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  1. Great timing Cleon just starting a save with the idea of a 433 based on Peps Barca that morphs into a 343. Counter/defensive.
  2. Ok I am back, based on what you guys have recommended and really stretching the budget!!! what about this.....can not get link to work, need a new laptop its, the MSI GS70-2QE stealth pro-032UK £1499 at saveonlaptops ???
  3. Thanks guys will probably go for an over budget one will be worth it long term. So how much would your laptop cost Mike, if its not too rude to ask?.
  4. Not really, I am running windows vista on my desktop which the laptop will replace. I suppose the bigger the screen the better but not a deal breaker.
  5. Thanks guys, portability is not an issue, just looking to get something that will last me as long as poss.
  6. Thanks Mike, and if I was to go for a SSD drive how much more for a laptop with same spec as you posted, could stretch a bit more.
  7. Eugene, have a budget of £1000 could stretch it a bit, what lap top would you recommend?. Many thanks.
  8. Surely you include hassle opps. in team instructions?
  9. What about giving am/r/l/c man marking duties will this pull them into a defensive shape?
  10. Very intresting, are you still using the original team instructions with the defensive version of your tactic ?
  11. Ha ha, after reading this thread I also bought the Kindle version of the book, sales will be up. Keep up the good work ZdlR.
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