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  1. How good is can for you? I'm thinking about buying him in my save. Great job!
  2. The forum was one of a kind, it was real small but everyone was real active so we all had insane high post counts but i can't image staying active on one forum for 7 years! It must be weird looking at old posts of yours haha.
  3. That's not too bad, i was once on a forum where a member had 42k posts within a year.
  4. I think i found the first one. Link to the thread below (i used google chromes translator to find everything) http://fmkorea.net/index.php?mid=fm13tactic&document_srl=38668221 Download link is in the top right corner of the discription, "the unbeaten 0304 442.tac" I'm going to give it a try now. I'll report back.
  5. Ouch bro, bet it was hard to watch. 4-0 at home to benfica sounds hard but it's not impossible, just make sure not to go all out and i'm sure you'll get it done.
  6. I played a 15 year old regen against swansea in the epl and he scores two goals
  7. Real Madrid have a 16 year old who is a decent right back already :O They want 23 million for him (has pa to better than Johnson) I might buy him and move kelly to cb and start to phase out johnson.
  8. Just finished my second season. Won the treble (The league,carling cup and the champions league) Leandro and Reina were my best performers. (Reina kept me 31 clean sheets in 61 games and Leandro scored 46 in 40 games ) My board also announced they will expand the stadium by 16k seats for next season. (will become 61k seater )
  9. Man utd draw at Newcastle to hang me the epl title just before my 33rd game
  10. Everton have ended citys unbeaten streak pushing me into 1st place First time i am happy everton have won a game.
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