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  1. Hi Looking to get back playing FM after a 4/5 year break. I gather from this thread that a gaming laptop is generally needed these days. I've narrowed it down to two. Can someone who know's what they're talking about tell me which is better out of these please? Dell HP Thanks
  2. I've read quite a few pages and gather that the HQ processors are superior to the U processors. However, would a i5 or i7 U processor with over 2.2 ghz be sufficient to run FM18 well? I only use the 2d classic view, so wouldn't need the spec for the 3d? I don't really want to fork out £800/£900 for a gaming laptop, when it isn't needed.
  3. I did do and as I said, none of the workarounds given worked. Also, could you explain the reasoning behind the retina option? Why is it there if the machine with these displays don't perform well?
  4. That's poor I think. A lot of the modern mac's have a retina display and I guess this will be the way displays are going as well. You have given us workaround's which don't work. The fans still kick in when the game is playing, even on screens like the squad or transfers. I could understand if it was the 3D engine, but even with that not selected, the fans kick in because the game is causing it to overheat. If, as you say, the game is not designed for systems with retina displays, then what is the option to have it on or off actually for? And why does FM12, 13, 14, and 15 all work well on the same system, but not 16? I'm done with this series. There's a different problem every year that I wait for the final patch to fix, but it never happens.
  5. If you're buying a laptop primarily to play FM, then I wouldn't bother with a Mac. I've got a Macbook Pro, thinking it would (and should) easily run FM, but as soon as it loads up, it gradually gets hotter and hotter before eventually the fans kick in.
  6. I understand that FM12 doesn't try to use the retina mode, but it still looks much better and more sleek than FM16 does on low settings. I wouldn't mind not using the retina mode if it's that demanding, but I'd still expect the look of the interface etc to be at least what FM12 offers? I haven't tried lowering the system resolution. Any particular resolution recommended? I always disable 3D anyway, but still found with this unticked that the system was getting warm and fans started kicking in. This was just on the normal screens like squad, tables etc.
  7. I have a Macbook Pro 13 inch and like many with similar machines have had struggles with getting FM16 to run this year. The CPU seems to get very hot and the fans start kicking in. I've read that a solution to this is to turn the retina mode off, lower the graphics quality and disable 3D etc. That's fine if it's just a temporary solution whilst SI look to get a fix in place for a new patch. However, is this something that SI are looking into? If not, then what is the point of the 'Retina mode' if it has such a negative effect on the computer that have these displays? I don't normally play with 3D anyway as I've always preferred the 2D view, but cannot understand why it's so difficult to view what is effectively text and some graphics on what is a high end machine. Would just like to know whether SI are looking into the issues the game is having with retina models or whether I should abandon another FM game for another year and go back to FM12, which at least runs comfortably without having to downgrade all the settings.
  8. I've got a Macbook Pro Retina 13" and am also having the same issues. I read somewhere that putting it in windowed mode, unticking the retina option and changing the zoom to 150%, but when the retina is unticked and windowed, the only zoom options are 85%, 95% and 100%? Any ideas?
  9. I wonder if someone from SI can answer this? The last 3-4 years, the 2d Classic view has always stuttered and been quite laggy whilst in full screen mode. This improves when it's windowed, but I prefer to play FM full screen as I can set the zoom better for the retina display. Has this finally been sorted for FM16? I've noticed this lag since FM12 and on varying laptops/desktops with different resolutions and really hope this is corrected once and for all in the next edition.
  10. Is there any way of selecting substitutes without having to go to the 'Quick Pick' section in the new tactics screen?
  11. My initial impressions; + Impressed with the UI. Looks sleek and is easier to locate everything. + The Match Engine seems to be much improved. It appears that a lot of work has gone into getting this part of the game up to scratch. Good job. - Not keen on the team selection at the moment because the players already selected remain in the list to pick. - I play '2D classic' and am a bit disappointed with the pitch graphics and the lack of ad boards. The 2 matches I've played had no ad boards around the bit at all or any dugout graphics. The pitches just look like you're playing on a local park as there are not any grass cut lines like on the 3D & other 2D view.
  12. Thanks for your help anyway. Just frustrating I can't play a game that I used to enjoy.
  13. How is AVG causing a runtime error then? I don't think it's good that this year's edition can't seem to cope with Norton and AVG (arguably the two most popular internet security suites). Is this something being worked on for FM15? This will be the second edition (after FM13) that I have not been able to play now due to software issues and I've got a decent laptop that exceeds the minimum spec required and I always use legitimate software. I think I'm going to have to seriously consider whether I get another edition of FM. The problems with running the game (let alone the ME) seem to be growing every year.
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