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  1. Hi all, Has anyone done or can link me to a Long Club Name fix for this year? Such as changing Man Utd to Manchester United for all clubs? Ive used this i previous years but cant find anything for this years game Cheers
  2. That's a great touch, I hadn't noticed that. That's the kind of detail that was well worth the wait for. Loving my save at the moment in the southern counties league managing Canterbury City. Doubt we will gain promotion this season, sitting in 6th with just one promotion spot. However we are having a really good run the vase, into the 4th round I believe
  3. Hmm hadn't thought of that. I loaded it and seems to work. The only thing is, is that it doesn't seem to work with and edit file based on England, you have to play with a vanilla England instead
  4. Ive also now had a crash dump on the 28th august. I have no other files loaded and ive tried the holidaying past it trick with no luck. I had been looking forward to this file for ages, its a shame
  5. I have started to fiddle around with this idea and have managed to get wqorking a very basic structure of just the two manchester clubs in a "premier youth league" succesfully playing fixtures. However the rest of the normal english structure would need to be rebuilt as just adding new leagues to the existing greys out the youth and reserves section. I plan on extending the youth structure adding cups etc.
  6. I started a new game following the end of season bug from the previous version. This time started in the pool with Paxtakor Toshkent of Uzbekistan. Season one over and missed out on playoffs by 12 points, looking for better this season with the vastly increased budget!
  7. I tried doing this structure a fews years back and never quite finished it. Good Luck!
  8. Eagerly anticipating the new release too! Wont start this particular save without it
  9. Again im waiting an age for Jan 31st to complete, let hope it goes through this time
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