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  1. Still want to see: -- Stadium Editor -- A new sounds in game... -- Better animations for the fans in the stands (Waves, Flags, Banners, mosaics, flares, fireworks after a title etc). -- Trophy Celebrations -- More options to training (close sessions, physical tests in the pre-season, training free kicks, penaltys, etc) -- More interactions to the fans (claim big crowd for a very important match) -- Options to choose traning camps in the pre season around the country/world
  2. No news about the BIG Brazilian Cup Bug????? It's a bad mistake SI. In a year when Brazilian fans have a PT-Br version in the game, this major bug.
  3. Level 9 will be very interesting to me to play with rushden. Please, make it playable Waiting for the file
  4. Trophy Celebration could be very interesting... i like this idea
  5. Sorry if this was answered. But SI has plans to launch another patch this year (Before xmas)?
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