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  1. I am playing in Serie A and it doesn't have a reserve league. I would like to set up weekly friendlies, during the season, against other serie A team's reserves or any other teams reserves for that matter. Is this possible? If I leave it to my Assistant manger to set up friendlies will he do this on a regular basis or will I have to do it manually each week.
  2. scouting own players?

    Thanks! I'll take a look!
  3. scouting own players?

    Thanks! maybe a silly quetsion but how do you send your Assistant manger to look into specfic player, I am assuming you mean a player on my team?
  4. Is there a way for me to scout the players on my team and compile an updated report. I would like my scouts having some input and along with my assistant manager.
  5. from where a player's goals are scored

    didn't think so but might be nice in FM13
  6. Transfer strategies?

    thanks all very helpful!
  7. Is it possible to view the amount of goals a player has scored from corners, open play etc. Eg., if he scored 10 goals all season what percentage were from corners?
  8. 1. Do youth teams get resupplied with players if they go under a certain number? 2. How many players do you typically have in your youth team ? 3. Is it best to let my youth team coach sign players for the youth team?
  9. Thank you...so use it or lose it (or most of it anyways)
  10. How do you decide who to target for possible transfers to your team. I know the obvious is too improve in certain positions but I have a fair amount of youngsters and they are improving but I always like to bring people in during the transfer period. Just wonder if people have any strategies that they would like to share. My strategy has been buy or offer contracts to the best player that I can afford...the result being that I have too many under 23 year old forwards for all of them to play in my first team!
  11. If I don't use all of the allocated transfer funds in a given season are they added to the new season's transfer funds? E.g., if I have 10 million unused and I am given 30 million in July for the new season would the 10 be added to the 30 million?
  12. I am managing Italy's U 21 and the only players with report panels are the Italian players on my team all the others just have "status" panels. Any way around this is it a bug?
  13. I am hoping this is the right forum for this post. I am unable to select a "report" panel in the player's profile screen. Some of my players have one others don't. It seems to have been replaced with the "status" panel and when I look in the drop down menu I can't find the option to choose report! Any suggestions or potential reason why this may have occurred