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  1. I've had a few saves and all of them have been a soft Brexit. The one thing that really annoys me with this is the fact you have to wait til a foreign player is 18 before he actually joins your club. I used to love bringing 16 year olds in an developing them from the off, but Brexit puts a stop to that. It's so annoying.
  2. Alright, Has anyone ever had any issues with scouting assignments just randomly stopping? It's happening quite often on my save now for some reason. When I first noticed, only a handful of scouts were left with the assignments I set them. The rest (a bucket load of them) were no longer scouting and their assignments were not even showing up in the completed assignments, which makes me think it's a bug. It's literally as if they have never been given an assignment as there's no history or anything. I only set them all up again the other day only to find just now that they've all become unassigned again. Can anyone explain this? It's doing my head in! Cheers.
  3. Re: Powello's post on André Silva (above). He isn't in the game on my save. Could this be because I've not got the Portuguese league loaded? Seems a bit weird considering he's obviously highly rated. I've set the Portuguese to be loaded, which will occur in pre-season anyway. Does anyone know if that will enable certain players currently non-existent to actually exist?
  4. Alright lads, Just a quick question - André Silva of Porto and Kieran Tierney of Celtic are not in my game - could this be because I don't have the Portuguese and Scottish leagues loaded? Both players are of the higher potential, especially the former, so it would seem a bit odd that they're not in there when practically all other Porto and Celtic players are in the game. Would appreciate an actual answer because I've seen how good André Silva is on the game, and I'm raging he doesn't exist on my save! Cheers!
  5. haven't yet had time to go through each page, so forgive me if these have already been mentioned, but these are just a handful of features that I'd love to see implemented into FM17 and beyond. - Actual match day squads. At the moment, we can choose any player from any squad on match day (unless they've played for their squad that day). I'd love to have to select a match day squad every week. The same goes for pre-season tour squads. I could play be playing in China or South Korea, and still be able to select ANY player from any of the three squads my club has. For me, that isn't very realistic as the whole first team, Under 21's and Under 18's squads don't go on pre-season tours. - Make arranging pre-season friendlies against other clubs in different nations easier. I want to be able to approach a club and offer to play them in the US in the summer much easier. There are loads more features I'd like to see, but don't want to drag this post on and on.
  6. So, pre-season ahead of the 2019/2020 season. I've splashed out mega money to bring Neymar to the club. £90m up front, with £9m after 50 league appearances. Barca bid for Griezmann just before I bid for Neymar, which I accepted. I'm at work and can't really remember the initial fee, but the deal is worth up to £70m in total. He's given me three great seasons, but only made 17 starts in the league last season, and my coaches tell me he's dropped in ability recently, so I think it's a great deal. I used Griezmann on the right hand side as an Inside Forward. Neymar is best on the left, which is where I have Memphis, so I think a slight change will have to be made. I'm considering starting Memphis on the right, with Neymar on the left, but allow them to swap during games, and just giving them complete freedom. Memphis is rated at 4 stars along with Neymar and Martial, and with Martial only 23, Memphis 24 and Neymar's 27, so the latter is just entering his prime. Andreas Pereira has made a move to Monaco for £38m. I loaned them Lincoln for the whole of last season, and want to use him this season, so Lincoln has replaced Pereira at United, and Pereira has replaced Lincoln at Monaco! In terms of the squad, I'm more than well stocked ahead of the new season. Every position is well covered with a few players able to play in numerous positions. Absolutely loving Football Manager 2016 and this save.
