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  1. Heading his joint best technical attribute. Makings of a decent target man there...
  2. Yeah I am able to build myself so no issue on construction. Thanks for the input, I'm probably going to opt against a SSD to start with as I'd rather the space primarily. What is it you should look for in a processor though? I always believed it was Speed and cores, in which I thought my current one would be standing me in better stead than it is currently.
  3. When it comes to CPU and motherboards I have no idea what I'm looking for. Graphics card wise I'm pretty sure I'll be going for a GTX 970, no point going higher as I only have a 1080p monitor.
  4. I've got a monitor, mouse, keyboard and OS (so long as I can find my product key...). Currently running AMD Athlon II X4 640 Processor 3.0GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560, 8GB RAM. The case is old and battered, whole thing sounds like a plane taking off and is incredibly slow upon startup. Gets louder and louder whilst playing games. Toying with the idea of a completely new build vs replacing older parts. How much of an impact does an older harddrive have on the overall speed, thinking that could be part of the issue?
  5. I am completely out of the loop with building custom PC's now. I'm looking to build myself a gaming rig that will last for the next 4 or so years comfortably. I don't even know where to begin looking now. Any help would be appreciated. Was looking to spend £6-700 if possible.
  6. By default they will cut inside, looking at the individual instructions I would assume opposite foot to wing would be better as they would cut in and pass/shoot while full backs overlap and cross.
  7. How does the DLF on support work for everyone else? I love the tactic only finding that my striker isn't getting amongst the goals to often. Seems to have changed since setting him to poacher.
  8. Oh okay I'm currently using it with Aston Villa with mixed success. Though to be honest I really don't have the AMC's for the job, I like the football it plays but will reserve judgement until I can strengthen the team in January
  9. Unlucky, I'm currently undefeated using the sweeper tactic. Although I've only been using it for the past 10 games at the back end of the season during my first season in Southampton. One game of note though was the Carling Cup final against Stoke which I managed to win (abeit on penalties) It was roughly an even game but the defence held firm. Not bad considering I've only made a couple of transfers and I can hold my own against Prem teams.
  10. Hmm checking my squad I actually have a sweeper so I'll be interested in how this sweeper modification works out.
  11. Looks interesting, I think I'll adopt it as a second tactic for the rest of my first season at Southampton. With the aim of signing players suitable for this tactic for my first season in the prem as I much prefer playing a tactic with an AMC.
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