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  1. Hi, could someone please recommend me a laptop, with a max budget of £500. I only play FM at the moment but i'd also like to start playing minecraft. I've got no idea about laptop specs so I may ask some questions that may seem simple.
  2. Can't wait to see how your team are in the group stages, you could surprise quite a few teams.
  3. And on the eighth day God created Remo, he's going to be the guy that takes you into the champions league group stages.
  4. Still playing FM11 with my all youth team in N.I. and after roughly 15 seasons playing from the very bottom Lisburn have always been the richest in the league but that all changed when a TYCOON decided to buy Portadown. That's right a tycoon has decided that he wants to help out N.I. football, that or he lost a bet with his mates.
  5. Absouloutly gutted that you got pipped to the title on goal difference. Oh and have Tord turned pro.
  6. When you start placing bets based entirely on results that you've seen in the game.
  7. Well i got the Moyola Park board to finally build a youth acadamy after saving up for 18 years. I decided on getting it before upgrading any of the facilitie due to the fact that i'm doing a youth only game, the youth acadamy will be only the second in N.I after queens uni who had a youth acadamy right from the start. Also on the international scene England are now below Scotland in the world rankings and N.I have dropped out of the top 100!
  8. After taking Moyola Park from midtable div 2 in N.I to finishing midtable in the N.I prem with only youth products, after 17 years in charge i've finally made it as part of the Northern Ireland set-up albeit as manager of the U19s but still it's a start.
  9. I guess that's a good enough reason to stop playing FM , what you studying at uni.
  10. Gone a bit quiet, are you just having a rest from FM or is this the end of one of the best threads on the forum?
  11. Great win against Brugge and looking good sat at the top of the table.
  12. Congrats on all you're achivements it's going to be good to see how your youth products get on against the best in Europe. Also you've inspired me to do my own youth only game but in N.I.
  13. Do you ever use scouts anymore to just scout the opposition or do you just decide to not employ them
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