  7. Just finished the 2018/2019 season, and all in all, it was another brilliant season. Community Shield winners, UEFA Super Cup winners, FIFA World Club Cup winners, Capital One Cup winners, Premier League winners and FA Cup winners. The one blotch was the Champions League. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it past the quarter final stage this season (having won it last season). A 4-2 win at home in the first leg against Napoli meant that I went into the second leg as favourites. It was a total catpitulation. We lost 4-0 and went out 6-4 on aggregate. The final is a few days away, and sees Napoli and Benfica, who battered Real Madrid in the semi final second leg 5-2, go at it. Weird. I only lost one league game, and that was away to Swansea. Manchester City, who fnished in second place, went unbeaten in the league until the 37th game. They lost away to...Swansea (IIRC - I'm pretty sure it was). I genuinely hated the thought of City going the whole Premier League season unbeaten, and was devastated not to have beaten them a few games earlier. I was 1-0 down to them at half time at Old Trafford. Three goals within 15 second half minutes saw us take command of it, only for City to pull a goal back straight from the kick off after our third. Last minute of injury time, a diagonal ball into the box was put in and we ended up throwing a 2-goal lead and drawing 3-3. Another classic that springs to mind is a 4-4 draw away at Everton and 5-0 win away at Arsenal. My first choice starting XI was as follows: GK - David de Gea RB - Hector Bellerin [Wingback (A)] CB - John Stones [ball Playing Defender ©] CB - Kostas Manolas [Central Defender (D)] LB - Luke Shaw [Complete Winback (A)] DM - Morgan Schneiderlin [Defensive Midfielder (D)] CM - Paul Pogba [Advanced Playmaker (A)] CM - Youri Tielemans [Deeplying Playmaker (S)] RW - Antoine Griezmann [inside Forward (A)] LW - Memphis Depay [inside Forward (A)] ST - Anthony Martial [Complete Forward (S)] Other players in the squad: Gianluigi Donnarumma Matteo Darmian Phil Jones David Alaba Timothy Fosu-Mensah Abdou Lahat Diakhate Bastian Schweinsteiger Andreas Iniesta Callum Gribbin Andreas Pereira Breel Embolo James Wilson To add to those, I do have a good number of regens, most of whom are classed as 'wonderkids'. I've a good number of players out on loan, so they'll be returning for pre-season. I do think I loaned too many out this season. In hindsight, I'd have kept some of them back in order to rest players throughout the season a little more, but I'll rectify that next season. Bastian Schweinsteiger and Andreas Iniesta are calling time on their careers this summer, and I'm hoping the former agrees to stay on as a coach. Iniesta only played about 4 games for me, and spent the majority of the season in the reserves. Anthony Martial scored 62 goals for us this season. Memphis got 28, Griezmann and Wilson each got 22, with Embolo and Gribbin grabbing 19 and 17 respectively. Looking at bringing more youngsters in over the summer and getting rid of those who will never make it at United. The average age of the squad is 24, so the future is absolutely shining bright!
  8. Many thanks for the praise, mate. It's very much appreciated! I'm glad things are looking up for you in the game. Would just like to touch upon the away form issue - if, like me, you have your mentality set to 'control' in most games, maybe set it to 'standard' for away games and see how that goes.
  9. Matteo Darmian has just won the 2018 FIFA Ballon d'Or. Talk about a surprise! He's no longer automatic first choice RB for me, as I have Bellerin competing with him. He did win the World Cup with Italy the previous summer, so obviously that has played a part. Antoine Griezmann and Anthony Martial came 2nd and 3rd respectively.
  10. Robson Wynter - A Youth Academy prospect. Fabian Gadinger - Bought from Stuttgart for an initial fee of £6.75m. Scored on his debut in the Capital One Cup. Ivan Plavsic - Bought from Barcelona for an initial fee of £6.5m. I'm pretty certain that this guy is going to be a monster and become even better than another Serbian was for Manchester United.
  11. Just in November 2018, and I'm already planning my summer transfer activity. Bastian Schweinsteiger and Andreas Iniesta will both definitely leave the club on free transfers. Antoine Griezmann, even though he's a class player, will make way as I want to bring in Neymar. Got some excellent young players who are developing really well, so I will post the screenshots shortly.
  12. I've tried PMing you twice, mate. I'm out so I'm using my phone, but it doesn't seemed to have worked. Try PMing me and I'll see if a reply gets sent.
  13. Opening day of the new Premier League season... Callum Gribbin got me 10 goals in 13(8) league appearances last season. Andreas Pereira scored 3 league goals in the whole of last season. Both developing really nicely, especially the former.
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