglas from Twente on free and a turkish newgen. Since the number of foreigner allowed in the first XI will go down from 6 to 5, I will probably sell Eboué since Altintop can perfectly play as wing back. Other probable transfer out are Riera and Amrabat, they don't have their places in the squad. Can't wait to start the 2nd season and can't recommend enough this club for a save, really enjoying so far.
  13. RenG

    FC Schaan - The Liechtenstein Youth Challenge

    Good luck with Schaan. I did a similar challenge with Vaduz (as I hate additionnal files) and had unexpected success with both club (twice in EL final) and nation (WC semis, EC final) and wish you the same success, even though it's gonna take some time.
  14. Thanks. Only one advice: read the topics made by Cleon and tomtuck01 in the Tactic & Training Discussion forum. Huge source of informations about how to play the game efficiently.
  15. Exactly. In my save with Vaduz, Liechtenstein is #1 at the nation coefficients but still only one place in EL is given. But I can assure you: it's not a big of a deal, you can still enjoy success without CL, the financial growth will just be slower.