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  1. Anyone else making a ridiculous amount of profit, the club is making £200m per season for me, i remember on FM12 making a loss for the first 5 seasons because of the debt payments. Also i bought Ozil for £81m, hes got 19 goals and 20 assists in 30 appearances
  2. Brilliant for me Season 1 - Season 2
  3. Just won the League and Champions league in my first season. RvP is crazy good in this game scoring nearly a goal a game for me, Rooney was pretty terrible and i couldn't even sell him for £10m in January. Tactics Transfers: Got a budget of £86 million for the next season so gunna try and snatch back Pogba.
  4. I wont buy it on release day... ill buy it as soon as its available for pre-order on Steam.
  5. You cant go back to previous patches.
  6. Gareth Bale always Manchester United bound?

    I have signed Neymar for £32m with United in FM13, its much easier to sign players this year.
  7. Gareth Bale always Manchester United bound?

    He went to Man City for £23m in my save and stayed there till he retired.
  8. Game Breaking Bugs? - FM 2013

    Nope its perfectly fine, but some people will of course moan that its not 100% perfect.
  9. Happily playing the beta

    Happily playing my 10th season
  10. Is it worth....

    The patch is save game compatible so you can start whenever you want.
  11. There is a new rule in the Premier League where all pitches must be the same size.
  12. The FM13 Danny Roberts Challenge

    What are the rules with FMC, are FMC players allowed? Maybe a separate leaderboard for FMC players?
  13. Do you know where i can the League Reputations screen in FMC because i cant find it anywhere?
  14. Does anyone know if Dynamic League Reputation is active in FMC?
  15. Holiday 3 years on the beta

    Every save is different, England and Spain have dominated the Champions League in my save (I only have the Portuguese league and top clubs from Europe loaded)