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  1. I've always associated Pig more with bacon to be honest.
  2. @delaneytomlinson - Could you please upload your tweaked formation?
  3. From watching him all last season he is actually one of the most left only footed players I've seen. Hardly ever lets the ball touch his right.
  4. Ah - I missed this, I'll try and do them now! Sorry!
  5. For the name of a cocktail I'm presuming it can't be one from a local cocktail bar made up by one of their bartenders?
  6. How many penalty points do we get if we start in round 2? Highest answers from each round combined?
  7. That's where I've gone wrong. Been a long day... As you were
  8. I don't like the sidebar at all personally. Anchored or not. Also what's the point in the popular posts if you can't click through to view them in context?
  9. 15 Days into the challenge and all my original starters are dead. I've built walls to surround my camp, had a group of huskies join and a herd of muffalos arrive so have a steady food source for now. Just need a trader to arrive and hopefully can buy some steel....
  10. Were the batteries full during the day? If so it's more batteries you need not more solar panels.
  11. Target Sentinels for Titanium. They drop a fair bit when you take them out.
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